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Year 2016

  • 2016 International Conference
    26th Dec to 28th Dec 2016
  • International Conference on Advances in Mathematical Sciences
    8th Dec to 10th Dec 2016
  • Literature Seminar by Department of Humanities
    11th Nov to 12th Nov 2016
  • Big Data Analytics and Visualization
    5th Sep to 7th Sep 2016
  • Contemporary Computing (IC3)- IC3 2016
    11th Aug to 13th Aug 2016
  • International Yoga Day Celebration
    21st Jun to 21st Jun 2016
  • National workshop on numerical methods using Scilab
    8th Apr to 9th Apr 2016

    National workshop on numerical methods using Scilab

    Two days workshop on Scilab is being organized by department of mathematics at sector 128 campus.The workshop aims to provide a broad overview of basic concepts, operational algorithms and recent theories related to Scilab and Numerical Methods.

    Scilab is a free and open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. Scilab is released as open source under the CeCILL License (GPL compatible), and is available for download free of charge. It is a cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics, simulations, numerical optimization, and modeling and simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems. MATLAB code, which is similar in syntax, can be converted to Scilab. Also it is one of several open source alternatives to MATLAB.

    The ultimate objective of workshop is to promote awareness about the recent trends in these areas among researchers and teachers from Universities and Colleges in the country.

  • JMUN 2016
    23rd Jan to 24th Jan 2016

    Jaypee Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, in which students participate as delegates in various UN committees. By allowing delegates to take a direct part in the resolution of current global issues, JMUN 2016 is a challenging and rewarding opportunity to gain different perspectives as well as to improve the essential skills of critical thinking and debate. JMUN exists to provide an educational, exciting and affordable conference for delegates from all across India.

Year 2015

  • Three Day Workshop on Information Security
    22nd Dec to 24th Dec 2015

    Information security plays an important role in today’s world, whether it is system security, network security, security of application or device security. Due to the requirements of sophisticated tools to keep system secure and sound, there is a big need in India and globe for professionals who are well educated about the various aspects of information security.
    Keeping in mind the need of security in the modern world, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Sec-128, Noida, is organizing a National Workshop on Information Security(NWIS), from 22nd -24thDecember, 2015.

    The workshop aims to impart knowledge and exposure in information security to the faculty, scientists, professionals and researchers. The workshop will be focusing on various domains of Information Security like:

    Computer System Security ·Secure Coding

    Network, Mobile and Wireless Security · Cloud Security

    Cyber and Digital Forensics ·Privacy issues

    Demonstration (Hands-On) on “Database and Online Social Media” and “Secure Application Development”.

  • International Conference on Advances in Management
    18th Dec to 20th Dec 2015

    International Conference on Advances in Management and Technology in a global world (ICAMT-15)

    The conference is being organized by Jaypee Business School, India, in association with the College of IS&T, University of Nebraska ,Omaha.

    This International Conference aims at recognizing the importance of upcoming new age business practices, the changes technology has brought about in the way organizations function and attempts at being a platform for fostering discussions on contemporary issues. This conference also aims to bring together leading scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Business and Management. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum for researchers, industry practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Business and Management. The conference will provide the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education and beyond.

  • Two days workshop on Data Analytics and its Security Issues
    4th Dec to 5th Dec 2015

    Two days workshop on Data Analytics and its Security Issues is being organised by CSE/IT Department.

    This digital era has lead to the creation of gigantic datasets in most realms of science and engineering, such as e-commerce, social media, geographic information Systems, medical records, intelligence agency videos etc. The pace of data production is further expected to accelerate with the continuing assimilation of computing into day to day life. Extracting knowledge and aggregating data for complex applications is becoming increasingly more challenging. The problem of data handling is further compounded due to the vulnerability to security threats in this open era. This workshop aims to cover the techniques to handle the problems arising due to the ever-growing size and complexity of data and deal with the security concerns. The workshop will serve as a platform for the data analytics enthusiasts and researchers to discuss and gain valuable insights on current state of art, research directions and other related issues.

  • One Day Workshop On Light and Light-based Technologies
    18th Nov to 18th Nov 2015

    One Day Workshop On Light and Light-based Technologies

    One -Day Workshop On “Light and Light-based Technologies” Organized by Department of Physics and Materials Science & Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida Sponsored by The National Academy of Sciences, India On Wednesday, November 18, 2015 .

  • Workshop on Plagiarism & Reference Management
    16th Oct to 16th Oct 2015

    Workshop on Plagiarism & Reference Management using Mendeley

    Workshop on Plagiarism & Reference Management using Mendeley on 16 October 2015. Workshop is aimed at helping the researchers on the management of citation, referencing and avoiding plagiarism.

    About the workshop

    Plagiarism is one of the most serious and frequently occurring scholastic dishonesty in academia. The most prevalent form of plagiarism occurs when a writer neglects to credit the author textual sources in a research paper. Therefore it is crucial for us to understand the importance of referencing and how to manage references in research. Hence this workshop is designed to help you develop strategies for knowing how to avoid accidental and intentional plagiarism and to give understanding and working knowledge of reference management tool Mendeley.

    Mendeley, part of the Reed Elsevier group is free reference management tool that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. This tool helps the students and academicians to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and gives access to research from Elsevier’s ScienceDirect and Scopus which contain tens of millions of articles, abstracts and citations.

    The workshop will also provide hands-on-training in reference and citation management using Mendeley.

  • Reproducible Research using R
    5th Oct to 5th Oct 2015

    A workshop was conducted by Dr. Moonis Shakeel on 'Reproducible Research using R' at Jaypee Business School, Noida. "Results from scientific research have to be reproducible to be trustworthy. We do not want a finding to be merely due to an isolated occurrence, e.g., only one specific laboratory researcher can produce the results on one specific day, and nobody else can produce the same results under the same conditions.Dynamic report generation is an important step toward RR."

  • DEV FEST 2015
    29th Sep to 1st Oct 2015

    The Google Developers Group along with Knuth, OSDC and IEEE presents DEV FEST 2015. An event to take your project to a better level. What if you get mentors telling you ways to implement your idea in a better way? What if you have teachers to give you feedback on your ideas? And, what if you have company people telling you the importance of these projects in interviews!
    Yes, that is what's DEV FEST is all about!

