Prof. K. Sunduchkov

  • Konstantin Stanislavovich Sunduchkov — a prominent scientist in the area of general systems theory, microwave engineering and technology of production, technologies of satellite, radio-relay, wireless and mobile communication, telecommunication and information processing technologies.
    K. S. Sunduchkov graduated from Tomsk State University in 1963 with a diploma in radiophysics and electronics. Due to own ambition and creative initiative he has risen from a senior research assistant of NPO to Deputy Director for science of NPO(1969—1997), Deputy Director for Science of state-owned enterprise of National Space Agency of Ukraine(1997—2005); Professor of Department ITS of NTU, Deputy Director for science of Research Studies Institute of Telecommunications of ITS NTUU.
    In 1969 K. S. Sunduchkov defended candidate thesis in Technical sciences, in 1987 — Doctor of Engineering.
    K. S. Sunduchkov has been involved in the following scientific projects:

    • Optimization of characteristics and structure of systems and networks of broadband wireless access (2003—2005);
    • Mathematic and program support of design of transceivers of land satellite communication system in millimeter range (2006—2008);
    • Models and methods of design of interactive heterogeneous telecommunication networks 4G with wireless access to mobile subscribers in millimeter range (2009—2010);
    • Simulation and development of telecommunication devices on basis of methamaterials and integral multilayered technologies (2010—2011).

    • Educational work:
    • At present moment Professor Sunduchkov K. S. have been practicing students in 4 disciplines: Systems of radio-relay and satellite communication, Systems of Mobile Communication, Technologies of Wireless Telecommunication Networks, «Design of Systems of Satellite and Radio-Relay Communication», is a supervisor of 5 postgraduate students, 8 masters, 1 specialist and 4 bachelors.

    • K. S. Sunduchkov is Laureate of state prize of Ukrainian SSR in the domain of science and technics (1987). He is an author and co-author of 150 scientific projects. Konstantin Sunduchkov for many years has been a member of specialized scientific councils, international symposiums and conferences; a member of Program Committee of International ConferenceCriMiCo (since 1994).

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