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  • Dr. Nisha Shukla
Assistant Professor Grade I


  • Ph.D. (JIIT), MAY 2019

  • M.Tech. (ACM)

  • M.Sc. (Math)

  • B.Sc. (Math, Physics,Chemistry)


  • More than 2 Years of teaching


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, Analytical Methods, HAM, Numerical Methods 


International Journals  :  08

  • Shukla N., Rana P., Pop I., “The Second Law Analysis in Extended Jeffery-Hamel Radiative Slip Flow containing Hybrid Nanoparticles: Existence of Multiple Solutions, The European Physical Journal Plus, 135 (10), 1-24, 2020 (SCI).

  • Shukla N., Rana P., Kuharat S., Beg O.A., “Non-similar radiative bioconvection nanofluid flow under oblique magnetic field with entropy generation”, Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, July 2020 (SCOPUS).

  • Rana P., Shukla N., Gupta Y., Pop I., “Homotopy analysis method for predicting multiple solutions in the channel flow with stability analysis”, Communications in Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, vol. 66, pp. 183-193, Jan. 2019 (SCI).

  • Rana P., Shukla N., Gupta Y., Pop I. ,“Analytical prediction of multiple solutions for MHD Jeffery–Hamel flow and heat transfer utilizing KKL nanofluid model”, Physics Letters A, vol. 383, pp. 176-185, Jan 2019 (SCI).

  • Shukla N., Rana P., Bég O. A., Singh B., Kadir A., “Homotopy study of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection nanofluid multiple slip flow and heat transfer from a vertical cylinder with entropy generation”, Propulsion and Power Research, Feb. 2019, doi:

  • Rana P., Shukla N., Bég O. A., Kadir A., Bani Singh, Unsteady electromagnetic radiative nanofluid stagnation-point flow from a stretching sheet with chemically reactive nanoparticles, Stefan blowing effect and entropy generation”, Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanoengineering and Nanosystems, vol. 232, pp. 69-82,  Feb. 2018 (SCOPUS) .

  • Rana P., Shukla N., “Entropy generation analysis for non-similar analytical study of nanofluid flow and heat transfer under the influence of aligned magnetic field”, Alexandria Engineering Journal, vol. 57, pp. 3299-3310, Dec. 2018 (SCOPUS).

  • Shukla N., Rana P., Singh B., “Unsteady MHD non-Newtonian heat transfer nanofluids with entropy generation analysis”, Nonlinear Engineering-Modeling and Applications, vol. 8, pp. 630-644, Jun. 2018 (SCOPUS).

National Journals :  01

  • Rana P., Shukla N., Bég O. A., Bhardwaj A., “Lie group analysis of nanofluid slip flow with Stefan blowing effect via modified Buongiorno’s model: entropy generation analysis”, Differential equations and Dynamical Systems,, Feb. 2019 (SCOPUS).

International/National Conferences  : 02

  • Shukla N., Rana P., Bég O. A., Singh B., “Effect of chemical reaction and viscous dissipation on MHD nanofluid flow over a horizontal cylinder: Analytical solution,AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1802 (1), pp. 020015, Jan.  2017

  • Shukla N.,Rana P., “Unsteady MHD nanofluid flow past a stretching sheet with Stefan blowing effect: HAM solution” AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1897 (1), pp. 020015, Oct. 2017.

Attended/Abstract Published  02

  • Attended “International Conference”on “Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences and its Application” organized by the “Department of Mathematics”, JIIT Noida, Sec-62, 08-10 December 2016 and presented a paper entitled “Effect of chemical reaction and viscous dissipation on MHD nanofluid flow over a horizontal cylinder: Analytical solution” .

  • Attended “International Conference”on “Soft Computing and Mathematical Modeling” organized by the “Department of Mathematics”, KIET, Ghaziabad, 21-22 December 2017 and presented a research article entitled  “Homotopy Simulation of Unsteady EMHD Stagnation Flow of a Second Grade Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet”.