    The itinerary for the event is :
    29th September 2015 :

    •  Opening ceremony
    •  Seniors (4th Years) speaking about special features of their minor project. For this we have, Vaibhav Taneja , Ayush Jaggi, Pranica Jain, Dhruv Singh as the speakers.
    •  Mentors from different domains like web , android, software development, data mining discussing your project ideas.
    • 30th September 2015:
    •  A conference call with Mr. UMASHANKAR PRADHAN, from GOOGLE CALIFORNIA sharing his story and experience.
    •  A speaker from IEEE Student Branch, speaking in detail on How To Make Better Project Reports
    •  Students will be segregated on the basis of their choice of mentors and they continue to code.
    • 1st October 2015 :
    •  A speaker from a company and a speaker from a startup, speaking on WHAT SORT OF PROJECTS ARE PREFERRED IN COMPANIES 
    •  Mr. Sanjay Goel and Mr. Manish Kumar Thakur speaking on Front end and Backend Requirements ofprojects.
    •  Teachers, CSE DEPARTMENT, would be present, so that students can discuss their ideas and can have inputs from them.
    •  Continuation of coding session
    •  Closing Ceremony
  • RCDP on Advanced Research Methodology / Statistical Techniques
    14th Sep to 19th Sep 2015

    JBS Noida is organizing a one week Research Competency Development Program on Advanced Research Methodology / Statistical Techniques from September 14-19, 2015 at their Noida Sector 62 Campus.

  • One day Workshop on Digital Marketing
    12th Sep to 12th Sep 2015

    One day Workshop on Digital Marketing

    Depatrtment of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at developing, enhancing and refreshing the skills , expertise and abilities of young engineering and management students and professionals. It realizes its aim by hosting various lectures, seminars, faculty development program and workshops.

    HSS Department is delighted to announce a one day complimentary workshop (no fee) on "Digital Marketing" at JIIT, Sector 62, Noida.

    About the workshop

    Digital age has disrupted the old business processes. It has diluted national boundaries and empowered consumers exposing them to whole new world of choices. The workshop focuses on the understanding of this new age, highly volatile business environment. The participants are exposed to new business models of Digital Era. It takes full 360 degree perspective into account by addressing the needs of both internal and external customers.

    Date & Venue

    Saturday, 12th September 2015, 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    LT-5, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, A-10, Sector-62, Noida

  • Panel Discussion on Use of Web Based Tools
    22nd Aug to 22nd Aug 2015

    Panel Discussion on Use of Web Based Tools for Building Organisational Image and Brand.

    Speakers- Ravinder Zutshi, Dilip Cherian, Keshav Bajaj

  • Sessionon Sowing seeds of Success
    20th Aug to 20th Aug 2015

    Department of HSS organized an enriching, interactive and motivating session on Sowing Seeds of Success.


    Ms Parul Bhargava, Poddar Institute, Jaipur
    Ms Krittika Sharda,Poddar Institute, Jaipur

  • 2015 Eighth International Conference
    20th Aug to 22nd Aug 2015
  • Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills
    19th Aug to 27th Aug 2015

    JBS - Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills, MSME Development Institute, Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India from 19- 21 August and 25-27 August .

  • SAP Workshop on Design Thinking
    8th Aug to 8th Aug 2015

    SAP is a global leader in Design Thinking wrt software solutions. SAP has very close collaboration with Stanford University's Institute of Design. SAP's cofounder, Prof. Hasso Plattner, has been the chairman of supervisory board of this Institute at Stanford University. In fact the institute is even named after him. Even Mr. Vishal Sikka used to be at SAP before joining Infosys.

    Today, JIIT organized the first focused workshop for limited audience on Design Thinking. It was conducted by 6 design coaches of SAP labs. Some students of MTech and few students of final year BTech participated in this workshop.

    The event was led by our alumnus of the first batch, Mr. Pravesh Verma, who is an Enterprise Support Advisor at SAP, Gurgaon and also has SAP patent to his credit.

  • FDP on Analog Signal Processing and VLSI
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015
  • FDP on Nanomaterials and Its Applications
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015

    FDP on Nanomaterials and Its Applications

    FDP on Nanomaterials and Its Applications organized by Department of Biotechnology, JIIT, Noida

  • FDP on Curriculum Development and Implementation of Humanities
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015
  • FDP on Mobile Technology
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015

    FDP on Mobile Technology
    Computer Science Department is organising an FDP on Mobile Technology.

  • FDP on Functional Analysis and its Applications
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015

    FDP on Functional Analysis and its ApplicationsThe Mathematics Department is organizing FDP from July 13 to July 18, 2015 on Functional Analysis and its Applications.

  • FDP on Light and Light-based Technologies
    13th Jul to 18th Jul 2015

    FDP on Light and Light-based Technologies

    Physics and Materials Science & Engineering (PMSE) department is organizing one week Faculty development program (FDP) on 'Light and Light-based Technologies' during July 13-18, 2015. This FDP aims to raise the awareness of achievements of light science and its applications to humankind.

  • Emerging Trends in Computing Education
    6th Jul to 11th Jul 2015
  • JIIT Youth Conference - One Conference Infinite Thoughts
    28th Mar to 29th Mar 2015

    Team JIIT Youth Conference accomplished in setting a benchmark in the circuit of conferences this 28-29 March'15 at JIIT 128 Campus. Showing high level of quality along with a fun experience, the team assured to make the event a memorable journey. With major collaborations and sponsors and formidable speakers’ session, JIIT Youth Conference was a treat to those who wish to listen to knowledge and contribute.

  • JBS -Student Conference
    20th Mar to 20th Mar 2015
  • 2015 International Conference
    16th Mar to 18th Mar 2015
  • Workshop on Upcoming Opportunities
    11th Feb to 11th Feb 2015

    Workshop on Upcoming Opportunities in Mobile Games and Applications- ESpark

    Innotical Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in Mobile Game and Application designing from last 3-4 years. It has released many games till now and the primary purpose of the workshop is to help student understand the market, development best practices, use latest tools and other things for mobile games, application design and development.

  • Workshop- Java Basics
    10th Feb to 10th Feb 2015

    Workshop- Java Basics

    This workshop aims to teach basics for java which will be a stepping stone for the android workshops that are to follow.

