Atlas America by Rajan Vaish from JUIT Waknaghat won the first prize

Self Adaptive Clustering of 3D Objects  by Angad Singh, Pulkit Arora and Sushant Kaura from JIITU Noida won the second prize

Using Nose for Hands free Movement of Onscreen Mouse Pointer by Navjot Garg and Aadhar Agarwal from JIITU Noida won the second prize

Automatic Solar Tracking System  by Anubhav Dayal, Soban Khan and Anshul Gupta from JIITU Noida won the third prize

Object recognition using scale invariant feature transform by Deepak Rao from JIITU Noida won the third prize

WISDOM-exploring a better JIITU by Aditya Vashistha, Baidyanath and Shubham from JIITU Noida won the third prize


The following projects won the consolation prizes

1.      Design of a Microstrip Patch TCAS Antenna by Anuj Agarwal (JIITU Noida Alumnus)

2.      Home Automation System and Design and implementation of switching through FEDCOMA by Ashish Jain (JIITU Noida Alumnus)

3.      Text based Video Search by Aman Agarwal and Gaurav Agarwal from JIITU Noida

4.      Command Line Interpreter by Puneet Singh, Arpit Agarwal and Rohan Modi from JIITU Noida

5.      “SmartFlowinCia” A Flowchart Designer by Chandan Verma, Yuvraj Negi and Kushal Gupta from JIITU Noida

6.      Comparative Simulator for QKD Protocols

7.      Content Based Adaptive Streaming for E-learning by Ankit Saxena and Vidit Saxena from IIT Roorkee

8.      Real time hand pinch gesture recognition using computer vision for mouse control and windows management by Abhinav Srivastava, Ritika Gupta and Abhishek Punj from JIITU Noida





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