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The Department of Biotechnology at JIIT, NOIDA, is actively engaged in research in the biosciences in fields as diverse as functional and evolutionary genomics and proteomics, Drug target discovery, microbial biodiversity/bioremediation, molecular mechanisms of action/micro- propagation-medicinal plants, bioprocess and Industrial biotechnology, nanobiotechnology and regulatory affairs-biologics. The objective of the M. Tech in Biotechnology program is to broadly equip students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to enter professional research career in the life sciences and positions in the biotechnology industry. The curriculum provides breadth of courses that will explore how the use of new biotechnologies relates to animal, microbial, and plant biology, agriculture, health, the environment and industry as well as an overview of research methodology, product development in Biotechnology, biosafety, ethics and regulation of the biosciences (Biologicals/Environmental policy regulations etc). The curriculum is further enriched by added choice of specialized areas pursued through elective options such as Vaccine biotechnology, System & Structural biology, Drug Delivery, and Genomics and Society. The class room lectures, seminars, and term papers will invariably be followed by extensive exposure to biotechniques and research methods through dissertation and research projects.

Curriculum Structure

Curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the objectives as mentioned above. We understand that in order to cater the demands of the market and meet the challenges of the future the curriculum is subjected to change.

Curriculum Structure - M.Tech (Biotechnology) 2018-19 onwards. -- Click Here

Curriculum Structure - M.Tech (Biotechnology) 2017-18 onwards. -- Click Here

Curriculum Structure - M.Tech (Biotechnology) Old Batches -- Click Here


Course Descriptions with Course Outcomes

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