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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
Head, Dept. of Biotechnology


Dr. Pammi Gauba, joined the Department of Biotechnology at JIIT in 2010. She has experience of 23 years in teaching and research since 1988 at different institutes in India and abroad.

Prior to joining JIIT She worked as an Adjunct Professor in Marymount College, Arlington, USA and NOVA College, Alexandria, USA. Apart from teaching in various colleges she also worked in NCERT as research associate and lecturer. Dr. Pammi did her Masters (Organic Chemistry) and PhD from Rohilkhand University, where her researches focus was to investigate the “Incidence of Lactose Intolerance in cases of Infantile Diarrhoea”. Her current research effort focuses on the Inorganic and organic pollutants and their remediation.


Heavy metal toxicity in raw herbs

Raw herbs and herbal formulations are used extensively all over the world especially in India as potent remedies to cure health aberrations and are also commercialized throughout for various medical purposes. phyto-pharmaceuticals are massively produced by pharmaceutical industry and in recent decades, the use of phyto-pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines has increased worldwide, for several reasons, among them, that their side effects are often lower than those presented when synthetic drugs are employed, as well as due to the higher costs of many conventional pharmaceutical formulations. Increasing urbanization and extensive human intervention has led to a worldwide huge increment in pollution and accumulation of toxic chemicals in air, soil, water etc. and because of this reason, agricultural soils contaminated with heavy metals have always been considered a critical challenge to scientists. Heavy metals are an essential regulatory test specified in the monographs of various synthetic and natural drugs. Exhaustive data collection and testing of heavy metal contents in raw herbs and a composition of metals in four geographical zones and their safety determination needs to be done. Natural compounds/drugs in india have been sold over the counter and prescribed by lot of local practitioners. However there is lack of data. Our research group focuses on the optimization of various bio remediation and phytoremediation measures to render soil free from heavy metal contamination. We will be focusing on using different strains of yeast, bacteria and fungi  as chief sources for bioremediation and potential grass and some weed species for phytoremediation.


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  • Life Member, Indian Science Congress Association
  • Life member, Society of Biological Chemist of India.
  • The Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)
  • Bioinformatics organisation


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  • Bilateral Scientific & technology Cooperation between Republic of Egypt and Republic of India) Indian Contribution: INR 8,35,000/-.DST.
  • Developing Functional bacterial cellulose composites as immobilization matrix.UP-CST/6.8 Lakhs.Co.PI: Dr.PammiGauba.
  • “Evaluation of the heavy metals content in the market samples of plant raw drugs used in Ayurveda”PI: Dr. Pammi Gauba. Amount: 410692/-Nov 2017-Nov 2020
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