Guidelines to authors

  • 1. All Selected will be published by Springer as a proceedings book volume.

    2. Submissions should strictly follow the springer format

    3. Do not put page numbers in the manuscript.

    4. Do not include citations of unpublished work.

    5. The conference will adhere to accepted stringent norms as regards plagiarism. Authors are advised to use standard software’s to check similarity prior to loading their work. Rejection of submission without review can be on the basis of high similarity.

    6. All analysis on the basis graphs etc should be supported with data computed through analytical work or based on experimental results. Any ambiguity on the data analysed to be accepted will be at the discretion of reviewers. Reviewer(s) may recommend for major revision or reject the paper.

    7. In case of major revision the revised paper has to be supported with a compliance report. Compliance report must highlight the original submission and the revised re submission.

    8. Reviewer(s) decision will be final and the General Chair will not entertain any query on the reason of non acceptance of paper(s).

    9. All authors must strictly adhere to the format and time schedule as mentioned in the conference website.

    10. Authors are instructed to submit their paper via EDAS submission system. Carefully upload the details of co-authors while uploading the paper on EDAS portal. No author will be included or excluded at the later stage.

    11. Maximum two papers can be presented with one registration.

    12. Papers are reviewed on the basis that has not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (multiple submissions).