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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


  • Ph.D. (Computer Science & Engineering), 2015 from JIIT, Noida. Thesis Title – Digital Elevation Model: Registration and Quantification. Defense held on 14th May 2015.
  • M.Tech. (CSE), 2005 from Kalyani University, West Bengal
  • B.E. (IT), 2002 from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Gujarat University, Gujarat.


During my teaching career of more than 12 years, I have taught subjects like Advanced Computer Graphics, 3D Graphics and Animation, Computer Graphics, Algorithmic Bioinformatics, Computer Games, Image Processing, Multimedia Content and Animation Design, Multimedia Computing, Multimedia Systems, Data Structures, Cryptography, Computer Programming, DBMS, and Fundamentals of Algorithm. I have also been an integral part of Multimedia Labs for Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, Gaming and Web Technology Labs. I have been an integral part and organizer of International Conference of Contemporary Computing since its inception in 2008 (till date), participated in some of the International conferences of repute such as ACM’s Compute (in 2011), ICGVIP (in 2014) and other. I have published a few papers in International journals too. I had already guided approximately 120 project thesis for post graduates and graduates. Currently I have 2 PhD scholars working under me.

Interest Area(s)

  • HCI & Computer Vision, Image Processing & Computer Graphics,
  • Bioinformatics
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Pattern Recognition
  • IoT and Agriculture.

Work Experience:

  • July 2006 to till date JIIT Noida, U.P.
  • Jan 2006 – July 2006: Amity University, Noida, U.P.
  • Feb 2003 – Nov 2003: UIT, Burdwan, W.B.
  • Aug 2002 – Feb 2003: NIT, Surat, Gujarat
  • July – Aug 2002: SVIT, Vasad, Gujarat.


International Journals

  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., “Advanced Free-form Deformation and Kullback-Lieblier Divergence Measure for Digital Elevation Model Registration”, Journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing, Springer London, Online ISSN: 1863-1711. DOI: 10.1007/s11760-014-0621-z
  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., “Cognitive-mapping and contextual pyramid based Digital Elevation Model Registration and its effective storage using fractal based compression”, International Journal of Computer Science Issues, IJCSI, Vol. 10, Issue 3, No 1,pp. 126 - 135, May 2013
  • Jadon, S., Singhal, A., Dawn, S., "Military Simulator-A Case Study of Behaviour Tree and Unity based architecture", International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol. 88, No. 5, pp. 26-29, February 2014. DOI: 10.5120/15350-3691
  • Vij, M., and Dawn, S., “Corrective Self Defense Training Unit using sensing of Kinect maps”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol. 89, No. 10, pp. 8 -11, 2014. DOI: 10.5120/15665-3692.
  • URI: ISBN: 973-93-80880-60-8
  • Bist, S., Khanna, G., and Dawn, S., “Wearable Assistance Device for Visually Disabled”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol. 94, No. 1, pp. 18-21, May 2014, ISBN : 973-93-80880-60-8, DOI: 10.5120/16307-5533
  • Sagar Gupta, Prashant Kaushik, Suma Dawn, “Game Play Evaluation Metrics”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol. 117, No. 3, pp. 32-35, May 2015. DOI: 10.5120/20538-2902
  • Avnish Singh Jat, Abhinav Mishra, Dr. Suma Dawn, Amit Kumar, “Asperger’s Disorder: Application for its Treatment through Emotion Detection”, International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp. 314 – 319, May 2016. ISSN 2349-4476

National Conferences

  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., “A Novel Non-rigid FFD for Consistent DEM Registration”, Indian Conference of Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2014), 14-17 December 2014, Bangalore, India.

