The Learning Resource Centre at JIIT Noida is an excellent repository of learning resources. It is situated in the basement of ABB-III, which can accommodate about 700 users at a time. It has more than 83 computer nodes with high-speed Internet & Intranet connectivity. It is fully integrated with the latest barcode technology with EM Security System and international standard library management open source.

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  • Collection at a Glance

    The LRC possesses very rich collection of books, Journals, e-resources, bound journals and other reading material.

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  • Journals

    LRC has subscription of many journals and magazines in multiple subjects. These journals and magazines are available in LRC-JIIT-62, LRC-JBS and LRC JIIT-128.

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  • JIIT Publications

    JIIT has 5313 publications in multiple subjects with CORE conference ranking, Scopus and web of science index.

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    Repository hosts contents from multiple subject domains like Technology, Science, Humanitis, Agriculture & others.

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    The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same.

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Pro-Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor Speaks

Libraries are backbone of any civilized society and heart of any academic institution.

Thus the Learning Resource Center JIIT also acquires a prominent place among the students and faculty members.

PROF. S.C. SAXENA ( Pro-Chancellor)

LRC is more than just books. It is the place where students can come together to read & learn and interact with their needs.

Prof B. R. Mehta ( Vice-Chancellor)
What people say about the LRC

I think the best part of this library is you get what you want and that you get quickly than you expected sometimes. Suppose if you are looking for a new book just send one line email and you get it

Prof. Pammi Gauba (DEAN (A&R) & Head, Dept. of Biotechnology)

LRC is arguably the best library in Noida. The resources offered by the library are phenomenal. The seating arrangements and Discussion room facilities are truly great. The library webpage makes it so convenient for us all to search for books and know where to find them.

Prof. Anirban Pathak (Head, Dept. of PMSE)

LRC has the best facilities with modern book management techniques. If you are a reader then it would become your paradise.

Prof. Alka Sharma (Dean, HSS)

I feel LRC is genuinely one of the main USPs of JIIT. It has a wonderful, rich and diversified collections of books, journals, e-books etc. It’s a treat to always visit the calm and serene environment of LRC, specially Faculty Reading Rooms.

Prof. Sandeep Kumar Singh (Head Computer Applications)

The best part of LRC is you get what you want. LRC has vast collection of good books, journals and databases

Chairman (LRC Advisory Committee)

LRC give us good reading environment. I have spent more hours at the library. It has enormous collection of books for issued return.

Somya Thakur (M. Tech Student)

Everyone here enjoys reading using the many facilities that the LRC has for every generation.

Rajbir Singh (Deputy Librarian)

JIIT has a modern library with latest barcode technology with Electromagnetic Security System. The library has a rich collection of books, print magazines/journals and e-resources. One of the outstanding features of the library is we have a very efficient website.

Prof. Vikas Saxena (Director & Head, Dept. of CSE/IT)

LRC has a good collection of print and electronic resources. It gives a peaceful environment to study and has separate study rooms for faculty and research scholars. Everything you need for a better future and success, you must have to visit the library.

Prof. Shweta Srivastava (Dean (A&R), Dept. of ECE)

The LRC has so many fabulous resources, specifically electronic journals and books. The LRC staff are highly professional, they are highly courteous and knowledgeable.

Prof. Alka Tripathi (Head, Dept. of Mathematics)

LRC is a treasure trove of knowledge and resources. It is seen as a place to discover new ideas, a safe haven, a lifeline for those in need, or a hub for community engagement.

Prof. Anubha Vashistha (Director, JBS)