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NSS JIIT is a voluntary organization founded on September 14,  2019 with the aim of sensitizing youths to the various social and environmental concerns of the society and to have a committed volunteer base to serve the society through various events both in and around university campus. NSS JIIT collaborates with various NGO s to further their mission to serve the society.

JIIT there are 3 sanctioned Units. The NSS units of JIIT are self financed units. Each Unit has 100 volunteers .The student volunteers uphold the spirit of NSS : NOT ME BUT YOU  by volunteering enthusiastically towards social service and works for the betterment of society.

The four areas it broadly renders it services are:

  • Gyan Vigyan: This is a field of service wherein we deal with  awareness and knowledge enhancement about science and technology. We have campaigns under which we offer services to educate under privileged students through NGO’s. The volunteer organize campus visits, online sessions and face to face interactions to explain basic scientific concepts.
  • Prakriti Aur Swasthya:Emphasizes on the responsibility of taking good care of the environment and of people around us.  NSS JIIT regularly conducts events on health, sanitation , hygiene,  environment conservation,  plantation drives, awareness on stubble burning, segregation of waste  and cleanliness drives to restore Prakriti and Swasthaya. 
  • Lok  Chetna:We aim to spread constructive awareness among the members of the society. Events such as consumer right awareness campaign, Drug free India Campaign, women empowerment,   road safety campaign,  and awareness on other social issues , rights and responsibilities mark our efforts for creating Lok Chetna
  • Samvedna: Compassion towards fellow human beings. Compassion gives us the ability to understand someone else’s situation and the desire to take action to improve their lives. It is the quality that allows us to step outside of ourselves and see the circumstances of others.  NSS organized events like blood donation camp, menstrual hygiene awareness campaigns, donation drives, free medical camps, cultural and social  interaction with special children are some of the drives that this wing undertakes to instil Samvedna  for society among youths.


JIIT has constituted an Advisory Committee to advise on programme planning and development under the Chairmanship of the Principal. The Programme Officer is its member secretary. The committee consists of:

1 Vice Chancellor Chairman Prof S.C. Saxena
2 Director Sector 128 Advisor Prof. Harim Gupta
3 NSS Program Coordinator Members Prof. Alka Sharma
4 NSS Programme Officers Members Dr Swati Sharma; Ms Kritika Rani

Student Council

JYOTI SHARMA ORGANIZING SECRETARY 9354248977 jyotidivyasharma2001@gmail.com
ISHITA VERMA ORGANIZING SECRETARY 8957885955 ishita.mahajan0301@gmail.com
RAHUL RANJAN MANAGEMENT 9162296101 rahulranjan91622@gmail.com
RACHIT AGARWAL MANAGEMENT 7060613305 19102167@mail.jiit.ac.in
SHIVANSH GUPTA TREASURER 6264054400 shivansh2000gupta@gmail.com
HRITIK AGARWAL DESIGN AND MEDIA 7409660788 hritikkansal@gmail.com
NANDINI PHARASI DESIGN AD MEDIA 8799755005 nandinipharasi@gmail.com
SALONI SINGH OPERATIONS 9810744967 19102136@mail.jiit.ac.in
SHASWAT MISHRA OPERATIONS 7525046151 19802002@mail.jiit.ac.in