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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


Ph.D. (NSIT, Delhi University)


15 years


She received her B.Tech degree from Kurukshetra University in 2003 and M. Tech degree from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2010. She received Ph.D. degree from NSIT, Delhi University in 2018. She has an experience of 15 years in various colleges like, NIET, HMRITM, NSIT, APJ College of Engg. She has taught subjects like: Digital Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation, Linear Integrated Electronics, Fuzzy Control Systems, Control Systems, Transducers and Electrical Measurements.


Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Biometrics, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization Techniques.


Citations: 82

H-index: 5

International Journals

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National Conferences

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Book Chapters

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  • Delivered expert lecture on Artificial Intelligence and advances in computer sciences at All India Radio, Soochna Bhawan on 08/03/2017.
  • Conducted Tutorial-Session on Signal Processing Toolbox at Apeejay, Sohna.
  • Conducted Tutorial-Session on Knowledge extraction through BBO approach at ISTK, Klawad.
  • Invited as Session Co-Chair a session “Applications using Intelligent techniques in Health care and Management” in IEEE International Conference SIGMA-2018 on 23-25, February, 2018  held at NSIT, Dwarka, Delhi.


  • Organised faculty development Program “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Python”as a coordinator in Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida India on 10-15th August, 2020
  • Organised a webinar on “Machine and Deep learning using MATLAB”as a coordinator on 24th June, 2020.
  • Organised faculty development Program on “Robotics and AI”as a coordinator,  jointly organised by Electronics and ICT Academies through National Knowledge Network at Jaypee Institute of Technology, Noida, UP as Remote Centre with NIT Patna from 24th – 28th June, 2019.
  • Got a participation certificate for participating in theValet parking robot TBT challenge; this is a challenge taken up by proficient teams who participated intask based training(TBT-2018), initiated by IIT Bombay under E-yantra Program.
  • Participated in Task based training (TBT-2018) under E-Yantra program initiated by IIT Bombay and completed all the tasks in given time frame and awarded Grade-A.
  • Organized a National Workshop on “AI and IoT: Lead the Age of Sensor Technology” as Convener in Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida India on 17-18th December, 2018.
  • Organized a Faculty development program on Recent Trends, Design, Control & Operation Of Solar PVSystemsin Noida institute of technology, Greater Noida (India) on 23rd– 27th Apr, 2018.
  • Received Award of Excellence in National Conference on “Electronics Instrumentation & Control Systems” organized by Apeejay College of Engineering, Sohna, Gurgaon, India on 27th September, 2008.
  • Organized a National Conference on Intelligent Systems and Networks in Haryana Engineering College, Jagadhri during 27th-28th, February 2004.
  • International Summer School Travel Grant: The travel grant was awarded by NSIT, New Delhi and registration scholarship was awarded from the International bodies  like  International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), Morpho and Eurasip., to attend and present my research paper at the Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics for Secure Authentication: Biometrics, Forensic Science and the Quest for Identity Alghero, Italy during 20 - 24 June, 2016
  • Teaching-cum-Research Fellowship : NSIT aims to identify suitable candidates having keen interest in teaching and research. In line with this objective, exceptionally brilliant candidates having keen interest in an academic career are considered for this fellowship.


  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • Pattern Recognition Letters 
  • The Computer Journal
  • International Journal of Computers and Applications
  • Springer Sponsored International Conference on Signals, machines and Automation (SIGMA-2018)
  • As a TPC member in “Recent trends in Soft computing techniques and their hybrids in engineering applications” in IEEE International Conference (INDIACOM-2018)


  • Participated in three days (15th Nov, 2018 – 17th Nov, 2018) National Workshop on Data science and Visualization tools organized by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (India).
  • Participated in two days (2nd Nov, 2018 – 3rd Nov, 2018) Workshop on Introduction to Robotics organized by JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Greater Noida in collaboration with IIT Bombay under e-yantra project.
  • Participated in two days (7th Sept, 2018 – 8th Sept, 2018) Workshop on Design and Simulation of Microwave Design and Circuits organized by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (India).
  • Participated in one week (5th July 2018 – 11th July 2018) Faculty development program on Recent Trends in Signal Processing, Microelectronics and Microwave organized by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (India).
  • Participated in one week (23rd Apr, 2018 – 27th Apr, 2018) Faculty development program on Recent Trends, Design, Control & Operation Of Solar PVSystemsorganized by Noida institute of technology, Greater Noida (India).
  • Participated in two days (11 Dec, 2017 - 12 Dec, 2017) Workshop on Research Trends in Natural language processing and Speech processingorganized by Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research, New Delhi (India).
  • Participated in one week (26 Dec, 2016 - 30 Dec, 2016) Short Term Course on Artificial Intelligence in Engg. applicationsorganized by NSIT, Dwarka (India).
  • Participated in one week (20 Jun, 2016 - 24 Jun, 2016) International Summer school for advanced studies on Biometrics Forensic science and the quest for identity organized by University of Sassari, (Italy).
  • Participated in two days (12 Feb, 2016 - 13 Feb, 2016) Workshop on Virtual labs organized by G B Pant Govt. Engg College in collaboration with IIT Roorkee (India).
  • Participated in two weeks (22 Jun, 2015 - 04 Jul, 2015) Refresher Course on Numerical Methods & MATLAB organized by NSIT, Dwarka (India).
  • Participated in two days (13 July, 2013 - 14 July, 2013) International Workshop on Computational intelligence : Theories, applications and future organized by IIT Delhi (India).
  • Participated in two days (29th Jan., 2010 – 30th Jan., 2010) Workshop on OrCAD Circuit Simulation & PCB Designing organized by Apeejay College of Engg., Sohna (India).
  • Participated in one week (13th July, 2009 – 17th July, 2009) Short Term Course on Modern Practices in Measurement & Instrumentation Engineering organized by NIT Jalandhar (India).
  • Participated in one week (30th June, 2008 – 4th July, 2008) Course on Signal Processing as a part of Indo-US Collaboration for Engg. Education organized by Global Education Center of Infosys Tech., Mysore (India).
  • Participated in two weeks (22nd May 2006- 02nd June 2006) AICTE Staff Development Programme on Recent Trends in Sensors & their Applications organized by Thapar Institute of Engg and technology, Patiala (India).