  • Jaypee Model United Nations 2015
    7th Feb to 8th Feb 2015
  • Autonomous Robotics Workshop
    2nd Feb to 11th Feb 2015
  • Entrepreneurial Workshop
    19th Jan to 19th Jan 2015

    Entrepreneurial Workshop

    Entrepreneurial Workshop Organised by E-Cell, IIT Bombay. Supported by NIESBUD,Noida and sponsored by Gbiofin.

  • 4th International Symposium
    6th Jan to 8th Jan 2015
  • International Workshop on Statistical & Numerical Trends
    1st Jan to 1st Jan 2015

Year 2014

  • IEEE International Symposium
    15th Dec to 17th Dec 2014
  • Two week ISTE Main Workshop on Control Systems
    2nd Dec to 12th Dec 2014

    Two week ISTE Main Workshop on Control Systems

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Sector-128, Noida is conducting a short term workshop on Control Systems as remote center of IIT Kharagpur under National Mission on Education through ICT, which is supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development during 2nd – 12th December, 2014.

  • One day SERB, DST, (Government of India)
    29th Nov to 29th Nov 2014

    One day SERB, DST, (Government of India) sponsored lecture program on(Government of India)

    One day SERB, DST, (Government of India) sponsored lecture program on Emerging Trends in Biomathematics. This lecture session will provide opportunity to the participants to explore many areas of computational biology and biomathematics. The experts shall focus on the implementation of computational and mathematical knowledge for exploring the possible optimal solutions for various biological problems.


    • Computational Neuroscience
    • In-silico Apoptosis and simulations
    • Mathematical Modeling
    • Network Biology and Network dynamics
    • Stochastic systems
  • Two Day Workshop on Computational Linguistics
    14th Nov to 15th Nov 2014

    Two Day Workshop on Computational Linguistics

    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida is organizing A Two Day Workshop on Computational Linguistics for the overall benefits of the academic community from 14th November 2014 to 15th November2014 at Sector128, JIIT Noida.

  • Catalyzing new opportunities and innovations
    11th Oct to 11th Oct 2014

    Seminar on Catalyzing new opportunities and innovations in Corporate Finance organised by Jaypee Business School.

  • One Day Workshop on Advanced Optimization Techniques
    23rd Sep to 23rd Sep 2014

    Click Here

    One day workshop on “Advanced Optimization Techniques” was conducted by Deptt.of Mathematics. The objective of the workshop was to highlight the advances in optimization techniques and their applications in real life problems of sciences and engineering. Prof. S D Sharma, Former Professor, Meerut College gave “Talk on Best Decisions Through Operations Research” Prof. Karmeshu, JNU Delhi gave “Talk on Maximum Entropy for Communication Network”, Prof. Kusum Deep, IIT Roorkee gave “Talk on Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques” and Dr. Millie Pant, Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee Saharanpur Campus gave “Talk on Metaheuristics for Global Optimization.

  • Workshop on Social Media Attacks
    12th Sep to 13th Sep 2014

    A workshop on Social Media Attacks (Facebook, Twitter, Watts App etc.) Security Issues was conducted.

  • Workshop on Google Greetings
    29th Aug to 29th Aug 2014

    Department Of CSE/IT organized a workshop on "Google Greetings"

  • International Conference on Life Sciences, Informatics
    29th Aug to 30th Aug 2014

    International Conference on Life Sciences, Informatics, Food and Environment (IC LIFE 2014)

    A two day international conference “International conference for Life sciences, Informatics, Food and Environment (IC LIFE 2014)” was organized on 29-30 August 2014 at JIIT Noida, Sector 62 campus. The aim of the conference was to provide a common platform to the experienced and budding scientists to share their research and innovative ideas in various fields of life sciences. The conference was inaugurated by Dean (AR and HOD Biotechnology) Prof. Krishna Gopal, Dr. N. Saini Secratary IMA (Chief Guest), and General R. K. Suri Chief Executive- Biologicals Panacea Biotec Ltd. (Guest of honor), Dr Pradeep Srivastava (Scientist CDRI), and Prof. V. V. Menon (Prof Emeritus IT BHU).

    Inauguration session was followed by two inaugurating lectures by Dr Pradeep Srivastava on Scientoon and Prof VV Menon on Statistical tools for Life sciences.

    There were total 8 sessions in the conference under the theme of: Life Sciences, Informatics, Nano technology, Environmental science, Food and Agriculture, Medical science, Natural Products and Drug Discovery. Each session was initiated by 2-3 experienced scientists followed by 6 participants competing for the theme by oral presentations. Poster presentation sessions were also held on 30th August 2014 under all the themes. Scientific sessions on day one were followed by 2 hours mega Classical night programme.

    In each session first 3 best presentations were awarded under all the themes. Total 104 abstracts were accepted for the conference and published in International Journal “Indo Global Journal for Pharmaceutical Science”.

    Speakers from the Institutes and Universities of repute like University of Maryland Baltimore, USA, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, IT BHU, IARI Delhi, IISc Bangalore, AIIMS Delhi, South Campus New Delhi, SPTM, NMIMS Mumbai and CDAC Noida, JALMA Agra and Industries like: Dabur India Ltd, MERCK Singapore, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Jubilent Life Sciences, shared their knowledge during the conference.

    Participants from Amity University, ITS Ghaziabad, CDRI Lucknow, Delhi University, IMR Ghazaiabad, NSIT Delhi, IARI New Delhi, Mata Vaishnodevi University Kashmir, JUIT Waknaghat, JIIT Noida etc. had participated for the event. The conference was very well appreciated by the speakers and attendees and was a success in the area of International conference for Life Sciences.

  • IP Awareness Workshop
    23rd Aug to 23rd Aug 2014

    JIIT, Noida, organized a one day IPR Awareness workshop on 23rd August 2014 for developing knowledge database of faculty and research scholars.

    The seesion was conducted by highly distinguished speakers in the field of IPR. Mr. Chandrashekhar Tanikella, Director & Head, Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC), Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), DST, Govt of India, New Delhi talked about nurturing creativity and introduction to IPR. He discussed how creativity can be boosted through live examples and how IPR protects and rewards our creativity. Mr. Bijay Kumar Sahu, Deputy Manager, IPR, National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt of India, New Delhi talked about the relevance of IP for collaborative R&D in university system and Technology Commercialization. His session was highly interactive, He highlighted the gap between patent filed by Indian’s in India and by foreign countries in India as well as globally. He motivated the audience to file Patent and discussed how various govt. agencies fund the research work and assist in securing the patents. Mr. Abhishek Sen, Senior Patent Attorney & Head-Patent Operations at S. Majumdar & Co. (Delhi Branch) talked about the Indian Patent System. He addressed from the perspective of a legal attorney and cited pitfalls in the IPR and how the researchers can safeguard their research. He also elaborated the process and procedures for registering a patent in the Indian System.

