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  • Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor (Grade -II)


B.Sc. (University of Delhi), M.Sc. (University of Delhi), Ph.D. (Banaras Hindu University)


Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar completed his Post Graduate degree (M.Sc. in Physics) from University of Delhi, afterwards he joined Banaras Hindu University (Prof O.N. Srivastava) in 2011 for Doctoral Degree. He has been visiting scientist in the lab of Prof. J. Karl Johnson, University of Pittsburgh, USA from October 2014 to January 2015. After completing PhD in 2018, Dr Bhatnagar worked as Post-Doctoral Fellow at Banaras Hindu University under DST Nano Mission Thematic Project on Energy Storage. Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar joined the Department of Physics and Materials Science and Engineering at JIIT Noida in 2019 as Assistant Professor.

Working Area(s)

Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar is working on experimental and theoretical (DFT-VASP) aspects of materials for energy storage system (including Hydrogen Storage, Battery, Supercapacitor) and CO2 capture materials. 



Project Title: Development of Li/Na Rechargeable Batteries based on Nanostructured Materials derived from Metal organic Framework and Metal Hydrides

Project Cost: Rs. 44,32,900

Granting Agency: MHRD

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Tailored MXene as high capacity and ultra-fast anode for lithium-ion batteries: Experimental and Theoretical Studies.

Project Cost: Rs. 22,51,600

Granting Agency: SERB

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: MgH2 based heterostructure for application in hydrogen fueled devices: Experimental and theoretical Investigation.

Project Cost: Rs. 15,46,600

Granting Agency: SERB

Status: Ongoing


Project Title: Free standing flexible thermoelectric generator to power Internet of Things (IOT) Device

Project Cost: 11,56,000

Granting Agency: Council of Science & Technology, U. P

Status: Ongoing




24 (International) with average impact factor of ~3.5 and highest impact factor 10.92

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Book Chapters

  •  Nanotechnology for Electronic Applications, Materials Horizons: from Nature to Nanomaterials, Springer Nature, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-6022-1_2
  • Satish Kumar Verma, Abhimanyu Kumar Prajapati, Manoj Tripathi, Ashish Bhatnagar, "Chapter 5 - Waste and biomass-based nanomaterials for CO2 capture" in "Nanomaterials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Technologies" ISBN: 978-032-38-9851-5, Elsevier
  • Satish Kumar Verma, Prashant Tripathi and Ashish Bhatnagar, "Chapter 9 - Carbon nanotubes for CO2 capture and conversion" in "Nanomaterials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Technologies" ISBN: 978-032-38-9851-5, Elsevier.

International conferences

  • World Hydrogen Technology Convention, 2013, Shanghai, China, World Hydrogen Energy Conference,2016, Zaragoza, Spain, International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference (IHFC)- 2018, Jodhpur, India


572, H-Index-14, Manuscript Communicated-1.


1 Indian Patent Filed (Received positive First Examination Report)


1 (INSA monograph on Energy)

Award and honors

  • NASI Platinum Jubilee Young Scientist Award 2020
  • Editorial Board Member International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (I.F. 4.93) (Scopus Indexed)
  • Visiting Exchange Scientist, University of Pittsburgh (USA) 2014-15, PSG Nanotechnology National Challenge (Young Entrepreneur) Award, PSG Institute, Coimbatore and Sunny Polytechnic Institute Albama (USA) 2016, Invited Talk at National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurgaon, 2016, Best Oral Presentation Award at Conference Hydrogen Energy in Indian Perspective: Role of Nano-Materials, BHU 2018.

International collaborations

Prof. J. K. Johnson (Dept of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering),University of Pittsburgh, USA (Pitt Super Computer Access), Prof. Michael Felderhoff, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Germany.

Reviewer of international journals

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Materials Chemistry and Physics.