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Faculty Innovation Projects

The objective of the faculty innovation project scheme is similar to Student Pre-Start up projects but these projects are expected to have direct and leading involvement of the faculty. In the first phase, 6 faculty innovation projects have been approved and seed funds provided. In the 2nd phase, it is expected to approve about 60-70 projects.


Prebiotic cookies using edible seeds
Dr. Smriti Gaur, Department of Biotechnology, JIIT


Context-aware digital image enhancement of X-Ray film image
Dr. Suma Dawn, Department of CS & IT, JIIT


Reliable classification of cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) for sleep disorders.

Dr. Megha Agarwal, Department of CS & IT, JIIT


Substrate Integrated Waveguide based sensor for detection of adulteration in edible oil and honey

Dr. Abhay Kumar, Department of ECE, JIIT


Design and Realizations of Integer/Fractional Order Memristive Element Emulators

Dr. Bhartendu Chaturvedi, Department of ECE, JIIT


Design and Development of Metasurface based Broadband Linear to Circular Polarization Converters for Modern Wireless Communication

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Mr Raghvenda Kumar Singh, Department of ECE, JIIT


Automated Photoluminescence Detention using image processing.

Dr. Hemant Kumar

Dr. Parul Arora, Department of ECE, JIIT