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Programme Name: M.Sc. MATHEMATICS

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To impart advanced theoretical and computational knowledge in the areas of mathematics

PEO 2: To provide training and expertise to achieve career goals in academics, research and related industry



PO 1: To demonstrate a mastery over the subject area

PO 2: To apply advanced knowledge in academics and research

PO 3: To develop skills to write and present scientific report(s)



PSO 1: To acquire advanced level theoretical and computational skills in the area of specialization  


Programme Name: B.Sc. (Hons)

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1: To provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the domains of Computer Science, Information Technology and Scientific Computing for leading successful career in industries, entrepreneurial endeavours or pursuing higher studies.

PEO2:To develop the ability to critically think, analyse and make decisions for offering commercially feasible and socially acceptable solutions to real life problems in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology and Scientific Computing.



PO1: Computing Knowledge: Understand the basic principles and methods of computer science for solving complex computing problems.

PO2: Problem Analysis: Ability to analyse a problem, and identify and define the computingrequirements appropriate to its solution.

PO3: Design and Development of Solution: To develop skills todesign, implement, and document the solutions for computational problems.

PO4: Modern Tool Usage: Ability to use state of the art technologies for innovative software solutions.

PO5: Ethical and Societal Concern: Utilize the role of computing for solving real life problems, recognising ethical principles, commitment to professional ethics and its global impact on society at large.

PO6: Environment and Sustainability: Actively involved with knowledge, skills and right attitude in environmental context for sustainable development.

PO7: Individual and Team Work: Ability to work effectively as an individual or a team member or leader in a team to achieve a common goal.

PO8: Communication: Ability to communicate effectively through oral and written means.

PO9: Life-long learning: Ability to recognize the need of training and skills to engage in self-regulating and life-long learning.



B. Sc (Honours/ Honours with Research/Academic Projects/Entrepreneurship) Computer Science: To provide software and hardware solutions utilizing the principles of computer science.

B. Sc (Honours/ Honours with Research/Academic Projects/Entrepreneurship) Information Technology and Applications: To develop applications using current IT tools and technologies.

B. Sc (Honours/ Honours with Research/ Academic Projects/Entrepreneurship) Computing and Programming: To develop software solutions utilizing effective computing, architecture and efficient programming