Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations
The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same is available in the LRC-DRS(local repository) as well as in Shodhganga repository. The LRC is also maintained the hardcopy/Softcopy of the dissertations submitted by the students.
S. No. Accession No. Research Scholar Supervisor Title Subject Year
281 T00281 Nitin Kumar Tyagi Mukta Goyal Smart electronic governance using blockchain and intelligent techniques Computer Science & IT 2022
282 T00282 Ankita Manish Kumar Thakur Meta-heuristic guided detection of spatial and spatio-temporal hotspots for societal applications Computer Science & IT 2022
283 T00283 Nidhi Gupta Bharat Gupta Optimization of SPARQL federated query processing for the integration of healthcare data Computer Science & IT 2022
284 T00284 Divya Sharma Rajnish Kumar Misra Workplace bullying: a study of bully's characteristics organizational climate and post traumatic stress disorder among Indian management teachers in Delhi NCR Management 2022
285 T00285 Neerja Negi Satish Chandra Qos-based efficient web services selection Computer Science & IT 2022
286 T00286 Priyanka Nagar Amit Srivastava and Pankaj Kumar Srivastava Studies on diversity and fuzzy transportation models of species in an ecological system Mathematics 2022
287 T00287 Dibya Rani Sudha Srivastava and Baibaswata Nayak Nanomaterials based vaccine development against hepatitis E virus Biotechnology 2022
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