  • Workshop On Low Voltage and Low Power VLSI Design
    22nd Aug to 23rd Aug 2014

    Workshop On Low Voltage and Low Power VLSI Design

    Department of ECE, Sector-128 campus has organized a two days workshop on "Low Voltage and Low Power VLSI Design". Following prominent members were the speakers:

    1. Professor A.B. Bhattacharya (Emeritus Prof., JIIT, Noida, Ex-Dean(IRD),and Head, CARE, IIT Delhi)
    2. Professor G.S. Visweswaran (Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi)
    3. Dr. Kaushik Saha (Director, Systems R&D, Samsung India)
    4. Dr. Shouribrata Chatterjee (Associate Prof., Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi)

    The aim of workshop was to deal with the some very prominent design related issues in the field of low voltage and low power VLSI design. The challenges posed by aggressive voltage scaling were discussed. Topics that covered during the two days' workshop includes: Sub-threshold and super threshold source/drain leakage current models for low-power scaled CMOS design, design of Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTAs) and Sub 1-Volt Operational Amplifier Design.

  • International Conference on Contemporary Computing
    7th Jun to 9th Aug 2014

    International Conference on Contemporary Computing

    7th International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) was organized at JIIT. A total of 737 papers were presented out of that 130 papers were accepted. Out of which 106 are presented at the conference. Technical support was provided by IEEE Computer Society. The conference was General CO-Chair by Prof. Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida, Prof. Hariom Gupta, Director, JIIT, Prof. Sanjay Goel, HOD, CSE and program was co-chaired by Prof. Manish Parashar, Rutgers, Dr, Umesh Bellur, IIT, Bombay.

  • CYBER SRISHTI: An IT Symposium
    26th Apr to 27th Apr 2014

    JIIT organized a two day long IT symposium, Cyber Srishti, on 26- 27 April 2014. Many activities and events were organized during the symposium- Open Source Developers Conference (OSDConf), Entrepreneur's Speak, Students Project Exhibition, Embedded Programming Competition, Execute - A Programming Competition, and Web Designing Competition. More than 20 talks on the themes of open source software and also IT entrepreneurship were delivered by young industry professionals and IT entrepreneurs. Another 5 talks were delivered by engineering students of different institutes. Around 110 projects were exhibited by the students of CSE/IT/ECE departments from both campuses of JIIT (Sector 62 and Sector 128) in Noida. As part of OSDConf, more than hundred students participated in collaborative programming activity, Hackathon, for more than 12 twelve hours under the mentorship of many members of JIIT alumni. Around 400 students participated in three different competitions.

  • National conference on Social Media and E-Marketing
    1st Mar 2014

    National conference on Social Media and E-Marketing

    Technological advances and the speed with which new technologies are being embraced by the corporate, along with the rising power of the consumers and their ability to get what they want, when they want it, from whomever they want, have opened up new challenges for marketing. With this in mind, the need for understanding the digital world and its application becomes one of the greatest competitive aspects for a business’s survival. The buzzword of globalization holds no meaning without the concept of what is being termed as ‘Digitization’.

    This provided the context for the National Conference on Social Media and EMarketing which was organised by the Jaypee Business School, at Noida, on March 1, 2014.

    The conference provided an excellent platform for participants where they could share their research, opinions and knowledge related to the latest developments in the fields of EMarketing and Social Media. The conference was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. S.C. Saxena, who focussed on the way technology had changed the dynamics of business organisations. The session commenced with a keynote speech on Growth in a Digital World : Using the Internet for Business Reorganisation, by Dr. Y. Medury, COO, JES and Chancellor, JIIT. His session focussed on the revenue models being developed and used by E-Businesses today. This was followed by a session on Self-Service Propagation Using Digital assets for Customers and Inside the Organisation by Mr. Arvind Mehrotra, President, Asia Pacific, India and Middle East, NIIT Technologies Ltd. Mr. Mehrotra’s session focussed on how Social Media had changed the way organisations were leveraging the consumer emotions.

    Mr. Mandeep Singh, Head, Consumer Marketing, Google, spoke about Marketing @ Google and shed light on the various marketing endeavours of Google using new media and advertising strategies. Dr. Neena Sondhi, Professor at IMI Delhi, focussed on Exploring Customer Engagement in a virtual World. Mr. Premjeet Sodhi, COO, Lintas spoke about a new approach to Media in the Advertising World. Dr. V. S. R. Krishnaiah, Senior Technical Director, National Informatics Centre shared a very enlightening session on E-Governance-Engaging the citizen in a digital world.

    The Conference was widely attended by members from the Corporate sector including MMTC, IMRB, Jaypee Hotels, Jaypee Greens, Jaypee Cement, JILIT and Jaypee Corporate Communications.

    Research participation came in from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, IMI, Delhi, IIFT, Delhi and Amity, Noida, amongst other Business Schools and members from the Corporate Sector.

    The Conference received several good quality research manuscripts. Out of 55 abstracts received by the Manuscript Review Committee, 35 were invited to submit full research papers. Out of these, 23 manuscripts completed the research review and revision process and were admitted for presentation and possible publication through the conference. The research manuscripts were presented in three parallel tracks-viz. Social Media (6 manuscripts), E-Marketing(8 manuscripts), Web Business Models (9 manuscripts). The track chairs specially appreciated the manuscripts of Ms. Parul Singh, IIT Delhi, who presented a paper titled Social Media Crowdsourcing: Supporting User Driven Innovation by Generating Ideas and Ms. Preetika Sindhwani, Jaypee Business School, who presented a paper titled A Study of online co-creation strategies of Starbucks, using Netnography. Ms. Sindhwani has been asked to share her work at IMI Delhi.

    Selected manuscripts have been chosen for publication in the International Journal of Online Marketing, IGI Global and Inderscience Publications.

    The Conference was sponsored by EMC Corporation and Oxford University Press, Pearson, Tata McGraw Hill and Emerald were the co-sponsors.

