Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student/fresher, how can I borrow the Books from LRC?

Once you receive your ID card, please fill out the membership form with all required details. Attach your photograph to the designated area on the form and submit it to the LRC staff at the help desk. After this, you will be able to borrow books according to your eligibility.

Borrowers Type No. of Books that can be issued Loan Period
M Tech/MBA/Dual Degree Student 4 15 Days
B Tech 3 15 Days

Can I borrow Reference Books?

Students cannot borrow reference books, but the faculty members can borrow for overnight only.

Once I access the LRC Website do I have access to all of the e-resources listed?

Yes, all students, faculty and staff members can access available e-resources.

When is the LRC open?

The LRC timings are:

Days Hours
Monday to Friday 08:30 AM to 09:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
During Exams : Monday to Friday 08.30 AM to 11.00 PM
During Exams : Saturday and Sunday 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM

What are the issue and return timings in the Library

The LRC issue and return timings are:

Days Hours
Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

I have lost a book, what am I required to do?

Immediately report in the library by writing an application or email to the librarian. Then after you have to submit the new copy of the same book to the library within the stipulated time

Can I bring own book in the Library

Yes, members are allowed to bring their books for reading in the Library

How can I avail the printing facility?

LRC has paid printing facility. It is located at the lower basement in the LRC.

Can I recommend books to be purchased in the LRC?

Yes, You can recommend the books in a prescribed book recommendation form and submit it to LRC office.

Is there a fine for late return of books?

Yes, fine is charged @ Rs.10/- per day on each book.

Can we refer to Dissertation/PhD theses?

Yes, all the members of the library can refer to dissertations/PhD theses. Outsiders are not allowed to refer to dissertations and theses.

Can the dissertation/theses be issued

These are grey literatures so, these will not be issued.

Can I borrow Newspapers/Magazines and journals?

No, these are only for reference.

Can a bound volume of journal be issued to a member?

No, bound volumes of journals cannot be issued.

If I do not get the book on shelve what can I do?

First contact concerned staff responsible for shelving of books in that area. You may also contact at help desk and circulation section

How can I distinguish reference books from other library collection?

Reference books are marked  "REF" on top of the call number on book spine and the due date slip will be in pink colour.

I am a student/faculty/staff from JUIT/JUET can I borrow books?

Yes, but after the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

I am a student from Solan / Guna, can I use the LRC services?

Yes, you may use reference services. But you cannot borrow any books unless you have special permission from the Vice-Chancellor.

How can I access electronic resources on and off campus?

Learning Resource Centre, JIIT subscribes to a wide range of scholarly resources. They are all IP based and can be accessed on and off the campus, in the following ways:

  • Digital Library Section: You can access various resources from this facility, where there are a number of computer systems for users. However, please note that this facility is strictly for academic purposes only.
  • On your laptops/desktops: By connecting to institute LAN/Wi-Fi while on campus.
  • Off-campus access: Please contact Library or logon: https://idp.jiit.ac.in/