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  • Prof. Vikas Saxena
Director & Head (CSE & IT),


He is a passionate educator & researcher. During his more than 21 years of career, he has taught and developed several courses at UG & PG levels. His academic and teaching interests are in the areas of Computer Vision, Software Engineering & Data Structures. His objective as an educator & academic leader is to motivate students & faculty members for developing their own learning interests and critical thinking, to establish a learner-centric environment in the classroom & to conduct cutting edge research to make impact on the state of the art technologies.

He has more than 80 publications in refereed journals and conferences including the top most journals like IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Tech., IEEE Geoscience & Remote sensing, IEEE Access, Elsevier COMCOM, Weily SPE, IET Quantum Communication, Neural Computing & Applications, ESA etc and in the star conferences like IEEE ICC, IEEE INFOCOM, etc. He has guided 8 Ph.D. Thesis, 25 M.Tech. dissertations and 140+ Undergraduate Projects. Presently, he is guiding 2 Ph.D. scholars. He has served as reviewer of several world class journals ( Like IEEE Geoscience letter, IEEE Access, several Springer and Elsevier journals) & Conferences. From 2008 onwards, He is also serving as a key organizer along with Prof. Sartaj Sahni (UFL, USA) of a premier computing conference IC3. Apart from teaching and research related roles and responsibilities, he has served at several administrative roles at departmental & at University level in last 20 years. In past, he has led at various levels and played pivot roles during NAAC, NBA, UGC, AICTE & NIRF related visits and tasks.


  • Ph.D.(CSE)from JIIT ,Noida in the field of“Digital Image Watermarking”,Degree awarded in March-2009.

Supervisor:Prof.J.P.Gupta,Ex-Prof IIT Roorkee,Ex-VC:JIIT University,Noida,India

Thesis Evaluator: Prof.K.K.Biswas,IITDelhi,India,Prof.RajatMoona, IIT Kanpur,India,Prof.Sunilkumar,SanDiegoUniv.,USA.

  • M.E.(CS)Form VJTI,Mumbai.Completed with distinctioninMarch2002with71%.
  • B.Tech.(CS&IT) from IET,MJP Rohilkhand University,Bareilly.Completed in July 2000 with GPA8.09.
  • MHRD Fellowship GATE (2000)-AIR415







JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)

Director & Head(CSE&IT)

01 Feb 2023 Onwards


JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)


April2019to Jan 2023


JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)


1OCT2017to March 2019


JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)


Aug2013to OCT2017


JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)

Assistant          Professor(Sr.Grade)



JaypeeInstituteofInfo.Tech.,Noida(Deemedto beUniversity)














  • Patentpublished,title:“A METHOD TO SET A THRESHOLD VALUE FOR A FLEX SENSOR”, Application number:202111027482, Date 19 June 2021, Inventors: Vikas Saxena, HimaniBansal,AnitaSahoo,SwapnilKusumwal,SiddhantRanjanSingh&YashvardhanVerma(FERSUBMITTED, Dec 2022 )

  • Patentpublished,Title:“ANovelProcessforAmbientScreenControlAutomationSystem”, A.Sahoo,V.Saxena,H.Bansal,I.Jain,M.Bansal,P.Gupta.(FER ReceivedOCT 2022)

Research Contributions


PhD Supervision:

  1. Awarded:08

  • Manish Kumar Thakur (June2014),Title:TAMPERED VIDEOS:DETECTION AND QUALITY ASSESSMENT,Thesis Evaluators:Prof Harpreet Singh,Wayne State Univ,USA and Prof.Phalguni Gupta, IITKanpur,India

  • SumaDawn   (June   2015),   Title:   DIGITAL   ELEVATION   MODEL:   REGISTRATION   AND QUANTIFICATION,ThesisEvaluators:NielsdaVitoriaLobo,Univ.OfFlorida,USAandProf. K.K.Biswas,IITDelhi

  • TribhuwanKTewari(July2014),Title:NOVEL TECHNIQUES FOR IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF DIGITAL AUDIO WATERMARKING FOR COPYRIGHT PROTECTION,Thesis Evaluators: Prof R. Thaper, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, USA and Prof. R.CJoshi, IITRoorkee.