  • Jaypee Model United Nations(JMUN) 2014
    22nd Feb to 23rd Feb 2014
  • Two days Workshop on Structural Equation Modeling
    2nd Jan to 12th Jan 2014

    Two days Workshop on Structural Equation Modeling

    A two-day workshop on Structural Equation Modelling was organized by Humanities and Social Sciences department on 18th and 19th of January, 2014 in JIIT Noida Sector 62 Campus. The workshop was aimed to provide hands-on experience on Structural Equation Modelling, which is one of the most useful and popular techniques for testing the measurement theory and the structural relations among variables. The workshop instructor was Prof. Ajay Kumar Chauhan, Associate Professor, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. Beginning with theoretical background of SEM, Content analysis, Content validity, Confirmatory factor analysis, Convergent and Discriminant validity, Data imputation, Path analysis, Outlier testing, Mediating and Moderation effects on AMOS software were discussed. The topics were well explained with suitable examples and the participants were facilitated to practice on their laptops on the sample data provided by the instructor. The workshop was attended by total 43 participants, out of which 25 participants had come from industry and other reputed places such as BHU, Jamia Milia Islamia, Hans Raj College, Delhi University. Rest of the participants were the faculty members of Humanities and Social Sciences department of JIIT Noida. The workshop was really liked and appreciated by the participants.

Year 2013

  • 2013 International Conference on Signal Processing
    12th Dec to 14th Dec 2013
  • COMSOL Multiphysics for MEMS modeling
    15th Nov 2013

    Department of ECE at JIIT128 organized a workshop on COMSOL Multiphysics for MEMS modeling at JIIT-128 campus. The covered fundamental modeling steps in COMSOL Multiphysics, capabilities of COMSOL within MEMS area and solving a simulation exercise.

  • Innovative Approaches for Biomedical Research
    29th Oct to 30th Oct 2013

    Expert Interaction - "Innovative Approaches for Biomedical Research- Students of today are Research Leaders of Tomorrow"

    Prof. Madhav Bhatia, Group Leader, Inflammation Research Group, University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand and Prof. Surya Pratap Singh, Department of Biochemistry, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, delivered a lecture and interacted with students and faculty of Department of Biotechnology, Jaypee institute of Information Technology, Noida, October 29-30, 2013.  The event was moderated by Prof. Sanjeev K. Sharma, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.  

    Prof. Madhav Bhatia, one of the renowned experts in the field of Inflammation (citations to date: 5810; "h" index: 41, 146 Original research publications) talked about "Novel Mediators of Inflammation". He highlighted the role of different mediators involved in inflammation.  On the second day, in his lecture "Animals in Biomedical Research", he discussed in detail about ethics of animal experimentation, and stressed investigation is acceptable only if it promises to contribute to understanding of fundamental biological principals, or to the advancement/development of knowledge that can reasonably be expected to benefit humans or animals.  Animals should be used only if the researcher‘s best efforts to find an alternative have failed, and highlighted adherence to the Russell-Burch “3R” tenet of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement”. 

    Last few decades have seen a rapid surge in research on validation of pharmacological effects of different medicinal plants, as documented in Ayurveda. Determination of active phyto-constituent involved in alleviating the symptoms of diseases with minimal / no side effect is a significant outcome of such studies. Prof. Surya Pratap Singh in his talk “The role of Ayurvedic Drugs Mucuna pruriens and Withania somnifera in the neuroprotection and treatment of Parkinsonian mice” highlighted the role of two such medicinal plants (Mucuna pruriens and Withania somnifera) in alleviating the symptoms of parkinsonian mice model. Parkinson’s disease is considered one of the incurable neurological disorders whose progression can be controlled by synthetic drugs, associated with side effects. Extracts from Mucuna sp. & Withania sp. showed a significant effect in controlling the symptom of this disease.

    There were around 100 participants, including undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students and faculty.  Students enthusiastically interacted with the experts and many were especially interested in the ethics aspects involved in using animal models with strong viewpoints emerging on either side of the discussion. Overall, the interaction was a success with participants and many felt that more such events may be organized so that students get updated on the recent advances in biological research.

  • Workshop on Optical Quantum Information
    1st Sep to 2nd Sep 2013

    International Workshop on Optical Quantum Information held on 1 and 2 September 2013. This advanced workshop focused on optical quantum information with special attention to recent experiments.

  • Contemporary Computing (IC3 2013)
    8th Aug to 10th Aug 2013

    The 6th International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3 2013) was organized during 8-10 August, 2013 at JIIT Noida campus.

    Since 2008, IC3 (International Conference on Contemporary Computing) is jointly organised every year by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology(JIIT), Noida and University of Florida (UFL), Gainesville, USA. In this endeavour, the department of CSE & IT at JIIT very closely works with Prof. Sartaj Sahni, UFL and many other internationally acclaimed experts from various international universities.

    A very large number of invited speakers at IC3 are highly recognised in the field of computer science and are fellows of leading international professional societies like IEEE, ACM, AAAS, etc. During 2008-12, IC3 had speakers from MIT, UC Berkley, Harvard University, CMU, Georgia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Texas, Columbia University, University of Southern California, UC Santa Barba, UC Riverside, Rutgers, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, University of Florida, Georgia State University, University of Geneva, UCB Lyon France, IISc, IITs, IIITs, Yahoo Research, Google, Adobe Systems, IBM Research, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Air Force Research Laboratory (USA), Cisco Systems, Intel Labs, TCS Innovation Labs, SETLabs (now Infosys Labs), ST Microelectronics, Landis + Gyr, Strand Life Sciences, CDAC, and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, etc. During these 5 years, nearly 800 scientific papers were received, out of which 275 were accepted for presentation after a rigorous review by an international technical program committee of hundreds of experts. The proceedings of the conference were published by Springer Verlag, Germany.

    Following were invited speakers:

    1. Zvi Galil, Dean of College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology (Fellow of ACM and AAAS, member NAE)

    2. Dinesh Manocha, Distinguished Professor of CS at UNC at Chapel Hill  (Fellow of IEEE, ACM, and AAAS)

    3. Yves Robert, UCB Lyon France (Fellow of IEEE)

    4. Laxmi Narayan Bhuyan, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of CSE, University of California, Riverside (Fellow of IEEE, ACM, AAAS, and WIF)

    5. R. Govindarajan, Professor, IISc Banglore

    6. Srikanth Sundararajan, Professor, IIT Bhubaneshwar

    7. Rajat Moona, DG, C-DAC, Pune

    8. Sanjay Ranka, Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.

    In addition, out of 486 submitted scientific papers, 114 papers were accepted and finally 90 were presented at IC3-2013. Apart from JIIT faculty and students, speakers and delegates from more than 50 institutes participated in the conference.

