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M.Tech in Mobile Technology is a 2 year full-time postgraduate programme, which has four semesters. The course is carefully designed to attain technical aspects that enable the students to grow into competent mobile technology professionals. There are 6 core courses, 5 electives, 2 audit, 1 term paper/seminar and 4 lab courses. The students are required to do two project based learning courses of 6 credits each during second and third semesters. The students are also required to take 3 elective courses during the first semester and 2 elective courses during the second semester of 3 credits each. The fourth semester is for Dissertation/Industrial Project/Entrepreneurial Project of 16 credits. The total requirement for the programme is 68 credits.

Now-a-days, mobile phones are the persistent and reasonable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform. Multiple opportunities in the domain of mobile computing have been aroused due to large dissemination of cellular networks and availability of advanced hardware platforms. M.Tech in Mobile Technology is a two year postgraduate course with four semesters. The courses in the program concentrate on the modern data communications architecture evolution from several aspects. The students will gain practical knowledge and theoretical insights in the fields of Wireless and Mobile Networks.

The main courses that are taught are Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Research Methodology and Intellectual Property Rights, Mobile Systems and Architecture, Heterogeneous and Mobile Databases, Project Based Learning – I Multiplatform Mobile App Development, Seminar & Term Paper, Project Based Learning-II, and Data Analytics Oriented Mobile Application Development along with their labs. Students can opt for different elective courses such as Database and Online Social Media Security, Network and Mobile Security, Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data, Advanced Image Processing on Mobile Devices, Big Data system,  Advanced Network Technologies, Fundamentals of Computer Security, Wireless Communication and Networks,  Advanced Mobile and Cloud Computing and many more.