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Post Graduate Program

JIIT has been successfully running M. Tech Programs in Biotechnology,CSE,CSE with specialization in Information Security, CSE with specialization in Mobile Technology, Data Analytics, ECE with specialization in Communication Systems, ECE with specialization in Micro Electronics Systems & Embedded Technology, Information Technology & Entrepreneurship, Materials Science & Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics and an MBA program.

The objective of the M. Tech Programs is to prepare professionals with advanced knowledge of the respective field who can serve industry, R&D organizations and can take up an academic career, including further studies in a relevant Ph. D Program. The 2-year M. Tech Programs are spread over four semesters.

All M. Tech Programs are designed to cover core/compulsory as well as elective subjects to advance knowledge, ability and skills of the students in their chosen area. Students can take the desired electives from the set of subjects offered from time to time to enable them to cater for their interest and to specialize in a particular field. Dissertation is work spread over the last two semesters with fourth semester fully devoted to dissertation work only, this provides ample opportunity to the student to carry out intensive work on a chosen topic resulting in an innovative and research oriented output. Seminars are included in the Program to develop presentation skills in the students.

M. Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in Communication Systems)

The program covers a number of areas at advanced level like Mobile, Wireless, Satellite, Optical and Computer Communication Systems and Networks, Signal Processing, Spread Spectrum Communication and Error Control Coding Techniques, Microelectronics & VLSI Design and Information & Communication theory.

M. Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in Micro Electronics Systems & Embedded Technology)

This interdisciplinary program focuses on Microelectronics and MEMS Devices and Technology, VHDL based Digital Design, Analogue and Digital CMOS Design and Embedded Systems Design. Students are able to make use of modern tools and techniques to implement VLSI Design on Silicon.

M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

The program provides advanced level education and research exposure in various areas of computing – Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Databases, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Information and Networks Security, etc. These advanced level courses and M. Tech dissertation lay the foundation for potential doctoral work in CSE.

M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Information Security )

Information security is a fast growing area and has been recognized as a national priority. This program aims to enhance the knowledge and core competencies in contemporary computer science and also provide a deep understanding of security related aspects. The curriculum includes a comprehensive set of core and elective courses to achieve both these purposes.

M. Tech (Materials Science and Engineering)

The interdisciplinary program is aimed at imparting advanced level education in areas of Nano-Materials & Technology, Semiconductor & Optoelectronics Materials & Technology, Polymers, Ceramics & Composites, Materials for Storage Devices with a strong foundation in fundamentals of structures, properties and processing of materials and computer aided modeling and simulation techniques.

M. Tech (Applied and Computational Mathematics)

The program is designed to train students in computational mathematics and theoretical computer science, so that they are well equipped to take up jobs in the software industry, research & development organizations. The program enables them to learn computing, simulation and numerical techniques. The curriculum and the course contents of the program are designed keeping in mind the interdisciplinary nature of the program. It provides a broad understanding of the different aspects of the pure and applied mathematics on one hand while their computer applications on the other.

M. Tech (Biotechnology)

M.Tech in Biotechnology program is designed to offer diverse and extensive aspects of biotechnology and life sciences and has strong emphasis on research. It encompasses streams such as Bio-separation Technology, Metagenomics, Microbial Technology, Molecular Modelling and Drug Design, Bioprocess and Industrial Biotechnology, etc. Curriculum is enriched and helps the students follow interest compliant to his/her research aspirations and current industrial demands. Working along with a blend of Ph.D students and research fellows involved in intense research enhances the quality of research experience for graduate students.

M. Tech ( Information Technology & Entrepreneurship )

This is a joint program by department of CSE&IT and Jaypee Business School. It is designed for gradates with IT background who are interested in pursuing information technology centric entrepreneurship or taking leadership positions in innovative technology-based start ups and other organizations. The curriculum includes courses on information technology and entrepreneurship management. Second year of the program is devoted to industrial internship and IT entrepreneurship project to develop an investor-ready business plan. Through this program, the student will also network with successful ‘role model’ innovators, entrepreneurs, and enterprise development experts.

M.Tech. Data Analytics

M.Tech (Data Analytics) is an inter-disciplinary program offered by Department of CSE & IT and is designed to meet the huge manpower shortage in this area that has been well recognized as one of the fastest growing areas. All business and government organisations working in commerce, policy, insurance, finance, economics, engineering, infrastructure, energy, health care, education, security, sports, media, culture, etc. are increasing relying on computational tools and techniques of data analytics for taking informed decisions. This program has been designed to develop the ability to apply and develop computational techniques and systems to draw insights from big data in a variety of application domains. The curriculum exposes students with all aspects of data analytics including research design, data collection, preparation, analysis, integration, visualization, and interpretation. In addition to the CSE & IT department, the department of mathematics as well as business school/department of HSS will also contribute courses for this program. The core courses include statistical data analysis, financial econometrics, data warehousing and data mining, pattern recognition and machine learning, large scale graph analytics, empirical research and laboratories. Students will also be offered several electives on theoretical, systemic, algorithmic, and applied aspects of data analytics. This two year full time program is open for candidates with BTech (in any discipline) or Masters (in Computer Applications/Computer Science/IT/Maths/Statistics/ /Physics/ Electronics/Instrumentation/Economics/Commerce) or equivalent.

M. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Mobile Technology

Recent advancements in the field of wireless and mobile technologies have broken barriers regarding how we perceived communication. Ubiquitous computing has now evolved from the nascent stage of desktop computing.

Considering these a program on Master of Technology in Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Mobile Technology is being launched w.e.f. 2015-16 session. The program aims to provide sound theoretical as well practical knowledge in Wireless Communication & Networks, Mobile Architecture & Programming, Mobile Database Management System, Mobile Operating System &Web Development etc. The students will also have wide choice of electives to enhance their knowledge in subjects of their choice. This Master’s program provides career options in the emerging technology sector of Mobile Technology. This program will be open to candidates with B.Tech./B.E. in Computer Engineering/Information Technology/Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The MBA Program

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