  • GagandeepKaur D (September 2015), Title: USING SELF-SIMILARITY FOR DETECTION OFRATE BASED NETWORK-ANOMALIES, Thesis Evaluators: Prof Harpreet Singh, Wayne StateUniv, USAandProf. Karmeshu,JNU, India Bhawana Saxena ( June 2020), Title: "Identification and Exploitation of Self-Similarity for Influence Maximization in Online Social Networks,Thesis Evaluators: Prof.Christos, Greece, & Prof.M. Mishra, IIT Roorkee, India.

  • MadhuKhurana(August2020),Title: “Chance DetectioninRemotelySensedImages”.

  • Vikas Hassija (Oct 2021) , Title: “Blockchain-Based Transparent and Secure Algorithms forSpecificDomains oftheInternetofThings

  • VarshaGarg,(August2022),Title:“Effective Identification of Endometrial Tuberculosis for Infertility using Machine Learning” Inaddition to the above 8 Scholars,He has served asadministrative guide of 2 candidates( Dr.MeenalJain, Dr.VimalKumar)

    2. Ongoing: 02


    • Neha Sharma: Quantum Cryptography 
    • Prashant Kaushik: AI & Video annotation


    External Ph.D. & PG Thesis Examined:

  • SandipMal,“Development of Software Quality Metrics for Object-Oriented Design”, December 2015,Theis Submitted in BIT Mesra.Exam./SP/Ph.D./2015-16/458

  • Charu Agarwal, “Design of digital Watermarking Schemes for Gary-Scale Images and Uncompressed Video Using Soft ComputingTechniques”,Exam.IV/Ph.D./9587/2/343dated29 August,Thesis Submitted in Delhi University., Oct2016


  • O.Kulkarni,“Multiple Kernel-Based Optimization Algorithms for Big Data Clustering using Map Reduce Framework”,Ph.D./Exams/2021,Date24-11-2021,GITAM,Bangaluru


Total Citations so far:2165,H-Index:16(Accessed on Feb 2023)

Best International Journal:(SCI:12published)

  • GargV.,SahooA.,SaxenaV.,“Identificationof EndometrialTuberculosisinInfertilityusingNon-Subsampled Contourlet based Convolution Neural Network” , Expert Systems with Applications,Elsevier.(SCIEIF6.9), Vol202,Sep2022,,
  • Chamola V, Goyal A, Sharma P., Hassija V, Binh H.T.,Saxena V, " Artificial IntelligenceAssistedBlockchain-basedFrameworkforSmartandSecureEMRManagement",SpringerNeuralComputingandApplications,March2022,(SCIEIF:5.6)
  • Jain M, Kaur G, Saxena V., “A K-Means Clustering and SVM based Hybrid ConceptDriftDetectionTechniqueforNetworkAnomalyDetection”,ExpertSystemswithApplications,Elsevier.(SCIEIF6.9)Jan2022,
  • Hassija V., Saxena V, Chamola V and F. Richard Yu, "A Parking Slot Allocation FrameworkBased on Virtual Voting and Adaptive Pricing Algorithm," in IEEE Transactions on VehicularTechnology, vol. 69, no. 6, pp. 5945-5957, June 2020, doi: 10.1109/TVT.2020.2979637.[SCIIF: 6.1]
  • Khurana, M., Saxena, V, "A unified approach to change detection using an adaptiveensemble of Extreme Learning Machines", vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 794-798, May 2020,, IEEERemoteSensing&GeoScienceletter,[SCIIF3.6][doi:10.1109/LGRS.2019.2933906.]
  • Hassija V., Chamola V., Saxena V., Jain D., Goya P.,Sikdar B.,"A Survey on IoT Security: ApplicationAreas, Security Threats, and Solution Architectures", IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 82721-82743, 2019, doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2924045.(SCIEIF:4.5)
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  • SaxenaB.,SaxenaV.,“Hurstexponentbasedapproachforinfluencemaximizationinsocialnetworks”,JournalofKingSaudUniversity-ComputerandInformationSciences,Elsevier,Dec2019,ISSN1319-1578,, [ SCIEIF13.47]
  • Saxena, B., Saxena, V. Towards establishing the effect of self-similarity on influence maximization inonline     social     networks,     Springer’s     Social           NetworksAnalysis&.Mining.10,35(2020).[ESCI]
  • Dawn S., Saxena V., Sharma B, “Advanced free-form deformation and Kullback–Lieblier Divergencemeasure for digital elevation model registration”, Springer Journal of Signal, Image and video processing,Vol-9,No-7, pp 1625-1635, 2015.)[SCIE IF2.15]
  • Khurana, M., Saxena, V., “Green Cover Change Detection using a Modified Adaptive Ensemble ofExtreme Learning Machines for North-Western India”, Journal of King Saud University -Computer andInformation Sciences (2018), Elsevier, doi:, Sep 201 [ SCIEIF13.47]
  • G.Kaur,V.Saxena, JPGupta,“DetectionofTCPtargeted highbandwidth attacksusing self-similarity”,JournalofComputerandInformationSciences,Elsevier,May2017(onlineat:[ SCIEIF13.47]
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  • Tewari T.K.,Saxena V., Gupta JP, "A digital audio watermarking scheme using selective mid bandDCTcoefficients andenergythreshold",SpringerInternationalJournal ofSpeechTechnology,May2014,V 17,pp 365-371. ( ESCI,SNIP1.08 asper SpringerNature)

