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Student Life

The Performing Arts society is indeed one of the most interesting societies of our college. You will find a variety of interesting talents in the Performing Arts society. There are dancers, musicians, painters like Picasso and a whole lot more. Guess the name performing arts sums it all up for you.

Jhankar, the Dance club organizes all the intra college and inter college dace activities. It is one of the most loved and sought after clubs in the college with all the fun, masti and dhamaal. The students of this society participate in inter college events like band events, street dance, ball room dance, singing and a whole lot more and they do really well at it too. Their street dance performances always has the crowd demanding for more as there will always be a street dance in every event of college as it is a great filler for the audience. Jhankar also has a reputation for being one of the toughest societies to get into as every student’s talent is taken seriously and no doubt only the best is chosen but everyone is given a fair chance. It is no doubt one of the most happening societies to be in and it is a lot of fun too.

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Smriti Gaur
Email: smriti.gaur@jiit.ac.in

Dramatics Society was founded at the time when women’s liberation was a cause of concern, the society performed its very first play on Dowry Issues. From then on there has been no looking back. This society brings to you a platform to indulge into theatrical activities, both Stage and Street. The team uses the art of expression with unmatched enthusiasm to help address the maladies of the society and to form an impetus for the change we wish to see in the world. We bring you awareness in the form of a power-packed combo of eye-opening plays and exuberant performers. While Stage gets to your sentimentality with its beautiful subtlety, Street (or Nukkad) literally gives you a chance to shout your concerns out loud.

Faculty Incharge: Dr Santoshi Sengupta
Email: santoshi.sengupta@jiit.ac.in

OFF the FRET – has been known for inculcating some best musicians in the college. The two most important pre-requisites for any fret member are unparalleled passion for music and a strong commitment towards the team. The existing warmth and care that the members have for each other has helped the team to reach the acme of success.

Swar Sangam, the Indian music society of the college is actively involved in learning Indian classical music and in encouraging maximum exposure for each of its members through active participation in competitions and events. We conduct auditions to encourage freshers to join the team and so gave them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Every year, we look forward to learning a new composition in Hindustani classical music and hold regular practice sessions so that we perform well in various competitions and events that we go to. Last year, we won a lot of appreciation for the performances that we gave in various college events and competitions. This year too, we look forward to a victorious and a successful year ahead.

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Krishna Sundari
Email: Krishna.sundari@jiit.ac.in

RADIANCE HUB: As the name suggests, this hub is all about glitz and glamour. We organize the most popular events in college like Theme Night, Mr. & Miss Impressions & Mr. & Ms. Ebullience. From organizers, to participants to audience, every person enjoys the ambience of this hub thoroughly. We welcome people from every domain, who are confident, passionate and have a spark in them to do something.

Faculty Incharge : Dr. Chetna Dabas
Email: chetna.dabas@jiit.ac.in