Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations
The hardcopy of the Ph.D theses and dissertations are available in the LRC and softcopy of the same is available in the LRC-DRS(local repository) as well as in Shodhganga repository. The LRC is also maintained the hardcopy/Softcopy of the dissertations submitted by the students.
S. No. Accession No. Research Scholar Supervisor Title Subject Year
61 T00061 Jaya Mamta Prosad Sujata Kapoor and Jhumur Sengupta Impact of investors' behavioral biases on the Indian equity market and implications on stock selection decisions: an empirical analysis Management 2014
62 T00062 Jyoti Rana Sanjay Gupta Molecular interactions of chikungunya virus non-structural proteins Biotechnology 2014
63 T00063 Vishal Gupta Naseem Abidi and Asit Bandyopadhayay A sustainable supply chain management framework for IT products: an exploratory study Management 2015
64 T00064 Vikash Singh R. K. Dwevedi and Manoj Kumar Studies on multifunctional properties of doped multiferroics Physics 2015
65 T00065 Shamim Akhter R. C. Jain and Vikram Karwal Algorithms for computing ODCT(ODST) independent of ODST(ODCT) coefficients for windowed data Electronics and Communication Engineering 2015
66 T00066 Kanupriya Misra Bakhru Naseem Abidi, Yaj Medury and Seema Sanghi Competencies for effective management teaching-perception of teachers and administrators of Indian B-schools: a study of B schools in national capital region of India Management 2015
67 T00067 Diksha Gupta Lokendra Kumar and Bani Singh Non-linear problems in micropolar fluid flows Mathematics 2015
68 T00068 Chitra Shukla Anirban Pathak and Amit Verma Design and analysis of quantum communication protocols Physics 2015
69 T00069 Amar Nath Nripendra Singh Profitability and sustainability from waste management practices in hotels and its impact on environment Management 2015
70 T00070 Richa Sharma Amrish Kumar Aggarwal Non-linear stress analysis of thick-walled circular cylinders Mathematics 2015
71 T00071 Sreejith Rajasekharan Sanjay Gupta Viral-host protein interactions in chandipura virus pathogenesis Biotechnology 2015
72 T00072 Prakash Chandra Sati Manoj Kumar Study of isovalent and aliovalent ions substitution effect on BiFeO3 multiferroic ceramics Physics 2015
73 T00073 Neetima Agarwal Vandana Ahuja and Neerja Pande An analysis of employability skills and associated training needs in the information technology industry Management 2015
74 T00074 Gunjan Srinet Ravindra Kumar Synthesis and characterization of doped ZnO Physics 2015
75 T00075 Suma Dawn Bhudev Sharma and Vikas Saxena Digital elevation model: registration and quantification Computer Science & IT 2015
76 T00076 Shubhangini Rathore Vandana Ahuja and Yaj Medury Role of emotional intelligence on organizational stress and employee commitment: a comparative study of IT and hospitality sector Management 2015
77 T00077 Vijayeta Pal R. K. Dwivedi Studies on structural, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of lead free ceramics synthesized by semi-wet method Physics 2015
78 T00078 Tribhuwan Kumar Tewari Vikash Saxena and J. P. Gupta Novel techniques for improving the performance of digital audio watermarking for copyright protection Computer Science & IT 2015
79 T00079 Sangeeta Yadav Krishna Gopal and S. L. Maskara Some techniques for computation of contexts and situations from sensor data Computer Science & IT 2015
80 T00080 Deepak Verma S. C. Saxena and Neerja Pande Expectations of corporate India on the business communication skills of B-school campus recruits Management 2015
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