"NIRF (MHRD) Rankings 2017: JIIT has achieved an All India Rank of 54 in Engineering Category, better than some NIT's and new IIT's"

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Dr. Samir Dev Gupta

Design Of Microstrip Antenna Conformable To Both Planar And Cylindrical Surfaces For Aircraft Systems

samirdev.gupta@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Sarita Agrahari

Production of Enzymes & Degradation of Feathers by Soil Microbes

hisarita@gmail.com Click Here
Dr. Ranjan Agrawal

Succsessful Delivery of Public – Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development

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Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh

An Event Based Framework for Object Oriented Analysis Computation of Metrics & Identification of Test Scenarios

sandeepk.singh@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Arpita Sharma

Dynamics of Organizational Climate on Risks & Success of Software Projects

send2arpi@gmail.com Click Here
Dr. Anindita

Reversible and Quantum Circuits & their Applications

anindita.phd@gmail.com Click Here
Dr. Sanjay Goel

Design of Interventions for Instructional Reform in Software Development Education

sanjay.goel@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Santoshi Sen Gupta

Employee Attrition and Retention

santoshi.sen@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Vandana Ahuja

Using Corporate Blogs For Supporting Interactive Marketing & CRM

vandana.ahuja@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Archana Mantri

The Effect Of Problem Based Learning Instructions In Undergraduate Program In Electronics & Communication Engineering

archanamantri@yahoo.com Click Here
Dr. Divakar Yadav

Design Of A Novel Incremental Parallel Webcrawler

divakar.yadav@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Vikas Saxena

Digital Image Watermarking

vikas.saxena@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Smriti Gaur

Studies Of Proteases From Biological Sources

smriti.gaur@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Sujata Kapoor

Impact Of Dividend Policy On Shareholder’s Value

sujata.kapoor@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Amit verma

Theoretical Study Of Higher Order Non Classicality In Intermediate States

amit.verma@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Manoj Sahni

Numerical Studies Of Stress In Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic Materials

manoj.sahni@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Neetu Gupta

Performance Analysis Using Some Queueing Models

neetuymca@yahoo.co.in Click Here
Dr. Vinky Sharma

An Imperical Investigation of Service Industry in Indian Context

vinky.sharma@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Chetna Dabas

Design of Accelerating Techniques for Performance Issues in RFID Systems

Dr. Namita Gupta

Text Mining for Information Retrieval

nimi_goyal@yahoo.com Click Here
Dr. Nidhi Sinha

Customer Centric Branding By Leveraging Corporate Brand Identity And Consumer Brand Knowledge

nidhi.sinha@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Manish Kumar

Realization Of Some Novel Active Circuits

manish.kumar@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Ravi K.M

Some Investigations In Fuzzy Automata

rv_km@yahoo.com Click Here
Dr. Anand Kumar Rai

A Comparative Analysis Of The Financial Performance Of Microfinance Institutions Of India And Bangladesh

anandleo19@hotmail.com Click Here
Dr. N. Kumara Swamy

Paper Mill Effluent: Decolorisation And Detoxification Studies Using Chemical And Microbial Methods

kumaryagati@yahoo.com Click Here
Dr. Shikha Sharma

Development Of A Nanoparticle Based Glucose Biosensor

shikhasharma.ambt@gmail.com Click Here
Dr. Shirin Alavi

Customer Relationship Management And Customer Experience Management Using Business Online Communities

shirin.alavi@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Santosh Dev

A Study Of Client Satisfaction And Impact Of Work Culture On Employee Satisfaction In Banks

santosh.dev@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. S. Suresh

Positioning Strategies Of Malls: An Empirical Study

s.suresh@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Development Of Service Quality Measurement Scale For Grocery Retail Stores

sanjeev_kr20@rediffmail.com Click Here
Dr. Monica Chaudhary

Role Of Children In The Family Buying Process

monica.choudhary@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr Ashish Goel

Improved Paper Reduction In Ofdm Systems

ashish.goel@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Dr Suman Makhija