International Conferences

  • Dawn, S., Tulsyan, S., Bhattarai, S., Gopal, S., & Saxena, V. (2020, March). An Efficient Approach to Image Indexing and Retrieval Using Haar Cascade and Percentual Similarity Index. In 2020 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC) (pp. 108 – 113). IEEE
  • Verma, A., Mittal, V., & Dawn, S. (2019, August). FIND: Fake information and news detections using deep learning. In 2019 Twelfth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.
  • Ramzan, M., & Dawn, S. (2019, January). A Survey of Brainwaves using Electroencephalography (EEG) to develop Robust Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs): Processing Techniques and Algorithms. In 2019 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence) (pp. 642-647). IEEE.
  • Ramzan, M., & Dawn, S. (2019, August). Temporal measures for analysis of emotional states from human electroencephalography signals. In 2019 Twelfth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
  • Sharma, V., Trehan, T., Chanana, R., & Dawn, S. (2019, October). StudieMe: College Recommendation System. In 2019 3rd International Conference on Recent Developments in Control, Automation & Power Engineering (RDCAPE) (pp. 227-232). IEEE.
  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., "SVD Based Digital Elevation Model Registration", Proc. of International Conference on Microwaves, Antenna, Propagation & Remote Sensing 2011, organized by International Centre for Radio Science, Jodhpur, Dec 2011
  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D.,"DEM Registration using Watershed algorithm and Chain Coding", Compute '11, ACM, March 25-26 2011, Bangalore, India
  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., "DEM Registration and Error Analysis using ASCII values", Proc. of International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2010, San Francisco, USA, 20-22 October 2010
  • Dawn, S., Saxena, V., and Sharma, B.D., “Remote Sensing Image Registration Techniques: A Survey”, Proc. of International Conference on Image and Signal Processing, ICISP 2010, LNCS 6134, pp. 103-112, 2010
  • Dawn S. Multimedia, Animation, and Computer Graphics – Mapping of Study of Virtual Characters to Cognitive Understanding. 2013 IEEE International Conference in MOOC, Innovation and Technology in Education, MITE 2013, pp. 75 – 79, DOI: 10.1109/MITE.2013.6756309
  • Sanjay Goel, Suma Dawn, G. Dhanalekshmi, Hema N, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Sanchika Gupta, Taj Alam, Prashant Kaushik and Kashav Ajmera 'Collaborative Teaching in Large Classes of Computer Science Courses' Eighth International Conference on Contemporary Computing, IC3 2015. Published in IEEE explorer.
  • Suma Dawn, Prashant Kaushik, “Teaching Game Designing and Development: Pedagogy and challenges”, Proceedings of IC3 2016
  • Somya Goel, Raghav Pangasa, Suma Dawn, Anuja Arora, “Audio Acoustic Features Based Tagging and Comparative Analysis of its Classifications”. In 2018 Eleventh International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

Talks Delivered

  • Delivered a talk during FDP on “Re-Imagining Computing: Engineering, Research, and Education”, held during 4th – 10th July 2018, at JIIT Noida. Title of Talk: Brain Computer Interfaces: Current State of Art.  Speakers: Dr. Suma Dawn, Ms. Munaza Ramzan
  • Delivered a talk on during FDP on “Mathematical and Statistical Computations” held during 9th – 14th July 2017, by Dept. of Mathematics at JIIT, Noida. Title of talk:Perspective from Graphics, Games and Animation Aspects

Member of Professional Bodies

Reviewer of

  • Reviewer: Central European Journal of Geoscience, Publisher: Versita.
  • Reviewer: IEEE – Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2014, Publisher: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.
  • Reviewer: Signal Processing, Publisher: Elsevier.
  • Reviewer: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine. Publisher: IEEE.
  • Reviewer: International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (IJCAET), Inderscience Online.
  • Member of the Technical Program Committee: IC3 2008 – Till Date, JIIT, Noida, India; 2013 IEEE ISPCC, SHUSHER 2013.
  • Reviewer (Conferences): UPCON 2018E-Health 2012 Conference; 2012 IEEE Colloquium of Humanities, Science, and Engineering Research; 2012 IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering and Industrial Applications; 2012 & 2013 IEEE Symposium on Humanities, Science and Engineering Research (SHUSER); 2013 IEEE Business Engineering and Industrial Applications Colloquium (BEIAC).
  • Program committee member of ICSPT'2013


  • Regular Paper setter, Examiner, Moderator of various national levels DOAECC –O level and C Level exams (Equivalent to M.Tech).
  • DPMC (Doctoral Program Monitoring Committee) Member of 5 PhD Candidates (4 from CSE Dept and 1 of Biotech Dept.)
  • Session Chair for the track “Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation and Technology”, during 2018 International Conference on Translation across Cultures - Dissolving Boundaries: Creating Harmony. Organized by HSS department, JIIT Noida;
  • Session Chair for the “Education Track”, during 2017, 2015 International Conference on Contemporary Computing, organized by CSE/IT Department, JIIT Noida.
  • Attended many workshops, and FDPs.
  • Judge to Events such as “Poster Designing - Conserve today to Survive Tomorrow”
  • Coordinator of Graphics and Animation Hub, Multimedia Lab.
  • Organized Student Enrichment Program – Seminar with Dreamworks Ltd, Bangaluru.
  • Have various co-curricular interests such as Dance, Drama, Drawing, Sports.