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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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Language Lab

Language Laboratory, established in January 2017 at Sector 62 campus caters to teach different linguistic requirements pertaining to communication skills for diverse professional pursuits and examinations. The students learn the nuances of pronunciation, get trained in comprehension of British accent, American accent and Indian accent of English and learn to speak correct English with proper intonation, stress and rhythm. Language Lab offers practical learning of LSRW skills through 5 of its software:

  • Sanako Study 1200
  • Sanako Pronounce
  • Sky Pronounce
  • Sky Read Up Speed Up
  • Sky IELTS
  • It has provision of 30 PCs with training possible in languages of English (UK, US, Indian Accent), German, French and Chinese for the students.

Psychology lab

The psychology laboratory provides with high interactive resources for psychometric tests of psychological science. Psychology students are invited to use the laboratory for future learning about psychological phenomena and scientific process including research methods, practical applications and ethics. Psychology lab is the perfect place to learn applied knowledge about the topics such as attention, memory, personality, learning, language, problem solving, intelligence, emotions etc. It also enhances students’ farsightedness and observational skills for judging a personality. Students learn to examine the interrelationship between subject and human behaviour. Psychology recognizes the need to study the problem oriented areas in human science with accurate guidance and testing.