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Alumni success stories

Knowing Alumni success journey is always a proud pleasure for their University. Successful Alumni acts as a role model for its Institute’s current students and an inspiration for all. We would accordingly, like to present some success stories of our Alumnus who shared their journey with us and we do hope that many more such success stories will keep coming.

Some of the Distinguished Alumni of JIIT NOIDA are:

Raveena Tyagi, IPS

U.P. Cadre, 2008 batch passout, B. Tech (Biotech). Presently posted as DCP, Kanpur, U.P.

Nipun Aggarwal, IPS

U.P Cadre, 2009 batch passout, B. Tech (CSE), Presently posted as SP City, Ghaziabad, U.P.

Atri Sharma

2014 Passout BTech (IT), Within less than one year of his graduation from JIIT, he is now the Assistant Vice President (Data Systems and and Integration) at a leading MNC bank, Barclay, Bangalore. So far this is the fastest growth by any JIIT alumnus. We wish you all the very best for future.

Vidur S. Bhatnagar

our Dual-Degree ( B.Tech, MBA), Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, 2008-13, alumni, was selected as Employee of the Year, 2013, SAP Labs India (SLI) Pvt. Ltd., He has filed 2 patents in USPTO for research done to optimize SAP HANA ( an in-memory platform).

Dr. Amit Kr. Pandey

2005 - Ph. D., NCSR, France (Thesis recognised as one of the top 3 in the EU). Working at Aldebaran Robotics, France.

Dr. Rishabh Jain

2005 . Ph. D in Computational Neuroscience, University of Southern California. Working at Laboratory for Neural Computation, USC, Los Angeles, USA

Prakash Gupta

2005. MS (USC), Working at Google, USA

Abhishek Gupta

2005. MS(Cornell University), Working at Google, USA

Chetan Chaturvedi

2006. Vice President Sales, 6D Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Siddharth Batra

2007. MS(Stanford University), Working at Twitter, USA

Priyank Singh

2007. MS(Columbia University), Working at Microsoft, USA

Abhishek Tyagi

2007. Managing Director, “Edge Consultancies” (a biotechnology entrepreneurial initiative), Ghaziabad

Karan Kumar

2009. Senior Business Specialist, Cigna Health Care

Nishant Mittal

2009. Director, Sybly Industries Ltd.

Anurag Gupta

2011. Director, Nova Biological Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Siddhant Gupta

2013. Director, ABC Technology Ltd.

Kriti Sanon

2011. Bollywood Actress (Filmfare Award winner for best female debut for the movie Heropanthi)

More than 100 alumni are entrepreneur, Representative List of few entrepreneurs are:

Umesh Sachdeva

2007. CEO and co-founder, Uniphore Software Systems, Chennai. Identified as innovative entrepreneur by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) in 2009

Ravi Saraogi

2007. COO and co-founder, Uniphore Software Systems, Chennai

Govind Kedia

2007. Founder & Managing Director, “Arctic Innovation Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” (IPR entrepreneurial venture), Noida

Nikhil Wason

2007. MS(Columbia University), Co-founder Cardback, New Delhi

Deepak Prajapat

2011. Co-founder & Team Leader, “Mind Bird Solutions” (a web application development venture), Bangalore

Atul Kumar

2012. Co-founder, “GRALIT India Biotech Pvt. Ltd” (a biotechnology entrepreneurial initiative), Ghaziabad

Gaurav Kumar

2012. Co-founder, “GRALIT India Biotech Pvt. Ltd” (a biotechnology entrepreneurial initiative), Ghaziabad

Vipul Khare

2013. Founder Radical Logix, Noida

Mayank Agarwal

2014. Founder, ANDROBO

Lokesh Bhandari

2014. Adage Automation Private Limited

Arushi Agarwal

2018. Founder, Talent Decrypt, Delhi/NCR.

Amit Bansal,

2018. Co-Founder, Talent Decrypt, Delhi/NCR.

Abhinav Shrivastava (Alumni JIIT):

Abhinav passed out in 2010 and is a Gold Medalist. Then he joined as Research Associate at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Also worked as Research Intern at Google Research and now he is doing his Ph.D on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Bhuvan Sachdeva (Alumni JIIT):

Bhuvan passed out in 2010 with Gold Medal. Then he joined Pariksha Labs Private Limited as a software Engineer, thereafter, he founded a company named Pattern Web for developing web related ERPs. Later, he co-founded one more company named Restolabs. This new company Deals in web and mobile device based ERPs.

Usama gufran (Alumni JIIT):

He passed out in 2011. Then he was selected by one of the pioneer in Animation design industry that is “Dream works” and then he flared in animation industry. Currently he is working as Effects Artist in “Dream works” and developing physical visual effects systems for the studio that artists could use in shot work on different DreamWorks Animation movies.

Angad Singh (Alumni JIIT):

He passed out in 2009. Then he joined “Sun Microsystems” and then he changed to many companies and currently working in “Oxylabs Networks” as Big Data Analysts and has many projects working on Big Scale Computing Platforms.

Aniket Bera (Alumni JIIT):

He passed out in 2010. Currently he is pursuing Doctorate in CS with specialization in computer Graphics at GAMMAGroupUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also worked and won many appreciation from Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia.

Nishant Chandra (Alumni JIIT):

He passed out in 2009 and after that he worked for various companies in Chip fabrication process. Currently pursuing PhD in solid-state electronics at ArizonaStateUniversity. He Developed a process for fabricating vertically oriented silicon nanowire Schottky diodes. Currently developing bottom-up fabrication process for vertical germanium nanowire Schottky barrier diodes.

Vishant Tyagi (Alumni JIIT):

He passed out in 2006. Then he worked on chip designing area. Currently he is Senior Design Engineer at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and responsible for High speed memory interfaces / SerDes Design. He also Designed I/O pads supporting multiple Low Voltage Logic Thresholds (LVTTL, LVCMOS) & ESD clamps for Jazz 0.18µm BiCMOS process with hot-plugging capability.

Meenakshi Malhotra (Alumni JIIT):

Meenakshi passed out in 2006. Then she pursued her Ph.D in polymeric nanoparticles for SIRNA delivery from McGill University. Currently she is doing Postdoctoral Researcher at University College Cork, Ireland (UCC).

Umesh Sachdeva (Alumni JIIT):

Umesh passed out in 2007. Umesh Sachdeva and another student from JIIT co-founded a company, Uniphore, which has now being recognized by NASSCOM as an emerging star one of the ten hottest technology companies in India. They are running their company from the incubation center of IIT Madras.