  • Design for Testability
    23rd Jul to 27th Jul 2013

    A 5-day workshop was organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in collaboration with Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) on Design for Testability. This workshop was part of 2013 Indo-US Engineering Faculty Leadership Institute course.

  • Embedded Systems
    1st Jul to 5th Jul 2013

    A 5-day workshop was organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in collaboration with Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) on Embedded Systems. This workshop was part of 2013 Indo-US Engineering Faculty Leadership Institute course.

  • Quantum Mechanics and its Applications
    18th Apr to 19th Apr 2013

    Department of Physics and Materials Science & Engineering, JIIT, organized a two day workshop on Quantum Mechanics and its Applications on April 18-19, 2013. The workshop was partially financed by NASI and CSIR. In the lectures of the workshop, fundamental and conceptual ideas of undergraduate Quantum mechanics were discussed with a focus on state of art applications of the same. Renowned experts of respective fields had conducted the workshop. A total of 180 participants (including 40 number of faculty members and PhD students of PMSE Department) took part in the workshop. Participants were from different colleges and schools from U. P., Delhi, Haryana, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They were also from different disciplines (which includes Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Material Sciences etc.). Inauguration function of the workshop was presided by Prof. S. C. Saxena (Vice Chancellor) on April 18, 2013. Dr. Y. Medury, Prof. Krishna Gopal (Dean), Prof. D. K. Rai (HOD, PMSE), Prof. V. P. Sharma (Chief Guest), Prof. Ajoy Ghatak, Prof. K. C. Mathur and many other dignitaries were present on the occasion.The workshop was split in morning session and afternoon session for entire two days.

  • Virtual Labs
    21st Mar 2013

    A workshop on Virtual Labs by Professors of IIT Delhi was organized at Sector-128 campus.

  • Bioproducts and the OMICS Revolution
    16th Mar to 17th Mar 2013

    The Department of Biotechnology at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), NOIDA, in association with Scientity Inc., organised an International Conference “Bioproducts and the OMICS Revolution” , March 16-17, 2013,- as part of the Biotechnology Conference Series - an effort to strengthen and enhance research informed teaching. Continuing the theme of drug discovery and recognising rising threat from multi-drug resistant bacteria, presentations were devoted to strategies to discover/develop newer antimicrobial molecules/antibiotics, industry approach to drug development, application of Omics, and new generation sequencing technologies. Prof. Sanjeev K. Sharma, Department of Biotechnology, JIIT, moderated the discussions. Prof. Michael Goodfellow, Newcastle University, U.K., in his Keynote lecture- “Anti-Infective agents from Desert Actinomycetes: Back to the future”, expanded on the theme of antibiotic discovery-bioprospecting for novel antibiotics from actinomycetes, the richest source of discovered antibiotics. Prof. Goodfellow explained the importance of focussing attention on extreme habitats as sources of new actinomycetes and novel antibiotics. He stressed the point that there have been many reports of novel chemistry from such studies and provide encouragement that such an approach is likely to be successful in development of new drugs. This echoed Prof. Sharma’s views in the introductory note that microbes are our best bet (bacteria, simply put are champions of evolution and prolific inventors) in the continuously worsening scenario of antibiotic “research and development” pipeline. We only need to harness their genetic plasticity/potential and jokingly suggested granting “patents” to microbes. India (one of the 17 mega diversity countries in the world) and Indian scientists can play a proactive role in ensuring accelerated drug discovery.

    Prof. Rup Lal (Department of Zoology Delhi University) in his trademark speak-easy fashion demonstrated how biosynthetic plasticity can be elegantly exploited for production of Rifamycin analogues by genetic mutation of polyketide biosynthetic gene cluster. Prof. A.K. Srivastava, IIT-Delhi and Dr. Amit Saxena from Reliance Life sciences, Mumbai, succinctly covered the journey of bioproducts/biologicals from laboratory to the market; scale-up considerations in Cell culture Bioprocesses, regulatory regimes and phases of drug development. Dr. Gulshan Wadhwa, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, summarised various facets of Omics characterised by high throughput or large-scale experimental methodologies, generating a vast amount of biological information. Dr. Sanjay Shahi - Xcelris Genomics, Ahmedabad described the fast moving area of next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms and discussed how advances in NGS technology are improving our understanding of how the genome impact on the diagnosis and mining the microbial resources. Dr. Jyoti Bajpai Dikshit (Strand Life Sciences, Bangalore) addressed the data analysis challenges and optimization of NGS pipelines, data sharing and archiving and demonstrated “AVADIS NGS”- a next generation sequencing analysis software”. Opportunity was provided to students to showcase their talent through poster presentation and interaction with subject area experts, students taking their place as contributors to the university academic environment and level of engagement ensuring high satisfaction levels and the sense of achievement. In his concluding remarks Prof. Sharma hoped that exposure to the way scientists work would motivate students to pursue careers in research. There was participation of around 200 faculty and student delegates from various academic institutions. Overall, a picture emerged that it is imperative to re-focus attention on bacteria/microbes as counter strategies for emerging drug-resistant bacteria utilizing the advanced “Omics” technological platforms of 21st century that complement traditional approaches. Back to the future.

  • Ardunio based Autonomous Robotics
    7th Mar 2013

    Workshop on Ardunio based Autonomous Robotics organized by Robotics Hub.

  • Workshop on Semiconductor Device Modeling
    4th Oct 2013

    Workshop on Semiconductor Device Modeling using TCAD Tools

    Department of ECE at JIIT128 organized a workshop on Semiconductor Device Modeling using TCAD Tools at JIIT-128 campus on October 04, 2013. The workshop included hands-on training sessions on Visual TCAD.

Year 2011

  • Entrepreneurial Development
    12th Nov 2011

    Team HR-OB of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized a seminar on Entrepreneurial Development on 12th November, 2011

  • Solid State Ionics
    15th Dec to 17th Dec 2011

    Ninth National Conference on Solid State Ionics organized by Department of Physics and Materials Science and Engineering, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (UP) in association with Indian Solid State Ionics Society

  • Customer Relationship Management and Marketing
    19th Nov 2011

    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized a seminar on Customer Relationship Management and Marketing in a digital ecosystem on 19th November, 2011.

