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Language Lab

English language laboratory aims to develop the key areas of language i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This language laboratory is beneficial for students in equipping them with these skills and developing their personality. A number of software, such as, connected speeches, tense buster, and sky pronunciation suite has been provided through this lab to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of communication in different situations. By the amalgamation of theory and practice, we enhance students’ presentation and communication skills.

Psychology lab

The psychology laboratory provides with high interactive resources for psychometric tests of psychological science. Psychology students are invited to use the laboratory for future learning about psychological phenomena and scientific process including research methods, practical applications and ethics. Psychology lab is the perfect place to learn applied knowledge about the topics such as attention, memory, personality, learning, language, problem solving, intelligence, emotions etc. It also enhances students’ farsightedness and observational skills for judging a personality. Students learn to examine the interrelationship between subject and human behaviour. Psychology recognizes the need to study the problem oriented areas in human science with accurate guidance and testing.