Best International Conferences:

  • V. Hassija, V. Saxena and V. Chamola, "A Blockchain-based Framework for Drone-Mounted BaseStations in Tactile Internet Environment," IEEE INFOCOM 2020 - IEEE Conference on ComputerCommunications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS), Toronto, ON, Canada, 2020, pp. 261-266, doi:10.1109/INFOCOMWKSHPS50562.2020.9162991.[HIndex:72, HMedian:99]
  • V Hassija, G Bansal, V Chamola, V Saxena, B Sikdar, BlockCom: A Blockchain Based CommerceModel for Smart Communities using Auction Mechanism, pp 1-6, IEEE ICC- 2019.(flagship conferenceoftheIEEECommunications Society),),
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  • DawnS.,SaxenaV.,SharmaB.,"DEMregistrationusingwatershedalgorithmandchaincoding",Proceedings of the Fourth Annual ACM Bangalore Conference (ACM-COMPUTE '11). ACM,NewYork,NY, USA,pp 1-5, March 2011

Other International Journals:


    • Meenal Jain and Vikas Saxena, An ECOSVS-based support vector machine for network anomalydetection, ,International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies, Vol.14, No. 1, March ,2022,pp 32-54,Inderscince(Scopus, Citescore1.3)

    • M.Khurana,V.Saxena,"EffectivenessofMorphologicalReconstructionOperatorsinChangeDetection for Remote Sensing Images", IndersceinceInternational Journal of Spatial, TemporalandMultimedia InformationSystems,June2017.Vol-1, issue-2pp:151-166,ISSN:2052-3556
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    Other International Conferences:

    • Tanya Rastogi, Vikas Hassija, and Vikas Saxena. 2021. Quantum Communication: Concept,Applications,andFutureOutlook.2021ThirteenthInternationalConferenceonContemporaryComputing(IC3-2021).AssociationforComputingMachinery,NewYork,NY,USA,51–56.DOI:[ Scopus, ACM]
    • Varsha Garg, Anita Sahoo, and Vikas Saxena. 2021. Fusion Framework for Morphological andMultispectralTexturalFeaturesforIdentificationofEndometrialTuberculosis.2021ThirteenthInternationalConferenceonContemporaryComputing(IC3-2021).AssociationforComputingMachinery, New York, NY, USA, 187–195. DOI: [ Scopus,ACM]
    • Garg, V., Sahoo, A., Saxena, V. (2021). Gradient Local Auto Correlation Co-occurrence MachineLearning Model for Endometrial Tuberculosis Identification. In: Prateek, M., Singh, T.P., Choudhury, T.,Pandey, H.M., Gia Nhu, N. (eds) Proceedings of International Conference on Machine Intelligence andDataScienceApplications.AlgorithmsforIntelligentSystems.Springer,Singapore.[Scopus]
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    Other Contributions in Journal/ Conference/Books:

