Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations
The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same is available in the LRC-DRS(local repository) as well as in Shodhganga repository. The LRC is also maintained the hardcopy/Softcopy of the dissertations submitted by the students.
S. No. Accession No. Research Scholar Supervisor Title Subject Year
261 T00261 Somya Jain Adwitiya Sinha Influential nodes identification for online social network Computer Science & IT 2022
262 T00262 Kathakali Mandal Amit Verma Higher-order nonclassical states of electromagnetic radiation Physics 2022
263 T00263 Meeta Gupta Adwitiya Sinha Efficient data oriented techniques in wireless sensor networks Computer Science & IT 2022
264 T00264 Madhuri Gupta Bharat Gupta Computer assisted gene expression test method for early prediction of breast cancer using machine learning techniques Computer Science & IT 2022
265 T00265 Neetika Jain Sangeeta Mittal Computational models for safe and fuel-economical assisted driving using on-board sensors Computer Science & IT 2022
266 T00266 Ankur Bhardwaj Shamim Akhter IP protection of finite state machine based design using digital watermarking Electronic & Communication 2022
267 T00267 Munaza Ramzan Suma Dawn Electroencephalography signal based effective elicitation of emotions for brain computer interfacing using computational techniques Computer Science & IT 2022
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