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Krishna Kant  Dean Sec. 128Email : k.kant@jiit.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D in Computer Science, 1981, Indian Institute of Technology ( New Delhi )
  • M.Sc (Tech) Computer Science, 1975, Birla Institute of Technology and Science , Pilani (Rajasthan)
  • M.Sc Physics (Specialization – Electronics), 1972, Government Science College, Jabalpur (M.P)
  • B.Sc, 1970, Government Science College, Jabalpur (M.P)
  • Higher Secondary, 1967, Hitkarni Higher Secondary School, Govind ganj , Jabalpur (M.P)

Work Experience

  • 1976 -1983 Deputy Project Engineer, Radar & Communication Project Office, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi.
  • 1979-1983 Senior System Engineer, Appropriate Automation Promotion Programme, Department of Electronics, New Delhi.
  • 1984-1988 Joint Director & Chief Coordinator, Microprocessor Application Engineering Programme, Department of Electronics, New Delhi.
  • 1989-1993 Additional Director, Microprocessor Application Engineering Programme, Department of Electronics, New Delhi.
  • 1994-1998 Director, Microprocessor Application Enigneering Programme, Department of Electronics, New Delhi.
  • 1999-Nov. 2009 Senior Director, Knowledge based Applications, Rural, Social & Water Sector Applications, Digital DNA Park Project, Manpower Development Division, Bioinformatics Initiative Division.
  • Dec.2009 onwards. Dean (Academics) , Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Sector – 128, Noida (U.P)

Publications/ Keynote address/ Invited Talk/ Panel Discussions/Session Chairman

  • On this selection of computer systems, CSI Communications, August, 1980.
  • The display systems and terminals in plants Communication International, February, 1981.
  • On the interfacing intelligent terminal journal to computers, International Conference on Microcomputers Applications to Industrial Contral, Jadhavpur University, India, Feb., 1981.
  • On the design of an automatic hospital, 3rd congress of medical informatics, Europe, March, 1981.
  • Dynamic Railway traffic control Rail International Journal, June, 1981.
  • Dynamic Automatic railway traffic control, -Rail International Journal, June, 1981.
  • Microprocessor Applications in Railways, Conference on Power, Electronics in Railways-IISc, Bangalore, June, 1982.
  • Microprocessor Applications in Industrial Control-Forth language Seminar at PRL, Ahmedabad, 1983.
  • Microprocessors and its advancement-National Seminar on Microprocessors in Industrial Control, New Delhi-1985.
  • Microprocessor System for Measurement of Road Geometrics and Surface Conditions, International Conference on Road and Road Transport Problems. (ICORT-88).
  • Microprocessor System for Road Survey, National Seminar on Electronics System & Development (CEERI Pilani), Sept., 1988.
  • Microprocessors based system for Measurement of Road geometry Seminar on Applications of Electronics in automobiles-ARAI, Pune, 1990.
  • Role of Electronics in Air Pollution Monitoring- Enviro 2000-1992, New Delhi.
  • Some aspects of electronics and microprocessors applications in utility sectors, Indian Science Congress-1993.
  • Automation of Haiderpur treatment Plant Indian Water Works, Annual Convention-1994.
  • Some Aspects of Electronics and Microprocessor Applications in Utility Sector At Indian Science Congress, Jaipur-January 1994.
  • Automation in Water Treatment plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Irrigaiton Canal-case studies during World Automation Congress-96, Montpellier, France (May 27-30, 1996).
  • Presented two papers on ‘Need for canal Automation’ and Case Study on Canal Automation (Khadakwasla System) during workshop on Canal Automation (20-22 Nov., 96) organised by CBIP at Bhubneswar.
  • Presented three papers on-Air Pollution affects, Sensing technique and DSS for ambient Air Pollution during EPTRI Workshop (24-25 April 1997).
  • Presented two papers on Canal Automation and Evolution of Microprocessors during Canal Automation Workshop organised by CBIP, Kerala (28-30 April 1997).
  • Presented two papers on IT in Automation and Environment decision support systems during National Conference on IT for Industrial & Organisation Development by HRD foundation (17-18 October 1997).
  • Presented three papers on Automation philosophy, Area of Automation and Water Distribution Automation during the National Seminar on Automation of Water Treatment Plant (20-21 November 1997).
  • Presented two papers on sensing techniques, and DSSF or ambient air pollution monitoring during EPTRI Workshop (6-7 Aug. 1998).
  • Redressal of Rural problems through Information Technology, Yojna Sept. 2002
  • Can Information Technology help in solving the water problem – Yojna, June 2003
  • Can IT help solve water problem? Hindu 17 July, 2003
  • Get real, pick sites for flood forecast Geospatial Today, Sept.-Oct 2005.
  • BRAF: A computational Infrastructure for Bioinformatics Research. ISMB-2008
  • C-ReX: an open source bio-sequence visualization tool based on polygonal chaos Game representation Bioinformatics Journal (sent for publications)

