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Norms and standards for various programmes of the Institute are set by the respective departments which also monitors progress and achievements of the students undertaking various programmes. However following are the salient features of the academic programmes

Academic Philosophy

  1. Student centric learning;
  2. Encouragement to self learning;
  3. Periodic Review of Curricula;
  4. Emphasis on creativity, design, innovation, Laboratory, Problem Solving, Project and Reasoning skills;
  5. Development of Interpersonal Communication Skills and Leadership quality;
  6. Integration of human values and professionalism.

Salient features of Academic System

  1. Semester System for Technology Programmes;
  2. Trimester System for MBA Programme;
  3. Credit and Grading Based;
    1. Total 195 credits in B. Tech (4 year programme)
    2. Total 76 Credits in M. Tech (2 year programme)
    3.  Total 135 Credits in MBA (2 year programme)
  4. 82-85 Teaching days in a Semester (Excluding Examination time)
  5. 60 Teaching days in a Trimester (Excluding Examination time).
  6. Continuous Evaluation:
    1. 3 Tests in each Semester for Technology Programmes
    2. 2 Tests in each Trimester for MBA Programme
    3. Day-to-day Evaluation.
  7. Lecture and Laboratory Courses evaluated independently;
  8. Lectures, Case Studies, in-class Exercises & Role plays evaluated independently in MBA Programme;
  9. Minimum CGPA Requirement for award of degree.
  10. Mandatory Industrial/Corporate/Social Internship;
  11. B. Tech & M. Tech Projects with good weightage in the Final Year;
  12. Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation of the Project Work;
  13. End Semester and continuous Teaching Evaluation;
  14. Strict Discipline and Attendance Requirement;
  15. One Faculty Counsellor for every 15 students of B. Tech I Year and 30 students of B. Tech II, III and IV Year;
  16. Pre announcement and adherence to the Academic Calendar.

Transparency in Evaluation:

  1. Answer Scripts shown to students;
  2. Review of Results by Departmental Board of Examiners;
  3. Review of Results by University Examination Committee;
  4. Analysis of Results;
  5. Results uploaded on web kiosk and internet for viewing by students and parents.