Some Stability Problems of Non-Newtonian Fluids

suman_makhija@rediffmail.com Click Here
Dr. Pawan Kumar

Magnetism and Magnetotransport in Halfand Over-doped manganites: Impact of Substrate induced strain and Polycrystalline disorder

pawangk@yahoo.com Click Here
Dr. Kuldeep Mishra

Preparation, Characterization and Battery Applications of Proton Conducting Polymer Electrolytes

mishkuldeep@gmail.com Click Here
Dr Aditi Shrivastav

Investigating Determinants of Sweetness in Sweet Molecules

aditishrivastav96@gmail.com Click Here
Dr Kapila Kumar

Intraviral Protein Interactions of Chandipura Virus

mehta.kapila@gmail.com Click Here
Dr Naveen Babu G

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Anisotropically Conducting Tape Helix Slow Wave Structures

naveenabu19@gmail.com Click Here
Dr Badri Nath

An Examination of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence,Leadership Styles and Leadership Effectiveness

badri.bajaj@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms Sweta Goel

Performance of Mutual Funds and Investors’ Behaviour

goel.sweta@yahoo.co.in Click Here
Dr Gajendra Bahadur Singh

Microbial Screening and Expression of Gene involved in Carbazole Degradation

gajendrabiotech@gmail.com Click Here
Dr Richa Gupta

A Study of Variable Length Error Correcting Codes and Reversible Variable Length Codes: Analysis and Applications

richa.gupta@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms. Jasmine Saini

Small-Signal Field Analysis of Gyro-TWT Amplifier

jasmine.saini@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms. Pooja Gupta

A Novel Approach for Context Based Focused Search Engine

puju_gupta@yahoo.com Click Here
Mr Harshvardhan Tiwari

Design of Cryptographic Hash Functions Based on MD and MD Variant

tiwari.harshvardhan@gmail.com Click Here
Mr Manish Kumar Thakur

Tampered Videos: Detection and Quality Assessment

manish.thakur@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms. Mahima Rani

Studies on Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Sensors

mahiahlawat@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Barkha Rohtagi

Some Special Classes of Efficient Multiple Burst Codes

barkha.rohtagi@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Ankita Gaur

Efficient Codes with Class Errors of Sk-metric & Polynomial Power-Product Composition for Codes

ankitagaur50@yahoo.com Click Here
Ms. Anushri Verma

Some Thermal Stability Problems of Eastico-viscous, Ferromagnetic and Nanofluids

verma.anushri@gmail.com Click Here
Mr. Rajkumar Verma

Information Measures and AggregationOperators on Fuzzy / Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets With Applications in Decision Making

raj25.v@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Amita Agnihotri

Large Signal Field Theory of Linear Beam Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier

amitaagnihotri2005@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Nidhi Singla

Exploring the Proton Transfer Dynamics of Some Hydrogen Bonded Heterocyclic Molecules in Different Environments

nidhi.83@rediffmail.com Click Here
Ms. Eliza Sharma

A Study of Performance of Indian Commercial Banks and Its Relationship with Human Aspects in Banking

eliza.mba1986@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Neha Jain

E-Marketing and the Consumer Decision Making Process

jain20_neha@yahoo.com Click Here
Ms. Anchala

Some Studies on Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Intraband Transitions in Silicon Quantum Dots

anchalajiit@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Sunaina Ahuja

Destination Branding: A Holistic approach for Brand Architecture in Tourism Industry

sunaina_sachdeva@yahoo.com Click Here
Mr. Kumar Shalender

Development of Marketing Flexibility Measurement Scale for Automobile Companies

kshalender@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Jaya Mamta Prosad

Impact of Investors’ Behavioral Biases on the Indian Equity Market and Implications on Stock Selection Decisions: An Empirical Analysis

jayamamta1988@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Swati Sharma

Customer Satisfaction from Service Recovery and the Role of Culture in the Context of Indian Hotels

swati.sharma@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms Ritu Sahni

Some Applications of Fixed Point Theorems

ritu_srivastava1981@rediffmail.com Click Here
Ms. Jyoti Rana

Molecular Interactions of Chikungunya Virus Non-Structural Proteins

jyotirana21@gmail.com Click Here
Mr. Vishal Gupta

A Sustainable Supply Chain Management Framework for IT Products – An Exploratory Study

vishalg4u@gmail.com Click Here
Mr. Vikash Singh

Studies on Multifunctional Properties of Doped Multiferroics

vikas21jiit.in@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Kanupriya Misra Bakhru

Competencies for Effective Management Teaching -Perception of Teachers and Administrators of Indian B-Schools

kanupriya.misra@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Mr. Shamim Akhter

Algorithms for Computing ODCT (ODST) Independent of ODST (ODCT) Coefficients for Windowed Data

shamim.akhter@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms Diksha Gupta

