Prof. Ernesto Limiti

  • Ernesto Limits is a Professor of Electronics at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2002, after being a researcher (since 1991) and Associate Professor (since 1998) at the same University.
    Such lines of research have produced over 200 publications in international journals and presentations at international conferences, with all revisions. And auditor of international publications in the field of electronics and high-frequency part of the steering committee of international conferences.
    His area of activity is High-frequency Electronics and courses taught by him include The high-frequency electronics, Electronic systems for safety and Electronic systems for space.
    Ernesto Limits has collaborated actively with many companies both Italian (Selex-SistemiIntegrati, Thales Alenia Space, Rheinmetall, ElettronicaSpA Ericsson, Space Engineering) and foreign (OMMIC, Siemens, United Monolithics Semiconductors, GaAsCode, Jansen Microwaves ...) has participated, both as a researcher responsible for research projects.Ernesto Limits is a member of IEEE since 1986.

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