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Student Pre-start Ups


1.         HIMMEL HAWKS

To make use of reliable and precision data captured through drones for better    decision making of the field inputs

Student team: Shivam Mukherjee, Lehen Zehra and Vaishnavi Dubey.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Alok Joshi (JIIT)


2.         Control System for assistive wheel chair using  head/eye movement & EOG Signal (Eye)

The main objective of this project was to develop a new control system for mobility aid (e.g. wheelchair) for people with lower limb disabilities or for those who have difficulties in long lasting displacements.

Student team    : Aviral Dayal.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Garima Kapur (JIIT)


3.         qr One

qr One is a solution to common problems faced by colleges. It has an app and a web app dashboard that provides features like attendance management system, hostel attendance management, parking management and more with the help of just a QR code.

Student team: Shreyan Budhouliya

Faculty Mentor: Prof Prashant Kaushik (JIIT)


4.         AnCy Mentors

Build app where students will get connected and identify their mental problems by using many ways like quizzes, chat session, video session stc and connect them with the counsellor to sort out their problems.

Student team    : Nitin Chaudhary, Rahi Chaudhary, Aryan Patel, Karan  Mishra

Faculty Mentor : Dr. Suneet Kumar Awasthi (JIIT)


5.         BHARAM-Smart Mirror

Integrated our smart mirror with various features that would help to tracks the physical movements of a person in real time and creates a personalized workout      plan for the user. It guides the user through every exercise and keep track of the user’s posture and repetitions.

Student team     :               Parav Goyal, Krishna Saxena, Kshitij Gupta

Faculty Mentor  :               Dr. Hema


6.         SHARKUP

Platform that bridges the gap between Investors and Start-ups. Aims to provide a level playing platform for all youngsters or new comers with brainstorming ideas that can actually bring a change in the society. It will help a start-up get noticed by the investor and will help investor directly fund the start-up of their choice.

Student team     :               Vanshika Yadav, Mehak Mathur, Rahul Rana

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Sarishty Gupta


7.         Vedarc Learning

Using AI Revamping the knowledge that is provided by two religious text such as Vedas to improve our day  to day life.

Student team                     :               Adhaar Kohli

Faculty Mentor:               -


8.         Anteena-Integrated Wearable Fabric for ECG

The objectives of this project are to Design and prototype an antenna-based cloth for ECG monitoring. Evaluate the performance of the prototype Demonstrate the feasibility of using the antenna-based cloth for clinical applications

Student team                     :               Aditya Srivastava

Faculty Mentor                :               Prof. Shweta Srivastava


9.         Integrated Bioenzymes Production using zero waste approach for      multifunctional solution.

Integrated Bioenzymes Production using zero waste approach for multifunctional solution.

Student team     :               Priyadarshni Gupta

Faculty Mentor:               Prof. Vibha Rani


10.       Saty Mate

An ecosystem for students where we are transforming student's experience & simplifying accommodations, food, safety surveillance and healthcare services for students.

Student team     :               Ritesh Jaiswal

Faculty Mentor:                 Dr. Nidhi Batra


11.       Workway

Workway is a platform where you can connect, collaborate and cultivate your      ideas while gaining the recognition you deserve.

Student team     :             Sehal Saxena, Shivam Aryan

Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Prantik Biswas


12.       Bioplastic Production using Water Hyacinth

                To produce bio based, biodegradable Bioplastic from hyacinth.

                Student team     :                Aayush Walia

                                                                Divyansh Goel

                                                                Kushal Gupta

                Faculty Mentor:               Dr. Garima Mathur


13.          Watchdog         

Providing the pet owners with a medium, which is a one stop solution for the pet owners. Aim to provide dog owners with certified caretakers to take care of their dogs so that that can travel anywhere carefree.

Student team      :       Shristi Kapoor

                                   Anant Srivastava

                                    Avinash Agarwal

Faculty Mentor:           Dr. Ridhima Bhanot Sharma