Prof. Ram Gopal Gupta

  • Recently Prof. Ram Gopal Gupta has received 2012 IEEE R 10 – Academia-Industry Partnership Award for Outstandingcontribution in dissemination of information about indigenous R&D and promotes interaction & Co mmercialization among users, industry and R&D institutions. Earlier in 2011 he received IEEE MGS leadership award serving the IEEE for the benefit of its members and the engineering profession by popularizing IEEE in local industry and common engineering students”. Dr. Gupta has taken major initiatives to promote and make India the Global R&D Hub for ICT. Played a major role in establishing two scientific establishments namely Society for Applied Microwave Electronics and Engineering & Research (SAMEER) and Center for Development of Advance Computer (CDAC) in the areas of microwave, EMI/EMC and Supercomputing. He also established a Center for electronic packaging technology and ergonomic design under the support of UNDP/UNIDO. He was a Senior Director in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, which is the key Ministry and has given a leading edge to India world over. He used his inherent leadership position to leverage for IEEE to initiate and lead activities that brought together IEEE’s TAB, MGA (RAB earlier), Sections and Chapters for Conferences, Workshops, Distinguished Lectures (DLs), events and meetings across the major sectors of India’s society, academia, industry and government, all to advance India and IEEE. His activities include R&D in Strategic Communications, IT, Aerospace & Defense, Systems-of- Systems, and ATM. His major push is towards “Advancing Technology for Humanity & Prosperity”. Dr. Gupta, IEEE senior member for the previous Seventeen years, has served BoG’s of AESS and Photonic Society.