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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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Undergraduate B Tech

Department Of Computer Science and IT


The CSE/IT department has 47 spacious laboratories with more than 1200 nodes that are regularly updated with the latest software and operating system upgrades. These nodes are running on the Windows 10 Pro/ Windows 11 Pro/ Ubuntu 18.04 /Linux platform and are equipped with state of art software. A total of six laboratories are actively involved with research and projects in the domains such as data analytics, IoT, big data, cloud computing, distributed systems, embedded systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. The department has Super Computing machine DGX Workstation with 20-core intel Xeon e5-2698 v4 2.2 Ghz processor, 256 GB memory, GPU:4 x GPUs (Tesla V100 SXM2) equipped with latest software tools for research related activities.

The department provides state of the art hardware facility for building microcontroller-based systems and for doing projects in the areas of robotics, augmented reality and human computer interactions as well, at both the campuses. The labs are also equipped with variety of Multimedia devices such as Microsoft Kinect for 3D image capture, View Sonic projector and Joystick and Microsoft software, Adobe Suite CS5 to provide support for Multimedia and Image Processing projects.  The department has Double Film LED X-Ray View Box for illuminating & viewing and Mobile Phone to capture these viewing of X-ray Films for better radiography imaging projects.  Department have approx. 100 equipment’s for student project related tasks.  Some of the important equipment present in the labs include Arduino Mega board with Atmega having various sensors, actuator and Communication aids (Bluetooth, Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi and Wireless using Zigbee) to carry out research in the area of Automation. We are also equipped with Visual (LED, Camera and LCD), Touch (Touch Sensor, Proximity Sensors, 8-way capacitive touch switch), Waterproof temperature sensor Probe to measure temperatures in wet environments, Light Intensity module to handle brightness of LCD Location (GPS), Motion (Accelerometer) and RFID tag readers.

Use of open source software is highly encouraged for teaching and research. For example, NS2 simulator is used for research in the field of wired as well as wireless computer networks, routing algorithms, protocols, performance evaluations etc.  In addition, open source software’s available in the labs are Codeblock 10.05(Programming platform for C and C++), Wireshark (Application to analyse the network packets protocol), Anaconda 3.0 (IDE for Python and R programming), XAMPP (cross platform web server), MySQL 5.0(Database creation and handling queries), Eclipse (IDE for Java), Mongo DB (NoSQL database), Android Studio (IDE for Mobile application development), SWI-Prolog (programming language Prolog) etc. Soon by March. 2023, department will be equipped with Netsim Simulator and wide range of Apple products.

Labs (Sector 62 and Sector 128)

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