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Guidelines for submission of extramural proposals:

1. Principal Investigator will submit a 'ready- to- submit' proposal (hard copy) in the format required by the funding agency to Head of the Department along with the duly filled Proforma for sponsored projects.The process should be initiated at least 15 days before the closing date of the scheme.

a) The Quotations of the equipment should also be enclosed

b) Due to requirements of a number of funding agencies, it is advisable to add a Co-PI in the proposal

c) In case the Co-PI is from another institute, a NOC and CV of the Co PI should be enclosed.

d) Project proposal that requires Bio- safety or Ethical Clearance should be simultaneously submitted to the concerned Committee/s by faculty.

2. HOD will approve that the proposal is in the expertise area of the PI and is in required format.

3. HODs will forward the proposals to Dean (IA &SP) after completion of step 2.

4. Dean (IA &SP) will forward the proposal application to Vice Chancellor for approval and issue of endorsement letter.

5. A copy of the proposal and endorsement letter will be kept in Dean's office for records.