Non-Linear Problems in Micropolar Fluid Flows

diksha686@yahoo.co.in Click Here
Ms Chitra Shukla

Design and Analysis of Quantum Communication Protocols

chitrashukla07@gmail.com Click Here
Mr Amar Nath

Profitability and Sustainability from Waste Management Practices in Hotels and its Impact on Environment

amar.22n@gmail.com Click Here
Ms Richa Sharma

Non-Linear Stress Analysis of Thick-Walled Circular Cylinders

richa.ggit@gmail.com Click Here
Mr Sreejith Rajasekharan

Viral-Host Protein Interactions in Chandipura Virus Pathogenesis

sreejithrajasekhar@gmail.com Click Here
Ms Suma Dawn

Digital Elevation Model: Registration and Quantification

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Ms Neetima Agarwal

Evaluating Training Effectiveness- An Analysis of Employability Skills and Associated Training Needs in the Information Technology

setneetima@gmail.com Click Here
Mr Prakash Chandra Sati

Study Of Isovalent And Aliovalent Ions Substitution in Bifeo3

satimt8311956@gmail.com Click Here
Ms Gunjan Srinet

Synthesis and Characterization of Doped ZnO

gunjansrinet@gmail.com Click Here
Ms Shubhangini Rathore

The role of Emotional Intelligence on Organizational Stress and Employee Commitment: A Comparative Study of IT & Hospitality Sector

shubhangi.rathore@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Mr Tribhuwan Kumar Tewari

Novel Techniques for Improving the Performance of Digital Audio Watermarking for Copy Right Protection

tribhuwan.tewari@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Ms Vijayeta Pal

Studies on Structural, Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead Free Ceramics Synthesized by Semi-Wet Method

vijayetapal@gmail.com Click Here
Ms Sangeeta Yadav

Some Techniques for Computation of Contexts and Situations from Sensor Data

sangeeta.yadav@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Mr Deepak Verma

Expectations of Corporate India on the Business Communication Skills of B-school Campus Recruits

deepakverma711@rediffmail.com Click Here
Ms Gagandeep Kaur Dhillon

Using Self-Similarity for Detection of Rate Based Network-Anomalies

gagan_punia@rediffmail.com Click Here

Synthesis and Characterization of Multi Ferroic Nanomaterials

manisha.nanotech@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Sujata Basu

Evaluation of Protective Role of Salacia Oblonga and Mangiferin in Tobacco Smoke and Glucose-Induced Toxic Conditions

biodoc88@yahoo.com Click Here
Ms. Nidhi Bajpai

Clinical Data Management (CDM) Process Standardization’ for Vaccine Trials in an Indian Pharmaceutical Company, under Indian Regulations

nidhibajpai12@yahoo.com Click Here
Ms. Namrata Dudha

Mapping Interactions of Chikungunya Virus Structural Protein

dudha.n@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Anuradha Singh

Phytoconstituent Characterization and Application of Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius in Development of Food Products

anuradhasingh21@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Sonal Gupta

Development of Nano-Carrier Based Antibacterial Formulation of Green Tea and Synergistic Phytochemicals

sonal85gupta@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Rupali Johri

Effect of Self-Efficacy and Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Work Passion and Career Satisfaction

roops8981@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Neha Atale

Effect of Syzygium Cuminiin Glucose Induced Cardiac Stress

nehawindream@gmail.com Click Here
Mr. Vineet Tiwari

Investigations on Structural, Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of PZT-PVDF Composites

tvineet31@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. G. Swapna

Non-Linear MHD Flow Problems of Micropolar Fluids

gswapnamohan@gmail.com Click Here
Mr. M.A. Sanjeev

Job Satisfaction & Turnover Intention among Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing Professionals in India

ma.sanjeev@jiit.ac.in Click Here
Mr. Deepak Sharma

Nose to Brain Delivery of Antiepileptic Drugs using Nanoparticles Approach

deepak5008@yahoo.com Click Here
Mr. Prateek Varshney

Terahertz Radiation Generation by Laser Beating in a Magnetized Plasma

varshneyprateek28@yahoo.com Click Here
Ms. Ragini Raghav

Development of Nanoparticle Based Immunosensor for Cancer Antigen CA125

ragini.raghav@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Saneh Lata

Numerical Studies of Stresses in Materials

maths_0_0@yahoo.co.in Click Here
Ms. Shivani Chaudhry

Behavior, Perception & Performance of Investment Professionals in Mutual Fund Industry

shanic112@yahoo.co.in Click Here
Ms. Mamta Pant

Protective Role of Adhatoda Vasica and Vasicine in Bidi Smoke Induced Cytotoxicity: An Implication for Respiratory Disorders

mamta_m.tech@yahoo.com Click Here
Mr. Subhash

Investigations on Structural and Multiferroic Properties of BiFeO3 – ABO3 Type Solid Solution Ceramics Prepared by Sol – Gel Route

subhi_77@rediffmail.com Click Here
Ms. Vanita Devi

Study of PLD grown ZnO films for light Emitting Applications

vanitabishnoi@gmail.com Click Here
Ms. Akanksha

A Study of Growth Properties and Spaces of Vector Valued Dirichlet Series

akanksha0001@gmail.com Click Here