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Jaiprakash Centre for Entrepreneurship Development will help in pilot experimentation, implementation, and testing of novel ideas for possible IT/IT enabled products/services.   It will also provide a platform for interacting with successful entrepreneurs.


  • To motivate, guide, and support JIIT students to enhance specific technical competence relevant to IT entrepreneurship.
  • To create and provide a network of experts to help students to elaborate, validate, and refine innovative ideas for implementation.
  • To develop and conduct short term training programs on Entrepreneurship for the students.
  • To engage in research to develop knowledge about IT entrepreneurship.


Following can take advantage of the centre by becoming its members:

  • Any student who is committed to try out a novel technological idea for further development of the product/concept/services.
  • R&D unit of an enterprise, who are desirous of R&D partnership with the institute.


Following facilities are proposed to be provided by the centre:

  • Industrial interaction: the Centre will provide access to a wide network of experts and consultants from within and outside JES and Jaypee Group.
  • Infrastructure: The Centre will provide computational facilities in terms of PCs, Software and peripheral devices.
  • Product/Service Design and Development: The Centre will help in conceptualising, designing, developing, and testing of the products and services with the help of JIIT faculty, outside experts/consultants.

Governing Council:

  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Two nominees of the sponsoring trust of JIIT
  • Two nominees of the Vice-Chancellor, notbelow the ranks of Professor

Management of Centre:

  • Centre shall function under the guidance of an APex Committee consisiting of Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Director, Dean and a nominee of the sponsoring trust of JIIT. The report on the functioning of this centre shall be presented in each meeting of the Board of Management of JIIT for guidance and policy decision.
  • Day to day functioning of the centre shall be under the supervision and guidance of three faculty members as Advisors.

Faculty advisor

Mr Prashant Kaushik – prashant.kaushik@jiit.ac.in

Dr Dharamveer Singh Rajpoot  - Dharamveer.rajpoot@jiit.ac.in

Student coordinators

Kush Aggarwal +91-9560743210,   kushagarwal2626@gmail.com

Samarth Bhalwar +91-9310154213, samarthbhalwar@gmail.com