Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations
The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same is available in the LRC-DRS(local repository) as well as in Shodhganga repository. The LRC is also maintained the hardcopy/Softcopy of the dissertations submitted by the students.
S. No. Accession No. Research Scholar Supervisor Title Subject Year
181 T00181 Meenakshi Rana Papia Chowdhury Studies on nonlinear optical properties of some organic molecules and quantum dots in different environments and their applications Physics 2019
182 T00182 Nisha Shukla Puneet Rana and Bani Singh Application of homotopy analysis method to transport phenomena in nanofluids Mathematics 2019
183 T00183 Radhika Khanna Sujata Mohanty Novel genome assembly and comparative analysis of Indian drosophila and zaprionus species Biotechnology 2019
184 T00184 Niyati Aggrawal Anuja Arora Information diffusion framework for virality prediction of social media content Computer Science & IT 2019
185 T00185 Jitendra Kumar Seth Satish Chandra Metaheuristics based threat detection and integrity check in cloud Computer Science & IT 2019
186 T00186 K. Vimal Kumar Padam Kumar and Vikas Saxena Novel approach for sense based hindi to tamil machine translation system Computer Science & IT 2019
187 T00187 Poornima Mehta Satish Chandra Enhancing sentiment analysis in lexicon based systems Computer Science & IT 2019
188 T00188 Parul Agarwal Shikha Mehta Novel variants of nature inspired algorithms for clustering high dimensional data Computer Science & IT 2019
189 T00189 Mitali Sisodia Anirban Pathak Design and analysis of communication protocols using quantum resources Physics 2019
190 T00190 Kruti A. Shah Navneet Kumar Sharma Some studies on SPR based fiber optic sensors utilizing platinum Physics 2019
191 T00191 Samiya Khan Sanjay Gupta and Pammi Gauba Development of biocatalyst for refining of diesel Biotechnology 2019
192 T00192 Niti Mittal Shirin Alavi and Monica Chaudhary Study of acceptance of mobile learning in higher education Humanities & Social Sciences 2019
193 T00193 Tanvi Agrawal Shweta Srivastava Design of compact MIMO antennas for wireless communication Electronics and Communication Engineering 2019
194 T00194 Anu Anuja Arora Some improvements of context aware recommendation systems using cross domain knowledge Computer Science & IT 2019
195 T00195 Pragya Bhardwaj Ashwani Mathur and Chakresh Kumar Jain Studies on production of therapeutically important saponins using in-VITRO culture of bacopa monnieri Biotechnology 2019
196 T00196 Priyanka Chandani Chetna Gupta Risk assessment and effort estimation in requirements engineering Computer Science & IT 2019
197 T00197 Arpita Jadhav Bhatt Chetna Gupta and Sangeeta Mittal Modelling users' information privacy leaks by iOS apps and design of privacy enhancing techniques Computer Science & IT 2019
198 T00198 Manisha Singh Rachana Development of gingko biloba microemulsion system against alzheimer's disease for intranasal application Biotechnology 2019
199 T00199 Anjali Neetu Sardana Effective identification & triaging of fixable non-reproducible bugs Computer Science & IT 2019
200 T00200 Amit Garg Vineet Khandelwal Spatial and transform domain filters for improved denoising of medical ultrasound images Electronics and Communication Engineering 2019
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