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Department Of Humanities and Social Science

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) occupies a distinctive and pivotal role within an academic environment predominantly oriented towards science and technology. It functions on the fundamental belief that engineering and scientific endeavors are not merely technical pursuits but are deeply intertwined with human experiences, societal contexts, and ethical considerations. Therefore, a comprehensive education in science and technology must include an integration of humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences, fostering a holistic understanding of the world and equipping students with essential skills beyond technical expertise.

Established in 2001, the HSS department at JIIT was founded with a vision to excel in IT education and training, aspiring to produce professionals who are not only adept in technical competencies but also possess a broad spectrum of leadership qualities, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and managerial acumen. Serving as a catalyst for transformative change, the department complements existing academic programs by imparting both professional and behavioral competencies, thereby nurturing students to become visionary leaders in their respective domains.

The department encompasses a rich tapestry of intellectual domains, spanning communication skills, psychology, sociology, economics, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, culture, and knowledge management. Its undergraduate courses are meticulously designed to sensitize students to a myriad of societal issues, instilling in them an acute awareness of broader social, cultural, economic, ethical, and humane considerations crucial for catalyzing positive social change. At the M.Tech level, the department places a strong emphasis on honing students' communication prowess, enabling them to navigate the professional landscape with confidence and effectiveness within their organizational settings.

The department offers M.Sc in Economics and Ph.D. programs in almost every domain under Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The M.Sc. program aimsto provide the students the necessary theoretical, analytical and quantitative skills for demanding careers in top positions in the field of economics. The programme is interdisciplinary in nature. It gives students strong foundations in contemporary economic theories, methods of econometric analysis, mathematics and computer programming that will help them analyze and forecast various processes associated with economics. The progrmme provides an edge for students who aim to make a career in the Analytics and Credit Scoring sector most notably in Banking, Insurance, scientific research and auditing & consulting firms.

The Ph.D. programs encompass a diverse array of disciplines including Economics, English, Psychology, Sociology, and interdisciplinary studies. With a strong emphasis on fostering advanced research and scholarly pursuits, these programs provide a fertile ground for academic exploration and intellectual growth. Through rigorous coursework, comprehensive examinations, and original research projects, students are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. The interdisciplinary nature of these programs encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation, nurturing a dynamic academic environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and academic excellence.


To facilitate its teaching and research endeavours, the department boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped libraries, language labs, and psychology laboratories. Its faculty comprises distinguished scholars and educators who are committed to upholding excellence in their respective fields. They continually engage in scholarly activities, staying abreast of cutting-edge developments, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding within their disciplines, thereby enriching the academic landscape of JIIT.

Research Groups

The departmental research group is broadly segregated into three areas, as below:

Technology and Innovation: Managerial and Social Science Perspective: The group focuses on active research in the thrust areas of marketing, services marketing, consumer behaviour, customer relationship management, organizational behaviour, positive psychology, and human resource management. Faculty members are focusing on different areas of management sciences to offer solutions for various aspects of the emerging domain.

Language and Literature -The group focuses on active research in the thrust areas of language studies & literature: identity, memory and consciousness, cognition & emotions, voices and discourse in translation, as well as literature, society, technology, media communication studies, language learning and teaching. It puts emphasis on linguistics, language & communication in society.

Economics and Finance- The group conducts quality research in the fields of finance and economics, covering a wide range of areas from microeconomics, macroeconomics, public finance, and development economics to corporate finance, accounting, investment, money markets, and capital markets.


The strength of any department is measured by the research output of the faculty/students, and by what journals they publish in, and are cited in, or by journal citation reports, which measure the value and impact of high-quality refereed journals. Here is the publication summary of the last 5 years.

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