    • ReviewerIEEEGeosciencesandRemoteSensingletter,
    • ReviewerElsevierJournalComputerand InformationSciences,
    • Reviewerin Journal:ElsevierjournalComputerVisionandImageUnderstanding,2013,Elsevier,USA.
    • Reviewerin Journal:ReviewerinOpticsExpress,USA,2013,USA
    • PublicationchairandeditorialboardmemberinIC32009to IC3-2018,JointlyConductedbyUniv.ofFloridaUSAandJIIT,Noida,India
    • PublicityCoChair IC32008,Noida,India
    • ProgramCommitteemember:IEEE-InternationalConferenceonImageProcessingTheory,ToolsandApplications,14-17Oct,Paris,France.
    • ProgramCommitteemember:Third InternationalWorkshoponTrustManagementinP2PSystems,3-5August,2012,Chennai,India.
    • Program Committee member:Third International Conference on Computer andCommunicationTechnology,ICCCT-2012,23-25Nov,2012,Allahabad, India.
    • Programcommitteememberof3rd IEEE InternationalAdvanceComputingConference,February22-23,2013Ghaziabad,India.
    • ProgramCommitteemember:InternationalConferenceonAdvancesinComputing,CommunicationsandInformatics2013,22-25August,Mysore,India
    • ProgramCommitteemember:InternationalConferenceonSecurityinComputerNetworks andDistributedSystems.11-12,OCT2012,Trivandrum, India
    • ProgramCommitteemember: InternationalConferenceonAdvancedComputerScienceApplicationsandTechnologies,26-28Nov2012.Malaysia.
    • ProgramCommitteemember,IEEEInternationalSymposiumonSignalProcessingandInformationTechnology,Dec15-17,2014JIIT,Noida.
    • ProgramCommitteemember,2015 InternationalConferenceonSignalprocessingandApplication,16-18March,2015,Noida,India
    • ProgramCommitteemember,2013 InternationalConferenceonSignalprocessingandApplication,December12-14,Noida,India
    • BookReviewer:Programmingin c,McGrawHill Education,FirstEdition,2015December,Delhi,India.
    • Bookreviewer:C++Programming,JaicoPublishingHouse,First Edition,2014,NewDelhi.
    • Bookreviewer:ObjectOrientedC++Programming,FirstEdition,JaicoPublishingHouse,2014,NewDelhi.
    • Bookreviewer:IntroductiontoDigital ImageProcessing, FirstEdition,OrientBlcakSwan,NewDelhi,India,2014.
    • BookReviewer:SoftwareTestingbyM.G.Limaye,2E.”TMH,India,2015.

    Other Roles as Academician:

    • NodelCoordinator,Virtual Lab,From2018onwards.
    • DeliveredInvitedtalkintwoweekFDPinBVICAM,NewDelhion“EmergingResearchTrendsinComputerScience&IT,14th–26thMay,2018,
    • DeliveredInvitedtalkinFDPinJSS,SoftComputing-Techniques,toolsandapplications,11-15June,2018
    • Deliveredinvitedtalksin threeFDPsorganizedbyDeptofCSE,DeptofECEandDeptofMathematicsinJuly2017.
    • Delivered aninvitedtalkasaResourceperson, FacultydevelopmentprogramonDIGITAL IMAGEPROCESSING,6-10 FEB2017,RKGITGhaziabad, India.
    • Delivered an invited talk as a Resource person, Faculty development program onMachinelearninganditsapplicationon Image andTextanalysis,30Jan-03Feb2017,JSSATE,Noida,India
    • SessionChair,AttendedInternational.Conference onComputing,CommunicationandAutomation(ICCCA2016),April2016,Noida(Galgotia Univ.)
    • SessionChair, International.ConferenceonSignalProcessingandcommunication,Dec2016.Noida(JIIT,ECE)
    • Attendedandparticipatedinthe“IAENG InternationalConferenceon ImagingEngineering,” 21-23 March 2007, Hong Kong, along with more than 12 otherinternationalconferencesinIndia
    • OrganizingcommitteememberofInternationalConferenceonContemporaryComputing(IC3) jointly conducted by JIIT Univ., India and Univ. of Florida, USA during 2008 to2017.
    • InvitedspeakerinIEEE NationalworkshoponComputerVision&ImageProcessinginLNMIIT,Jaipur,8-9September2012.
    • BeingalifememberofCSIandExecutivememberofCSI-GhaziabadChapter,morethandozen workshops and seminars attended & organized in the different areas of CSE/IT atZoneandNationallevel.
    • EightFDPsattended/organizedof1weekduration,includingonebyTCSinIIT-DelhiinDecember2004intheareaofSoftwareEngineering.