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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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Finance is a viable and most preferred choice as a specialisation for students pursuing MBA for yesteryears. It opens plethora of job opportunities for them. Jaypee Business school (JBS) at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) offers MBA and BBA with specialisation in Finance. The finance area at JBS comprises dedicated faculty with rich experience in academia and corporate. JBS is the top MBA finance colleges in Delhi NCR. 

Some of the factors that make it top MBA finance colleges in Delhi NCR and top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR are as follow:

  • It offers 3 core courses in Finance, which are compulsory for all the students in the first year of MBA. 
  • Thereafter in the second year if the students want to take major as finance, they are given a choice to select 8 courses out of 12 courses in Finance. This basket of 12 courses is known as functional basket. 
  • JBS also offers minor specialisation in finance where the student has to undergo 5 courses out of 8 courses in Finance.
  • Students can also opt to take industry baskets. Currently, three industry baskets are available in the finance area, i.e financial services, insurance and banking. 
  • Students are offered all the relevant and contemporary courses in finance like derivatives, fixed income securities, financial modelling, investments, international finance, behaviour finance, financial planning, and taxation.
  • Corporate speakers are also invited from time to time to give students the right kind of exposure related to real life business problems.
  • Projects are given to the students based on Ace equity KP financial database regularly, where they do analysis by using  software like Eviews, SPSS., MS Excel.

JIIT also ensures to regularly update and map the courses along with their syllabi against premier B schools, so that the students remain abreast with the recent trends. All these factors have contributed in making JBS as top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.