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Jaiprakash Centre for Entrepreneurship Development


Jaiprakash Centre for Entrepreneurship Development will help in pilot experimentation, implementation, and testing of novel ideas for possible IT/IT enabled products/services.   It will also provide a platform for interacting with successful entrepreneurs. Read More…

JIIT MEMS Design Center

MEMS Design Centre:

The centre for MEMS design was set-up at JIIT in the year 2009 as a part of institute’s response to launch MEMS activity supported under National Program of Materials for Smart Sensors (NPMASS) by Govt. of India. Read More

Prayag – A Centre of Knowledge Informatics for Sustainable Development


Contribute towards enhanced understanding of diverse human activities with an emphasis on sustainable development through an informatics inclusive cross-disciplinary approach. Read More

Knuth – The Programming Hub

KNUTH is a Programming Hub (one of the technical hubs of Department of CSE/IT) of JIIT Noida and was incepted in year 2011 with a vision to develop a community of coders/programmers at JIIT Noida. It regularly organizes a series of workshops and programming competitions, “Execute”. During University’s annual fest, “Impressions”, the hub conducts annual programming competition, “The KNUTH Cup”, and many other events based on design, testing, debugging, technical papers, project exhibition, etc.

Faculty Incharge:Mr. Manish K Thakur  manish.kumar@jiit.ac.in

Microcontroller Based System and Robotics Hub (uCR)

The Microcontroller Based System and Robotics Hub of JIIT conduct various workshops and lectures on automation and robotics specifically designed for students in both Odd and Even semester.

Robotics is the science of using a machine (a robot) to perform repeated and hazardous task without human intervention. It is a diversified field of technology which combines computer science, electronics, biotechnology, avionics and several other fields to create programmable automation. Robots are all around us in our daily lives. A life without the services they render us will be a life of dire hardship.

Robotics has grown to great proportions globally. The recent neuroArm medical robot made it into history’s books after successfully assisting doctors perform delicate brain surgery to remove an egg-sized cancer tumor is evidence to its growing importance. However, while the world is making great advances in it, India is lagging behind due to proper funding in this research area. So we here at JIIT, Noida have taken the initiative to spread the technical awareness about robotics that just building humanoid-like applications cannot be considered as the purpose of robotics but  focusing on building low-cost and small automated applications which comfortably solve our diurnal problem is equally important.

To develop interest in this hub we start with manual robotic lectures and workshops. Two major competitions will be conducted with attractive prizes. We introduce with automation and robotics using 8-bit microcontrollers. Lecture and workshop will be conducted based on Arduino board with various sensors and actuators.

We have a team of skilled mentors from both third and fourth year who have proved their mettle at many Robotics events held at many esteemed colleges of India including IITs, DCE, and NSIT etc. We have experience of conducting workshops and organizing events during college fests. The main aim of the cell is to enrich the technical ability of the students and learn modern technology and advance towards them. This cell helps in building teamwork capacity, leader capacity and many more issues.

All the above provide you with more opportunities and capabilities. These workshops and competitions are organized with zeal and enthusiasm to share with the participants the passion of coding and provide them a competitive environment to polish their skills and enhance their problem solving abilities.

It also encourages and facilitates student participation in various national, international, and online programming competitions.

Faculty Incharge:Mrs.Hema N  hema.n@jiit.ac.in

Creativity and Innovation Cell in Electronics (CICE)

A hobby club of JIIT that aims to teach and help students in understanding the seemingly incomprehensible electronic concepts.  It also assist students in understanding the existing gadgets and developing their own devices. Various lectures, workshops as well as competitions throughout the year concerning both analogue as well as digital electronics keep the calendar busy and the participants, learning. In this rapidly moving world, where everyday a new technology comes into existence, it is extremely hard to keep abreast with all the technical know-how, but if our basic concepts are intact then we can aim for the top. Innovation, Imagination and Application. What we do:

  • Introduction to electronic components and devices
  • PCB Fabrication Workshop
  • “Electro Vision” hardware design implementation project
  • “Electronics design competition” jointly conducted by RoboVito and CICE
  • Workshop on “Basics of MATLAB & Image Processing’’
  • Workshop on “Basic Electronics”

Faculty Advisor:Atul Kumar Srivastava (ECE Department)

Multimedia Development

It is estimated that almost that nearly 30.2% of world’s population use the internet. The growth in internet advertising is expected to increase the demand for graphic designers. Multimedia Development hub enhances the skills and techniques needed to create professional-looking videos, visual effects, motion graphics and animations. We in this hub utilize web and media design to create web enabled content. This requires rigorous exploration of key multimedia tools including Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash etc. and most importantly a creative vision. If you have creative desgn skills, multimedia development can be the area for you.

