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  • Dr. Vivek Dwivedi
Associate Professor


BE.,M.E., PhD

Interest Area(s)

Cognitive radio, Fading , Channel Capacity

Work Experience
11 Years


International Journals

  • Garima Singh, Gurjeet Kaur, Vivek K. Dwivedi andPankaj K. Yadav,“Development of coded-cooperation based multi-relay system for cognitive radio using  mathematical modeling an  its performance analysis’’, Wireless Network DOI 10.1007/s11276-017-1453-x.
  • Aakanksha Sharma  Vivek K Dwivedi and G Singh,“Channel capacity with suboptimal adaptation    technique over generalized-k fading using marginal moment generating function” Radio electronics and   communications Systems, Vol. 59, no 8, pp 325–334, Aug.  2016.
  • Juhi Gupta, V. Karwal andVivek K Dwivedi and G Singh, “Joint overlay-underlay optimal power allocation in cognitive radio”, Wireless  personal communication, Vol. 83, no.3, pp 2267–2278, Aug 2015.  
  • Vivek K Dwivediand G Singh, “Moment Generating Function Based Performance Analysis of Maximal-Ratio Combining Diversity Receivers in the Generalized-K Fading Channels”, Wireless personal communication, Vol. 77, no. 3, pp 1959-1975, Aug. 2014 .
  • Pankaj K. Yadav, Vivek K. Dwivedi, V. Karwal and J.P. Gupta, “A new windowing function to reduce ICI in OFDM systems” Taylor & Francis International Journal of Electronics Letters , vol. 2, no.1,pp.2-7, Nov.2013.
  • Vivek K. Dwivediand G Singh,“ Marginal moment generating function based analysisof channel capacity over correlated Nakagami-m fading with maximal-ratio combiningdiversity”, Progress In Electromagnetic Research B, vol. 41, pp.333-356, June 2012.[Impact factor: 4.75]
  • Vivek K. Dwivediand G Singh, “Repeated correlative coding scheme for mitigation of ICI in OFDM systems,” IET Communication, vol.6, pp.599-603, April.2012. [Impact factor: 0.963]
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International Conferences:

  • Vivek K Dwivedi and G Singh, “Analysis of channel capacity of generalized-K fading with maximal ratio combining diversity receivers,” Proc. International Conference on Communication System and Networking technology (CSNT-2011), 3-5 June 2011, pp. 550-553, India.
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National Conferences:

  • Dwivedi, V.K.,andSingh, G., “Inter-carrier interference cancellation in OFDM systems”,Proc. Conference on Wireless and Optical Communication (WOC- 2007), Chandigarh, pp. 245-248, Dec. 2007.

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