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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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  • Dr. Shruti Kalra
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


PhD (Microelectronics), M.Tech (VLSI Design), B.Tech (Electronics and Communication)


Done B.Tech in Electronics and communication from UPTU in 2005,M.Tech in VLSI Design from CDAC, Noida in 2007 and PhD in Microelectronics from JIIT in 2018.

Joined Center for development of Advanced Computing (CDAC Noida)  in 2007 as a lecturer. In 2008, joined JIIT as a lecturer. Currently working as an Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) in department of Electronics and Communication at JIIT.

Work Experience

12 years (teaching+research)

Interest Area(s)

Full custom design, CMOS Digital VLSI Design.


International Journals:

  • S. Kalra, " An Insight into Temperature Inversion Using α-Power MOSFET Model for Ultradeep Submicron Digital CMOS Technologies", AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol. 125, p.153349, July 2020 .
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  • Pratul Singh, Arti Noor, Shruti Sabharwal , “Utilizing transaction level modeling in systemC to model serial interfaces”, Proceedings of 2nd national conference Mathematical techniques: Emerging paradigms for electronics and IT industries. 26th – 28th Sep. 2008.
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Book Chapter

Kalra S, Bhattacharyya AB,“Variability Study Using α-Power-Based MOSFET Model for Ultradeep Submicron Digital Circuit Design”,  InAdvances in Signal Processing and Communication 2019 (pp. 601-610). Springer, Singapore.

Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

Title of Research Project: Mixed Signal test structures for CMOS Temperature sensor using Mentor Graphics Design Environment.

Details of Sponsoring Agency : MENTOR GRAPHICS India

Sanction Date: March 2012

Completion Date: Aug 2015