Faculty Incharge:Mr. Prashant Kaushik  prashant.kaushik@jiit.ac.in


RIBOSE which stands for Resonance In Biotechnologists and Engineers believes that the foundation stone for the society is the resonance which exists which exists among the members of the society. It is this resonance, semblance of thoughts, which encourages the opinion of individuals and endeavors biotechnology in our university as well as the country. Our aim and objective:

  • To provide students exposure to the Upcoming Technologies.
  • To spread awareness among students in the field of Biotechnology.
  • To promote interaction between students of different academic years.
  • To build a rapport between the students and the Biotech Organizations .
  •  To organize Biotech events in the form of quizzes, debates, group discussions etc.

Faculty Incharges:


Parola refers to ‘word’ in Italian & was therefore chosen to be the representative of the Literary Hub. The Literary hub caters mainly to Debate, elocution, Turncoat, MUNs and Youth Parliament. Parola Literary Hub is a place where all students of JIIT are welcome to engage in free speech, debate, and merriment. We aim to produce competitive debaters and writers whilst ensuring membership of the society is a pleasurable experience for all. Literary hub has a long and glorious history, during the course of which it has consistently produced quality debaters and writers. This year, the Literary Hub has been more active than ever before and Parola had a fruitful year in terms of organizing competitions, conferences as well as in terms of learning and experience. The year began with organizing Jaypee Model United Nations 2013 (JMUN’13) which was followed by number of events in the college fest Impressions 2013. The last successful conference under Parola for the year was JAYPEE YOUTH PARLIAMENT which was a simulation of the Indian Parliament organized on 12th November 2013. These are only some of the many achievements of the society in just last one year. Parola is now a name to be reckoned with and has a distinct standing of its own

Faculty Incharges:

Books Club

Books are man’s best friend. In our book club, we celebrate the love for books. In here, we eat books, sleep books, live books. With no restriction to the subject, we enjoy book reviews, critical analysis of interesting ideas & share and exchange books too.

Faculty Incharge:Dr. Sanjay Gupta  sanjay.gupta@jiit.ac.in


Jhankar, the Dance club organizes all the intra college and inter college dace activities. It is one of the most loved and sought after clubs in the college with all the fun, masti and dhamaal. The students of this society participate in inter college events like band events, street dance, ball room dance, singing and a whole lot more and they do really well at it too. Their street dance performances always has the crowd demanding for more as there will always be a street dance in every event of college as it is a great filler for the audience. Jhankar also has a reputation for being one of the toughest societies to get into as every student’s talent is taken seriously and no doubt only the best is chosen but everyone is given a fair chance. It is no doubt one of the most happening societies to be in and it is a lot of fun too.

Faculty Incharge:Dr. Smriti Gaur  smriti.gaur@jiit.ac.in


Dramaticsp  society was founded at the time when women’s liberation was a cause of concern, the society performed its very first play on Dowry Issues. From then on there has been no looking back. This society brings to you a platform to indulge into theatrical activities, both Stage and Street. The team uses the art of expression with unmatched enthusiasm to help address the maladies of the society and to form an impetus for the change we wish to see in the world. We bring you awareness in the form of a power-packed combo of eye-opening plays and exuberant performers. While Stage gets to your sentimentality with its beautiful subtlety, Street (or Nukkad) literally gives you a chance to shout your concerns out loud.

Faculty Incharge:Ms. Deviya Kumar  deviya.kumar@jiit.ac.in

Off the Fret 

Off the Fret –  has been known for inculcating some best musicians in the college. The two most important pre-requisites for any fret member are unparalleled passion for music and a strong commitment towards the team. The existing warmth and care that the members have for each other has helped the team to reach the acme of success.

Faculty Incharge:Dr. Krishna Sundari  Krishna.sundari@jiit.ac.in

Swar Sangam

Swar Sangam, the Indian music society of the college is actively involved in learning Indian classical music and in encouraging maximum exposure for each of its members through active participation in competitions and events. We conduct auditions to encourage freshers to join the team and so gave them the opportunity to showcase their talent. Every year, we look forward to learning a new composition in Hindustani classical music and hold regular practice sessions so that we perform well in various competitions and events that we go to. Last year, we won a lot of appreciation for the performances that we gave in various college events and competitions. This year too, we look forward to a victorious and a successful year ahead.

Faculty Incharge:Dr. Krishna Sundari  Krishna.sundari@jiit.ac.in

Radiance Hub

Radiance Hub:  As the name suggests, this hub is all about glitz and glamour. We organize the most popular events in college like Theme Night, Mr. & Miss Impressions & Mr. & Ms. Ebullience. From organizers, to participants to audience, every person enjoys the ambience of this hub thoroughly. We welcome people from every domain, who are confident, passionate and have a spark in them to do something.

Faculty Incharge:Dr. Chetna Dabas chetna.dabas@jiit.ac.in