  • Innovation Model Of Industrial Development
    24th Aug 2011

    Department of Physics and Materials Science & Engineering organized a interdisciplinary seminar on Innovation Model Of Industrial Development by His Excellency (Prof.) Sead Avdic Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Contemporary Computing
    8th Aug to 10th Aug 2011

    JIIT and University of Florida jointly organized 4th International Conference on Contemporary Computing 2011.

  • Wavelets & Its Applications in Signal Processing
    20th Apr 2011

    Workshop on Wavelets & Its Applications in Signal Processing held on April 20, 2011. Eminent experts in the field delivered lectures on Mathematical Aspects of Wavelets and its Applications in Image, Speech and Video Processing.

  • Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing (ICQOQC-11)
    24th Mar to 26th Mar 2011

    JIIT organized an International Conference on Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing(ICQOQC-11)

  • Dynamic Resource Management in Mobile P2P Networks
    8th Mar 2011

    Dr. Sanjay Kumar Madria, Deptt. of CSE, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA conducted a workshop on "Dynamic Resource Management in Mobile P2P Networks".

  • Bioproducts from Natural Sources
    3rd Feb 2011

    The Department of Biotechnology, JIIT, NOIDA in association with Scientity Inc, UK organized an International Conference on "Bioproducts from Natural Sources" as part of the Biotechnology Conference Series. The conference provided a platform for exchange of ideas and potential collaborations among the participants. Eminent scientists from academia and industry delivered lectures on the mentioned theme. Guest of honor, Prof. Michael Goodfellow, Newcastle University, UK (Chair of Bergey’s Manual Chair of Governors’, Gosforth Academy, Newcastle) delivered the Keynote lecture. Prof. Goodfellow is a global authority in the field of actinobacteria and his significant research contributions to the field of novel antibiotic discovery have impacted healthcare all over the world. Prof. Subhash Chand (Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology, IIT, Delhi), Dr. Javed Ali (Department of Pharmaceutics, Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi) and Dr. V.K Tripathi (CEO - Oscar Ozone Group) were the other speakers. The conference was attended by approximately 220 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students apart from faculty members from various institutes across India and moderated by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Prof. & Head, Department of Biotechnology, JIIT, NOIDA.

  • Technical Session
    18th Jan 2011

    Dr John Williams, Director, Auto-ID Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA conducted a technical session for JIIT students.

Year 2012

  • Emerging Trends and Technologies (ETTLIS)
    26th Oct to 27th Oct 2012

    3rd International Symposium on Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services (ETTLIS) 2012 held at JUET Guna during October 26-27, 2012 with a galaxy of key speakers from UK, Scotland, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Oman, Swaziland and distinguished participants from India and Abroad. The symposium revolved around various themes like Emerging Technologies in Libraries and Information Services, Global Best Practice in Libraries and Information Services, Perception Change in Librarianship and Socio Legal perspective in Library and Information Services. The Symposium provided a platform to researchers, academicians, business community and research scholars to share their experiences, innovative ideas and research findings on the emerging trends and technologies in the domain of knowledge resource centres and information services.

  • Virtual Workshop on Scientific Writing & Publishing
    28th Sep 2012

    Department of Biotechnology conducted a half-day "Virtual Workshop on Scientific Writing & Publishing" on September 28, 2012 under the aegis of American Society of Microbiology (Indian Chapter). Prof. Larry McDaniel (Professor of Microbiology, Surgery, and Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center) provided inputs on the development of skills needed to write and submit scientific manuscripts and processes required to successfully publish a scientific article. Prof. Rup Lal (ASM Ambassador for India), Department of Zoology, Delhi University, Dr. Sunil Lal (Member ASM International Outreach Board), International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Delhi, and Prof. Sanjeev K. Sharma (Head, Department of Biotechnology, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida) moderated the sessions. There were 120 participants (under-graduate, post-graduate, PhD students and faculty). Prizes (totaling 8 in number) were given to participants for best interjection and proposing best title.

  • Flow Cytometry and Cytometric Applications
    6th Aug 2012

    Department of Biotechnology, in association with BD Biosciences, organized a workshop on ‘Flow Cytometry and Cytometric Applications’ on August 6, 2012. Dr. Amitav Mohanthy, Application Scientist, BD Biosciences, provided inputs pertaining to Basics of Flow Cytometry Technology and Applications of Flow Cytometry in Research and Clinical Diagnosis.

  • Contemporary Computing (IC3 2012)
    6th Aug to 8th Aug 2012

    Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, India and University of Florida, Gainesville, USA jointly organized the 5th International Conference on Contemporary Computing( IC3 2012) from 6-8 August, 2012 at JIIT Noida campus. It focuses on topics that are of contemporary interest to computer and computational scientists and engineers. The conference consists of 3 main tracks namely- Algorithms, Systems (Hardware and Software) and Applications. IC3 2012 had a fourth special track on Biomedical Informatics.

    Inaugural talk was delivered by Prof.Gautam Barua,Director IIT Guwahati. There were 8 keynotes, 2 tutorials and 3 invited talks by speakers from renowned academic institutions industry and research labs like Harvard University, University of Texas, Northwestern University, University of Manitoba and IIT Delhi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Cisco Systems, Strand Life Sciences, Intel Labs, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.

    IC3 2012 received total 149 submissions. These papers were reviewed by 80 international TPC members. Out of total submissions, 42 were accepted. Paper presentation was conducted in 8 technical sessions including one Poster paper session. Conference proceedings have been published by Springer in Communications in Computer and Information Science and indexed in DBLP, ISI Proceedings and Scopus.

  • Arduino based Autonomous Mobile Robotics
    16th Mar 2012

    A Workshop on Arduino based Autonomous Mobile Robotics was organized by the Robotics Hub of JIIT for all 1st year students. Lectures on the same topic were delivered on 19 & 20 March, 2012 followed by an event on 23 March, 2012.

  • Q1 2012 workshop
    16th Mar to 18th Mar 2012

    The MOS-AK/GSA Modeling Working Group, a global compact modeling standardization forum, held its Q1 2012 workshop on March 16-18, 2012 at the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. The Workshop was co-organized by Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), supported by Ministry of Communication and IT (DIT), Government of India, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR); Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida; with sponsorship provided by the microelectronic and semiconductor industry leaders: AMS, IBM, TI, STM, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Masamb.

