Prof. Kiseon Kim

  • Prof. Kiseon Kim is one of the Korea’s foremost international leaders in the area of theory and implementation of Telecommunication Signal Processing Systems. His distinguished career in the field telecommunication signal processing won him the Korean President Medal for the Distinguished Engineers on Electrical Engineering.

    He has completed his Ph.D. degree in 1987 at Univ. of Southern California, LA, CA, USA and worked for Schlumberger. After returning back to Korea in 1994, while he was with GIST, he is the author of 57 patents, 5 books, and over 140 journal and 230 conference publications in all aspects of communication signal processing theory and practice directly relevant to this work. He supervised more than 90 postgraduate students in his Communication and Sensor Signal Processing Network Lab (CSNL) at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), a flagship Korean Institute.

    His research contribution to the Multimedia Communication Signal Processing Systems including multimedia call processing, broadband digital MODEM and multimedia multiple access control have directly taken up by the Samsung electronics for their CDMA, PRMA, CSMA wireless/wired communication signal processing systems.

    He is the Director, for the Centre Integrated Access Systems (CIAS), and the Centre of Excellence on Ultra-Fast Optical Networks(UFON), MOST/KNSF, Korea, two research programs, granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology under the Korea National Science Foundation, Korea, to research and develop the fundamental breakthrough for National Information Infrastructure.

    Prof. Kim, is a Fellow of IEE, a Senior Member of IEEE, and on the Editorial Board of the IEEE Sensor Journal and various Domestic and International publications related to the Communications and Networks, He has been the Chair and Organizer of various international conferences including ICATM,01 Technical Program Chair, Int. Tech. Conf. Circuit/Systems (ITC)’96, Chairs of the KICS MobicomSoc, Board member and KIIS InfcomSoc, Board member Telecom, IEEK, Special Editor on the 4th Generation Portable Communications.