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The academic year 2018-19 was a wonderful year for Parola- The literary hub of JIIT. Our flagship events The Joust and JMUN beat all previous benchmarks and outperformed our own expectations.

The Joust, the literary fest of JIIT organised on September 22-23, 2018 hosted seven different events and witnessed a footfall of 500+ people. The literary fest saw participation from all the major colleges of Delhi NCR and rest of the country. The Joust constituted of a plethora of literary events that included debating, Committee simulations, poetry, journalism and creative writing. Named after the historic form of martial game, the event firmly believes in the inexhaustible power of words. Joust, known for its quality and diversity of events is one of the rare events in the circuit that conducts various MUN and Indian committees as well as one the most beautiful poetry competitions. This year a two day debating competition named Tarksangram was introduced with a prestigious rolling trophy.

Joust 2018 surpassed all expectations and established itself as the most prestigious and awaited literary fest of the entire Delhi debating circuit. The events conducted in the latest edition of the Joust were:

  • Tarksangram - The highlight of the fest was the two day debate that ensures a proper battle of words on topics such as outrage culture, religion, politics and various ideologies. Twenty five of the best teams of the circuit participated in the debate with the winner walking away with the coveted trophy.
  • Inkspill - This was a unique concept based on fictional creative writing where the participants chose a fictional series and were supposed to write a fan fiction starting from the point in the story that was assigned to them.
  • The Press - Constituting of both journalists and photographers who were given assignments, the press ensured that the newsletter issued by the Joust maintained its quality as well as gave budding journalists, writers and photographers an amazing experience.
  • World War Crisis Committee - Joust is one of the rare events that hosted a crisis committee. The participants in this committee were given a crisis based around Myanmar during the time frame of World War 2 to deal with testing their interpersonal skills, knowledge, research and presence of mind.
  • All India Political Party Meet - The participants were assigned a leader from a particular political party whom they represented while debating on issues pertaining to the women and children of India.
  • United Nations Environmental Assembly - With the participants representing various countries, various environmental issues were debated upon and solutions were sought.
  • Slammed - A beautiful slam poetry competition that showcased the poets coming from all walks of life

The Jaypee Model United Nations or the JMUN as it is more commonly known is one of the best and the oldest MUNs of the Delhi region. Currently in its ninth edition, JMUN is considered a legacy and a wonderful one at that. With an amazing judge panel, exciting prizes and a really good quality of debate, JMUN attracts the best from not only the major colleges of Delhi NCR but from across the length and breadth of the country as well. The ninth edition of the Joust is scheduled to be held on January12-13, 2019 and preparations for the same are in full swing.

In its last edition, the hard working organizing committee had embraced the legacy of JMUN to put forth the following committees:

  • Historic Lok Sabha - A freeze date was given to the participants and they had to debate in the format of the lower house of the Parliament according to this freeze date. It was truly one of the most exciting committees that discussed India’s nuclear deal with America and an attempt was made to bring in a no confidence motion against the existing government.
  • United Nations Human Rights Council- As one the smoothest functioning committee, the UNHRC saw the participants representing various countries debate on an issue actually banned in the actual UNHRC but one that needs awareness.
  • Arab League - Participants with portfolios of the members of the Arab League put their heads together to discuss the causes and plausible solutions to the growing unemployment of youth in the region.
  • United Nations General Assembly - The participants representing the countries of the UNGA deliberated on the tricky issue of nuclear disarmament.
  • Council of European Union - This was a committee that discussed and deliberated and debated upon the very important and burning issue of the migrant crisis that is affecting the members of the European Union.

Apart from these flagship events the daughter societies of Parola, namely the Jaypee DebSoc and the JMUNSoc work really hard to train students and help them compete in competitions in and outside campus. A summary of this year’s participation and prizes is as follows:

The Jaypee Debsoc over the past couple of years has carved a name for itself in the Delhi circuit. Meetings are organized on a regular basis where the members of Debsoc debate on various issues concerning national, international, social and economic issues. Apart from this there are group discussions on much trivial and grass root level topics.

It is a distinct achievement of The Jaypee Debsoc to be the highest award-grossing hub of JIIT. The Jaypee Debsoc has currently around 40 members which include students from first year through the final year. The primary aim of our hub is not just to train young mind to speak succinctly but also to help them overcome the classic “engineering – student” fear of public speaking. This process involves sending members of our hub to different colleges and competition to hone the skill they have been taught.

