Newly Launched Scheme of Teaching Associates (GyanVeer)                    Admission AY 2023-24. Last Date to Apply - JEE (AIR) based (10 Jun), NRI (15 Jun), BBA, BCA, BSc, MSc, MTech, MBA (30 Jun). Apply Online - Click Here

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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About DRID

DRID Strategic Planning and Administrative Group

  • Prof S.C. Saxena,
  • Prof B.R. Mehta,
    Director (Research, Innovation and Development)
  • Prof. Vibha Rani,
    Associate Dean (Innovation), JIIT
  • Prof. Indira Sarethy Rao,
    Associate Dean (On-line Education), JIIT
  • Prof. Shruti Jain,
    Associate Dean (Innovation), JUIT
  • Associate Dean (Innovation),
  • Mr Ashok Singh Shekhawat,
    Administrative Assistance