Keynote address/Invited Talk

  • Microprocessors Advancement-Delhi Institute of Technology, 1981.
  • Introduction on Microprocessor and its Applications at National Productivity Council-1986.
  • Microprocessors Applications in Water Treatment Plant Automation-Indian Water Works Convention, 1988.
  • Automation of Water Treatment Plants strategies-Annual conventional of Indian Water works Association-1989.
  • Process Control and Super computer-IEE Seminar on Control & Instrumentation at Pune, December, 1989.
  • Automatic test equipment for Microprocessors based System, National Seminar on Maintenance based productivity-National Productivity Council-February, 1990.
  • Artificial Intelligent System and their applications, Workshop on use of computers in teaching physics, Jabalpur, Dec., 1962.
  • Microprocessors based System Development under new Electronics Policy, Seminar on Prospects of growth of electronics under new policy-IETE Jabalpur, 1992.
  • Microprocessors Applications in High way Engineering, National get together on Road Research and its utilisations-1992.
  • Microprocessor Applications in Tea Industries, National Seminar on Tea Electronics, Jorhat, October, 1992.
  • Managing environment with the help of Electronics, Water India Conference-1993.
  • Microprocessor Applications in Instrumentation in Alternate Sources of Energy, Interkama-94, 1994.
  • Delivered an invited talk in Intercoma 94 on Microprocessor Applications in Instrumentation in Alternate Source of Energy.
  • Delivered Keynote address on Microprocessor Applications for Pollution Monitoring during Training course on Pollution Monitoring and Control-2nd July, 1996, IETE Hyderabad.
  • Talk delivered on All India Radio titled Phone in Programme-Grameen Janjeevan-Aur Suchna Prodhyogiki on 12th September 2000.
  • Delivered special lecture on ‘Application of IT in Rural Development’ during CII conference on IT in Agriculture and Rural development on 5th December 2000.
  • Invited talk on Technology Applications for Rural Development during Swadeshi Vigyan Mela – 12th to 19th January, 2002, Ernakulam.
  • Delivered Invited talk on GIS and its applications in Watershed Planning during National Seminar on GIS Applications in Micro level Planning, 18 Feb 2002 at NIRD Hyderabad.
  • Delivered Invited talk on status of Agri-Instrumentation & IT Applications in Agriculture in the country during RAAI-2002, 25 Feb, 2002 at CEDTI Aurangabad.
  • Delivered invited talk on KPO for the Growth of IT during IETE Apex Forum on 16 September 2006.
  • Delivered invited talk on Advancements in Instrumentation and control during CEP on 19 September 2005 course at DRDO New Delhi.
  • Delivered invited talk on Genomics for better health. National Seminar on Bioinformatics University, Tiruchirapalli 24 February 2009.
  • Delivered invited talk on Advancements in Genomics, National Seminar on Application of Bioinformatics in Genome Research Pondicherry University, 15 February 2008.
  • Delivered invited talk on Computational Biology and Grid Computing during EU-India Grid workshop on Applications in Computational Biology, MANIT, Bhopal 5 May 2008.
  • Delivered invited talk on Convergence of Nano, Bio, Info during Bioinformatics Indica’08 Kerala University, 17 Jan 2008

Panel Discussions/Session Chairman etc.

  • Chaired technical session in National Seminar on Microprocessor in Steel Industry, Ranchi Sept., 1987.
  • Chaired technical session in International Symposium on Electronic Measurement Techniques and Microprocessors in Agriculture, Jabalpur, March, 1988.
  • Chaired Session during seminar on Applications in electronics in automobiles, February, 1990, ARAI.
  • Participated at panel discussion on maintenance in electronics and electrical equipments, National Seminar on maintenance on productivity, February, 1990.
  • Chaired Session on PC Based Instrumentation, Indian Science Congress, 1993.
  • Chaired session on Improving Quality of Life in conference on IT in Agriculture and Rural Development organized by CII on 5th December 2000.


  • Microprocessor based device for recording geometric and surface parameters of the road.
  • Microprocessor Based Track Recording System for Railways.
  • Microprocessor Based Ride Index Monitoring System for Railways.
  • Microprocessor Based Vibration cum Speedometer for Railways


  • Microprocessor based Data Acquisition System Design published by Tata McGraw Hill (1987).
  • Microprocessor Applications for Productivity Improvement published by Tata Mc Graw Hill (1988) – coedited.
  • Computer Based Industrial Control published by Prentice Hall of India (1997).
  • Digital Control Systems, Published by Indian Society for Technical Education (2001).
  • Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Architecture, Programming and System Design by Prentice hall of India. (2007).
  • An Introduction to Microprocessor and Applications by Macmillion (2009)

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