The Jaypee Debsoc is extremely proud and happy to share the the list of achievements for the past year:

  • Narendra Singh Pradhan Memorial is the oldest Hindi parliamentary debate of the Delhi University Circuit and in its 26th edition Abdul Malik and Ali Yawar represented JIIT in the tournament and went on to win the First Prize in this extremely prestigious Tournament
  • Utsav Gupta and Ishita Pandey participated in UDBHAV, the Hindi Fresher’s Debate organised by Kirori Mal College and went on to lift the trophy in their maiden competition.
  • Abdul Malik and Kartikey Shandilya bagged the 2nd Prize at the Inter College Debate organised by Miranda College on September 2018.
  • Kartikey Shandilya and Aman Manchanda won the second position at VAAK-VYUH, the hindi CD cum PD organised by Ramjas College.
  • TARKVYUH, one of the most prestigious debates of the Delhi NCR is organised every year by LSR college and our college team comprising of Abdul Malik and Ali Yawar went on to lift the winning trophy.
  • Utsav Gupta and Kartikey Shandilya got consolation Prize in the Hindi CD organised by REC in Aurobindo college where Akshhat Srivastava got the best interjector prize.
  • Another feather got added to our cap when Ishita Batra, a first-year student, was awarded the best speaker at Daulat Ram Freshers Debate.

Some of our budding debaters include Pratik Chauhan, Ishita Batra, Sankalp Agarwal.

The Jaypee Debsoc also organises various intra as well as inter college competitions so that students can discuss and debate on various issues. Some of the debates organized by the hub are:

  • VIVAD: A bilingual conventional debate was organized by The Jaypee Debsoc and Parola on February 24, 2018 where people from various colleges of Delhi NCR had participated and the event proved to be a huge success.
  • An inter college socio- technical debate was organized by our hub during Cyber Srishti in which Raksha Tandon won the third prize in the English debate and Aman Manchanda got the best interjector award.

The JMUNSoc also worked tirelessly over the last year and has produced excellent results.

Students from JIIT made a mark in the Delhi-NCR MUNs and were able to influence minds not just with their orating skills but, with their thoughts and opinions as well. Over the past year our students went for 5 major MUN conferences bagging prizes in all of them.

  • The Joust 2018 - About 100 students from Jaypee took part in this literary fest which had 3 MUN committees In this conference, Pratik Chauhan (1st Year) bagged the Special Mention award in the All India Political Party Meet and Shubham Singh (1st Year) bagged a Verbal Mention in the United Nations Environment Programme.
  • ARSD Youth Conclave - Discussing the problem of Sexual Exploitation in UN peacekeeping bodies in the United Nations Human Rights Committees, Salil Shukla (2nd Year) bagged the Special Mention Award.
  • IHMUN - Organized on the same dates as the ARSD Youth Conclave, discussing the issue of statehood of Palestine, Ishita Pandey (2nd Year) Bagged High Commendation in the United Nations Human Rights Committee.
  • JSSMUN - One of the two conferences held on November 17-18, delegates from Jaypee put up a great show. Sankalp Agarwal (1st Year) bagged Best Delegate in the All India Political Party Meet and Vivek Shukla bagged High Commendation in the United Nations General Assembly.
  • ISBFMUN- Held on the same weekend as JSSMUN, Ishita Pandey (2nd Year) bagged Special Mention in the United Nations Development Programme and Salil Shukla (2nd Year) bagged High Commendation in the United Nations General Assembly.

With the successful completion of 2018 and with a fresh year full of opportunities ahead Students from Parola are already preparing themselves for all the upcoming competitions in the month of January and February and getting ready to put up a grand show at the ninth Edition of the Jaypee Model United Nations which is bound to be one of the finest conferences of the coming year.

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  • Sep2019
    Name of the Hub: Parola – The Literary Hub of JIIT Name of the Event: The Joust 2019 Date Venue Time: 28-29 September 2019, JBS, 9 AM – 5 PM Brief Description: The Joust 2019, The Literary fest of... Read More

    Name of the Hub: Parola – The Literary Hub of JIIT

    • Name of the Event: The Joust 2019
    • Date Venue Time: 28-29 September 2019, JBS, 9 AM – 5 PM
    • Brief Description: The Joust 2019, The Literary fest of JIIT was organized by Parola- The Literary hub of JIIT on 28th and 29th September, 2019. The 5th edition of the fest was spread over 2 days and had the following 9 events:

      1. NIC(National integration council)
      2. UNESCO(United nations educational scientific and cultural organisation )
      3. IOM(International organisation for migration)
      4. THE PRESS
      5. CEREBRATE
      7. VERSES
      8. PENNED

    • The Joust 2019 witnessed heated arguments and turned out to be one of the finest platforms to debate and discuss issues. The fest witnessed a participation of about 450 delegates from about 68 colleges spread across northern India.
    • However, this wouldn't have been possible without the unconditional support of the administration, coordinators and the teachers of our prestigious institution. We thank you all for making The Joust 2019 such a huge success.
    • Number of Participants: 472 Participants, 120 from JIIT, 352 from outside.