Admission Closed for AY 2021-22.                                                                 The Website of "SAI ADVANCE COVID CARE CENTRE” at JIIT Campus, Sector-128, Wish Town Noida. ; a collaborative effort between JIIT Noida & Jaypee Hospital for welfare of society during pandemic is now live.

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Doctorate in Business Management is usually the highest degree one can pursue in the area of business management. This degree is usually designed for people who want to pursue career in academics and research and become full time faculty members in the area of business management. In India, numerous management institutes have already opened up to cater to the growing interest of population at large in the area of management. 

JIIT offers doctorate in business management and has created a name for it by churning out more than 45 PhDs in the area of management since 2010 when the first PhD was awarded. A constituent of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Jaypee Business School started operating in the year 2007. Jaypee Business School holds quite a sterling reputation amongst the new management institutes in India. In a small time span of 12 years, JBS has garnered exceedingly good development and has been acknowledged as a centre of excellence in business studies. It has also been rated as one of the emerging institutes in business studies by numerous reports and surveys.

JBS offers full time and part time PhD programme in management. Currently, research scholars are pursuing their doctoral research work in the area of marketing, finance, human resource, operations and general management. The scholars are expected to successfully complete a stipulated course and to carry out research in the chosen field. The doctorate in business management is the acknowledgment of high academic accomplishments, independent investigation, creative and prolific enquiry and use of knowledge to solve problems related to business management function. Research scholars who work full time are provided with a monthly stipend to pursue their research work relevant to management.