    More than seventy five international academic researchers and modeling engineers attended five sessions to hear twenty technical compact modeling keynote addresses and eight complementary poster presentations. The three day event focused on a broad range of compact modeling presentations with the following topics: the advances in the compact/SPICE modeling developments such as BSIM4, HiSIM family and next generation compact model BSIM6 that overcomes symmetry limitation, Verilog-A standardization of compact model in view of the industrial and academic perspective; performance modeling of nano-scale CMOS transistors accounting for, among others, tunnel-FET and quantum mechanical effects as well as new materials and architectures i.e graphene based transistors; automatic parameter extraction procedure for surface potential and charge based models and their high voltage (HV) extensions as well as analog radio frequency (RF) CMOS/ SOI IC designs and applications; interconnect modeling and related parasitic extraction, SPICE modeling of passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, technology computer-aided design TCAD/CAD simulations for advanced compact modeling; open source CAD/EDA tools developments; compact model application to reliability circuit simulation, statistical variability and time depended degradation. The Modeling event ended with high-quality technical poster presentations covering model development, implementation, foundry interface, device-level circuit simulation and block level look-up table based FinFET simulation. The MOS-AK/India Tutorial "CMOS Technology and SPICE Models" was organized as an integral part the modeling workshop.

  • Android application
    13th Mar 2012

    A Workshop on Android application was organized by Mr. S Mondal, Accenture Banglore for pre final year students.

  • IP Awareness and Innovation
    21st Feb 2012

    The Department of Biotechnology, JIIT, in association with Global Institute of Intellectual Property, New Delhi organized a half day workshop on "IP Awareness and Innovation". Prof. R. Saha (currently advisor to Global Institute of Intellectual Property, New Delhi) who earlier served at DST as an Adviser (Scientist ‘G’) and headed, Science and Society division of DST, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) authority and the Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC) set up by DST at TIFAC, spoke about Intellectual Property and its significance, types of IP rights (Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Industrial Design, Geographical Indications, Patents and Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design). An interactive discussion followed with approximately 250 students from across different streams (CSE, ECE, IT and Biotechnology). Dr. Deepa Kachroo Tiku (currently Director Programs at GIIP), who has previously worked with the prestigious Law firm, Remfry & Sagar as a Senior Consultant, has been involved in many high profile patent matters. She spoke about Patents, their meaning, scope of protection and rights, Legislations involved, International Agreements w.r.t. Patent law in India, Overview of salient features of the present law, Definition of an invention (patentable and non-patentable matter), the patent process, its enforcement and relevant case studies. Mr Sameer Guglani discussed about Career Opportunities in IP.

Year 2010

  • Microwave Tubes
    27th Nov 2010

    Workshop on "Microwave Tubes." Eminent experts from research labs and academia delivered lectures in different areas of Microwave Tubes theory and technology.

  • OSSCamp
    27th Nov to 28th Nov 2010

    Department of Computer Science Engineering, hosted the OSSCamp organized by our Linux User Group. The event comprised of sessions on Open Source platforms like Linux, Drupal, Android, open GL, Open Hardware etc.

  • Challenges and Evolving approaches for Teaching AI
    13th Nov 2010

    Workshop on "Challenges and Evolving approaches for Teaching AI and related courses." Main speaker at the workshop was Prof. Rao Vemuri, University of California, Davis.

  • Research Methodology for Computer Science
    12th Nov 2010

    Prof. Rao Vemuri, University of California, Davis conducted a workshop on "Research Methodology for Computer Science."

  • Contemporary Intelligent systems
    11th Nov 2010

    JIIT oganised a Mini Conference on Contemporary Intelligent systems (CCIS2010)

  • Short course on Genetic Algorithms
    8th Nov to 9th Nov 2010

    Short course on Genetic Algorithms delivered by Prof. Rao Vemuri, University of California, Davis.

  • Entrepreneurial Development
    30th Oct 2010

    JIIT organized one day seminar on Entrepreneurial Development. Participants included Prof. Arya Kumar, Chief, ED & IPR Unit, BITS Pilani, Mr. Vishnu R. Dusad, CEO & MD, Nucleus Software, Ms. Ritnika, CEO, MGMH (Music Gets Me High) mgmh.net. Kapil Gupta, CEO, OMLOGIC, Capt. Navin Gulia , Limca Book of Recod Holder, Founder: ADAA NGO and Mr. Dharambir Kamboj, (Rickshaw Puller who later turned out to be an innovator).

  • Advanced Computing and Software Tools
    30th Oct 2010

    JIIT conducted a Workshop on Advanced Computing and Software Tools.

  • Conducting Design Science Research
    19th Oct 2010

    Dr. Vijay K. Vaishnavi, Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Professor conducted a FDP Workshop on Conducting Design Science Research in Information Technology

  • Quality (ISQ) & Quality Council of India (QCI)
    19th Oct to 22nd Oct 2010

    ANQ Congress Delhi 2010-Quality for Inclusive Growth of Asia was jointly organized by JIIT, Noida, Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) & Quality Council of India (QCI)

  • Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks
    2nd Sep to 3rd Sep 2010

    Prof. Sajal K. Das, Department of CSE, University of Texas at Arlington & Director of Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking, conducted a workshop on "Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks"

  • Contemporary Computing (IC3)
    9th Aug to 11th Aug 2010

    JIIT organized International Conference of Contemporary Computing (IC3) in collaboration with University of Florida from August 9-11, 2010. 350 submissions were received out of which 79 were selected for presentation. The conference proceedings shall be published by Springer. The Keynote speakers included:

    • Prof. Arvind, MIT 
    • Prof. Vijay Vaishnavi,  Georgia State University
    • Dr. Amit Singhal,  Google 
    • Prof. SN Maheshwari, IIT D
    • Dr. Gautam Schroff,  TCS Research
    • Dr. Manish Gupta, Director, IBM Research, India
    • Prof. Sanjay Ranka,  UFL
  • Plant Bioproducts & Industrial Scale-up
    5th Jul to 9th Jul 2010

    Workshop on " Plant Bioproducts & Industrial Scale-up" was held from July 5-9, 2010. Hands on training was provided to the participants on plant bioactive component followed by a visit to an Industrial unit.