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Student Pre-start Ups


To make use of reliable and precision data captured through drone for better decision making of the field inputs

Student team: Shivam Mukherjee, Lehen Zehra and Vaishnavi Dubey.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Alok Joshi (JIIT)


2.  Control System for assistive wheel chair using  head/eye movement & EOG Signal (Eye)

Objective :

Student team    : Aviral Dayal.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Garima Kapur (JIIT)


3.  qr One

qr One is a solution to common problems faced by colleges. It has an app and a web app dashboard that provides features like attendance management system, hostel attendance management, parking management and more with the help of just a QR code.

Student team: Shreyan Budhouliya

Faculty Mentor: Prof Prashant Kaushik (JIIT)


4.  AnCy Mentors

Student team    : Nitin Chaudhary, Rahi Chaudhary, Aryan Patel, Karan  Mishra

Faculty Mentor : Dr. Suneet Kumar Awasthi (JIIT)


5.  BHARAM-Smart Mirror

Integrated our mirror with various features that would help the person to tracks the physical movements of a person in real time and creates a personalized workout plan for the user. It guides the user through every exercise and keep track of the user’s posture and repetitions.

Student team     :               Parav Goyal, Krishna Saxena, Kshitij Gupta

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Hema N



Platform that bridges the gap between Investors and Start-ups. Aims to provide a level playing platform for all youngsters or new comers with brainstorming ideas that can actually bring a change in the society. It will help a start-up get noticed by the investor and will help investor directly fund the start-up of their choice.

Student team     :               Vanshika Yadav, Mehak Mathur, Rahul Rana

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Sarishty Gupta


7.  Vedarc Learning

Revamping the knowledge that is provided by two religious text such as Vedas to improve our day  to day life.

Student team                     :               Adhaar Kohli

Faculty Mentor:               -

8.  Anteena-Integrated Wearable Fabric for ECG

Student team                     :               Aditya Srivastava

Faculty Mentor                :               Prof. Shweta Srivastava


9. Integrated Bioenzymes Production using zero waste approach for multifunctional solution.

Integrated Bioenzymes Production using zero waste approach for multifunctional solution.

Student team     :               Priyadarshni Gupta

Faculty Mentor:               Prof. Vibha Rani


10. Saty Mate

An ecosystem for students where we are transforming student's experience & simplifying accommodations, food, safety surveillance and healthcare services for students.

Student team     :               Ritesh Jaiswal

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Nidhi Batra


11. Workway

Workway is a platform where you can connect, collaborate and cultivate your ideas while gaining the recognition you deserve.

Student team     :               Sehal Saxena, Shivam Aryan

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Prantik Biswas


12. Bioplastic Production using Water Hyacinth

To produce bio based, biodegradable Bioplastic from hyacinth.

Student team     :               Aayush Walia

Divyansh Goel

Kushal Gupta

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Garima Mathur


13.          Watchdog          

Providing the pet owners with a medium, which is a one stop solution for the pet owners. Aim to provide dog owners with certified caretakers to take care of their dogs so that that can travel anywhere carefree.

Student team                    :               Shristi Kapoor

                                                                Anant Srivastava

                                                                Avinash Agarwal

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Ridhima Bhanot Sharma