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Most Commonly Asked Questions for JIIT Noida Admission:

Q1. What courses are offered by the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT)?

Ans. JIIT is one of the reputed institutes, which offers UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses. The undergraduate courses offered by the institute at Bachelor’s level are in various specializations of Engineering and BBA. Detailed programs can be accessed at (https://www.jiit.ac.in/)

Q2. Does Jaypee Institute offer distance learning programs as well?

Ans. JIIT offers UG, PG, and Ph.D courses. However, the institute offers a regular mode of education and full-time courses. One must contact the JIIT directly for further information.

Q3. What are the requirements to be completed for getting a degree from JIIT?

Ans. JIIT is a Deemed to be University located at Noida in National Capital Region. To be eligible for a degree from the JIIT, one must enrol and clear all the conducted examinations in respective courses of the program and earn the required credits.

Q4. What is the JIIT’s admission process?

Ans. For the JIIT Noida admission, one can apply online and must provide (upload) all the related documents like identity proof, educational certificates, and citizenship, respectively.

Q5. What is the significance of attending the induction programme that usher in institute during reporting?

Ans. JIIT wishes that you should get the complete information about the Institute, its examination system policies, education system, disciplines etc. Attending the induction programme is strongly recommended.

Q6. What all details are mandatory to fill on the application form?

Ans. Yes, one must fill all the requirements asked in the form. And you are strongly advised to fill the mandatory fields marked as (*), which are compulsory to submit for consideration of your admission application.

Q7. Are there any events organized for international students at the institute?

Ans. Yes, JIIT welcomes students from different parts of the world. With its global panorama, JIIT offers many learning junctures both inside and outside the classroom. The institute offers different clubs, sports activities, cultural fests and events for enjoying Institute’s life at its fullest.

Q8. After getting the acceptance letter what should you do next?

Ans. You should confirm it with JIIT and apply for an Indian student visa.

Q9. Can I pay the fees through online mode?

Ans. Yes, you can pay the fees through online mode. JIIT strongly advises that all payments should be made online. For more information regarding fees submission, visit the home page of JIIT. (https://www.jiit.ac.in/)

Q10. I have not booked my room in the institute hostel/apartment as I am not sure where I should stay inside campus accommodation or outside?

Ans. At JIIT, most of the students prefer to stay in hostels and they book their rooms much earlier, therefore, we suggest that you should book your hostel room in advance at the time of getting your Admission Letter. For complete details regarding rooms category, hostel fees, Meal plan and laundry facility, please visit the home page. (https://www.jiit.ac.in/)

You can also rent an apartment available near JIIT.

Q11. What currency is acceptable in India and how can I get my money exchanged into the Indian currency?

Ans. In India, the currency being used is Indian National Rupee (INR). You can carry the money in the form of Travellers Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the AIRPORT. You can also get it exchanged at foreign exchange bank or offices.

Q12. Do I have to get my money exchanged into Indian currency at the airport for my journey to the JIIT campus and for my initial days?

Ans. Yes, it is advisable that you exchange your money to Indian currency at the airport. Since not every shop in India or taxi service accept credit/debit cards, you should have Indian rupees with you as well.

Q13. What is the dress code for attending the classes at JIIT?

Ans. JIIT has a dress code and all the students (Except PG and PhD students) must follow it during their academic classes and labs.

Q14. I am not able to decide which program to choose. What shall I do?

Ans. You can book an appointment with our counsellors who will guide you in your decision-making process and will clarify all your doubts regarding the course curriculum, job opportunities of each course.

Q15. Do I need to get medical insurance before joining JIIT?

Ans. Yes, the student should have medical insurance before joining for the complete duration of the program.