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“The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself” – Bernard Baruch

This indeed is the main goal of our literary arts hubs, which aim at fostering a love for books and literature among students, and promoting literary activities in college. It enhances critical thinking, reading & writing and facilitates achievement through extra-curricular activities. Parola, the Literary Club organizes one of the most reputed events in the college. The Literary hub is one of the most active and prestigious societies in the college.


Parola refers to ‘word’ in Italian & was therefore chosen to be the representative of the Literary Hub. The Literary hub caters mainly to Debate, elocution, Turncoat, MUNs and Youth Parliament. Parola Literary Hub is a place where all students of JIIT are welcome to engage in free speech, debate, and merriment. We aim to produce competitive debaters and writers whilst ensuring membership of the society is a pleasurable experience for all. Literary hub has a long and glorious history, during the course of which it has consistently produced quality debaters and writers. This year, the Literary Hub has been more active than ever before and Parola had a fruitful year in terms of organizing competitions, conferences as well as in terms of learning and experience. The year began with organizing Jaypee Model United Nations 2013 (JMUN’13) which was followed by number of events in the college fest Impressions 2013. The last successful conference under Parola for the year was JAYPEE YOUTH PARLIAMENT which was a simulation of the Indian Parliament organized on 12th November 2013. These are only some of the many achievements of the society in just last one year. Parola is now a name to be reckoned with and has a distinct standing of its own

Faculty Incharges: Ms Puneet Pannu Ms Santosh Dev

Student Coordinator: Aman Srivastava


Books are man’s best friend. In our book club, we celebrate the love for books. In here, we eat books, sleep books, live books. With no restriction to the subject, we enjoy book reviews, critical analysis of interesting ideas & share and exchange books too.

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sanjay Gupta