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  • Dr. A. P. S. Chauhan
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)


  • PhD                 Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University, NY [USA] 2007
  • MS                   Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University, NY [USA]2005
  • B.Tech.           Ceramic Engineering, IIT-BHU, Varanasi 2002


Dr. A.P.S. Chauhan is employed with JIIT, Sector 62, Noida since December 2011. He has B.Tech. degree from IIT-BHU and MS/PhD from Stony Brook University, USA. He has collaborated and worked with premier research institutes in India and abroad as well as has 4 years industrial experience in a leading firm in USA. His research interest(s) are, but not limited to: Graphene/CNT/Carbon Black Composites, Ceramic Processing, High Temperature Ceramics, Glasses, Sintering in Ceramics, Powders for Thermal Barrier Coatings/ Abradables, Powder Processing using Spray Drying and Plasma, CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) using Thermo-Calc (Thermodynamic Calculations) and DICTRA, Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS/ COMSOL, Nanoindentation.

In terms of course coordinator, he instructs B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. students courses such as Thin Films Technologies and Applications, Engineering Ceramics and Composites, Processing of Engineering Materials, Mechatronics, Robotic and Aerospace Materials, Engineering Physics, Biomaterials Science and Materials Science and Engineering.


Professional Achievements

  • 4 years hands-on industrial expertise at OERLIKON METCO (US) Inc. (earlier known as SULZER METCO), New York [USA] on materials used in application in Biotechnology, Aerospace, Automobiles, Petroleum refining, and advanced Industrial applications.
  • Guest Researcher: 2004-2007 Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science & National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY [USA]



International Journals

  • Kumar, S. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2016), "Investigation of Synthesized Nanosized Copper by Polyol Technique with Graphite Powder", Advanced Powder Technology (ISSN: 0921-8831), 27(4):1852-1856.
  • Chauhan, A.P.S.& Chawla, K. (2016), "Comparative Studies on Graphite and Carbon Black Powders and their Dispersions", Journal of Molecular Liquids (ISSN: 0167-7322), 221:292-297.
  • Chawla, K., Chauhan, A.P.S. & Pandey, A. (2016), "Influence of different grades of furnace carbon blacks on the curing kinetics and reinforcement of natural rubber composites", Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering (ISSN: 1465-8011), 45(6):253-260.
  • Joel A. Payne, J., Petrova, R., White, H.J., Chauhan, A. & Bai, J. (2008), "Residual Stress Analysis of Boronized AISI 1018 Steel by Synchrotron Radiation", Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (ISSN:1059-9495), 17(5):730-732.
  • Chauhan, A., Anwar, M., Montero, K., White, H. & Si, W. (2006) "Internal Carburization and Carbide Precipitation in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy Tubing Retired From Ethylene Pyrolysis Service", Journal of Phase Equilibria & Diffusion (ISSN:1547-7037), December 27(6):684-690, 2006.
  • Chauhan, A., Moran, W., Ge, S., Si, W. & White, H.J. (2005), "Pulsed Laser Deposition of Ceramic Silicon Carbide on Heat Resistant Materials", Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia (ISSN:1359-6462), 52(8): 735-738.
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National Journals

  • Chawla, K. &Chauhan, A. (2014), “Effect of Carbon Black on the properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Matrix”, INROADS (ISSN:2277-4904), 3(1s2):389-394


International Conference

  • Chandan, S. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2017). “Geometrical Nonlinearity of 14-node Brick Finite Element”, RAMSA 2016, AIP Conference Proceedings, (E-ISSN: 1551-7616), Noida, Vol. 1802, p. 020003-1.
  • Chawla, K. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2016). “Comparative Studies on Industrial Grade Carbon Black Powders”, ICC 2015, AIP Conference Proceedings, (E-ISSN: 1551-7616), Bikaner, Vol. 1728, p. 020581-1.
  • Chawla, K. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2016). “Influence of Carbon Fillers on the Thermal Conductivity of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)/Carbon Composites”, ETMN 2015, AIP Conference Proceedings, (E-ISSN: 1551-7616), Jaipur, Vol. 1724, p. 020049-1.
  • Chauhan, A., Anwar, M., Montero, K., White, H., Si, W. & Bai, J. (2006). "Scaled Up Pulsed Deposition Technology: Carburization Resistant Ablation Coatings for Ethylene Pyrolysis Coils", MRS 2015 Proceedings (ISSN:1946-4274), Boston, Vol. 890, p 5.1-5.6.
  • Chauhan, A., Moran, W., Casey, E., Si, W., and White, H.J. (2005). "Limiting Catalytic Coke Formation by the Application of Adherent SiC Coatings via  Pulsed Laser Deposition to the Inner Diameter of Tube Material Traditionally Used for Ethylene Pyrolysis Service", MRS 2014 Proceedings (ISSN:1946-4274), Boston, Vol. 843, p 341-345.
  • Chauhan, A., Moran, W., Si, W., Ge, S. & White, H.J. (2004) "Pulsed Laser Deposition of Silicon Carbide on Heat Resistant Materials", ISRS 2004 Proceedings, Chennai, OR SE 4.


National Conference

  • Chawla, K., Pandey K. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2015). "Studies on Thermal Conductivity of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)/Carbon Composites using Nielsen Model", Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical and Materials Science (ISBN: 978-93-84224-25-7), Gorakhpur, p 81-84.
  • Kumar, S., Pandey, K., Chawla K. & Chauhan, A.P.S. (2015). "Preparation and Characterization of Fine Copper Nanoparticles", Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical and Materials Science (ISBN: 978-93-84224-25-7), Gorakhpur, p 48-51.