PhD Admissions Open (Last Date to apply 30 Dec 2023)

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
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Student Pre-start Ups


To increase engagement and enhance customer experience through infotainment and better visuals. To provide a digitalized menu with AR technology making contributions in the upcoming web 3.0 and also to minimize the confusion that occurs due to cultural, lingual or regional diversity by an Augmented representation of the product.

  • Student team: Utkarsh Rai, Virad Chaurasia, Vikas Saxena (JUET)
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Nilesh Kumar R Patel.



Jarvis is an AI developer assistant like you have never seen before. It's trained on billions of lines of code and can help you in almost every code-related problem. It answers your coding questions, explains you the code, generates documentation, calculates the time complexity of functions and does many more things which increase the productivity of the developer and make programming fun and easy.

  • Student team: Ayush Singhal, Vinay Patwal, Ishan Goswami.
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Gaurav Verma (JIIT)



To make use of reliable and precision data captured through drone for better decision making of the field inputs

  • Student team: Shivam Mukherjee, Lehen Zehra and Vaishnavi Dubey.
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Alok Joshi (JIIT)



To save the food that never reaches the customer for consumptions andhelp the people who are in need and thus preventing the wastage of food.

  • Student Team: Mihir Kakkar
  • Faculty Mentor : To be fixed before the start of the project.



The main objective of this project is to develop a new control system for mobility aid (e.g. wheelchair) for people with lower limb disabilities or for those who have difficulties in long lasting displacements.

  • Student team: Aviral Dayal, Mayank Sharma, Diwakar Tiwari and Himanshu Chauhan.
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Garima Kapur (JIIT)


6. qr One

qr One is a solution to common problems faced by colleges. It has an app and a web app dashboard that provides features like attendance management system, hostel attendance management, parking management and more with the help of just a QR code.

  • Student team: Shreyan Budhouliya
  • Faculty Mentor: Prof Prashant Kaushik (JIIT)



The aim is to build a miniature self-driven vehicle using neural network and ultrasonic sensors capable of lane change and speed modulation. The vehicle should be able to change lane, increase/decrease speed depending on the lane by using pulse width modulation.

  • Student Team: Aryan Chauhan
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Archana Pandey (JIIT)


8. low flying drone detection using radar & antenna

Drone detection radar is used to identify and track small, fast moving objects in low visibility conditions and bad weather conditions.

  • Student team: Adwitya Shukhla, Aditya Phukan & Rahul Kumar.
  • Faculty Mentor: Prof Shweta Srivastava (JIIT)


9. krisharks smart drone crop sprayer

To providing agricultural support for our farmers.The developed device will have an HD camera which will take pictures of the plant and send it to the machine, from there the machine will automatically identify the disease through machine learning from the stored data.

  • Student team: Rahul Rana, Harshit Singh, Akhil Verma, Aryan Bhardwaj, Himanshi Sood,  Kartik Bhardwaj
  • Faculty Mentor : Dr Shruti Jain, Dr Pradeep Garg and Dr Sunil Datt Sharma (JUIT)


10. third eye

Automatic incident detection (AID) aims to detect incidents automatically and quickly so that the problem can be dealt with traffic authorization and the roads restored to normal operation as soon as possible.

  • Student Team: Manav Modi & Varidhi
  • Faculty Mentor :Prof Munish Sood (JUIT)


11. joie- A friend your wish you had

To develop a chatbot and voice bot which is smart enough to motivate the user who is feeling low by providing humanly interaction and by giving suggestion to the user regarding which activity he should do to boost his mood.To build a community where people can blog their opinion and experiences so that others can read and get influenced from them.

  • Student team  : Archit Kaushak & Prakhar Jain
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Aman Sharma (JUIT)



To develop a model to find out groundwater potential zones. To develop a model for designing, building and deploying 2D and 3D visualized groundwater maps using remote sensing (RS) techniques and geographical information system (GIS) software.

  • Student team  :  Phurpa Dorji and Karma Yoezer
  • Faculty Mentor: Prof Akash Bhardwaj (JUIT)


13. sweat nets  -  a viable source of portable water

To convert the humid fog into drinkable water and supply it to places with scarcity of water by developingan mesh for increased production of water.

  • Student Team: Dechen Wangm, Sonam Pelzom & Sharad Singh
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Tanmay Gupta (JUIT)


14. fire fighting robot

An advanced autonomous fire extinguishing system that can combat fire accidents and minimize damage to both human lives and property without exposing fire fighters to additional risks.

  • Student Team: Abhishek, Utkarsh, Deepanshu & Sanat Jain
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr Nishant Jain and Dr Vikas Baghel (JUIT)