Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations
The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same is available in the LRC-DRS(local repository) as well as in Shodhganga repository. The LRC is also maintained the hardcopy/Softcopy of the dissertations submitted by the students.
S. No. Accession No. Research Scholar Supervisor Title Subject Year
321 T00321 Bhavana Bansal Anita Sahoo Meta-heuristic based computational techniques for omics data analysis Computer Science & IT 2023
322 T00322 Priyanka Mathur Vibha Rani Investigating microRNAs as the next generation therapeutic targets in diabetic cardiomyopathy Biotechnology 2023
323 T00323 Kashav Ajmera Tribhuwan Kumar Tewari Dynamic virtual machine scheduling algorithms for energy efficient cloud computing Computer Science & IT 2023
324 T00324 Yogita Khatri Sandeep Kumar Singh Software metric based efficient approaches for cross-project defect prediction Computer Science & IT 2023
325 T00325 Alisha Soni Kanupriya Misra Bakhru Study of investigating the role of entrepreneurial alertness in determining entrepreneurial intention among accountancy students Management 2024
326 T00326 Rohit Kumar Srivastav Anuraj Panwar Excitation of terahertz surface plasmons by lasers and electron beam Physics 2024
327 T00327 Anshika Choudhary Anuja Arora Social media fake news detection using multimodal learning techniques Computer Science & IT 2024
328 T00328 Manika Jha Richa Gupta and Rajiv Saxena Performance enhancement of non-invasive disease detection using machine learning and signal processing tools Electronics and Communication Engineering 2024
329 T00329 Aanchal Agarwal Vineet Khandelwal Machine learning based passive image forgery classification using hybrid-handcrafted and CNN based features Electronics and Communication Engineering 2024
330 T00330 Rupali Srivastava Pato Kumari Modeling of seismic waves in different anisotropic media with interfacial complexity Mathematics 2024
331 T00331 Aditi Sharma Parmeet Kaur Effective techniques for distributed data storage of multitenant SaaS applications Computer Science & IT 2024
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