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Language Labs

Language Labs at JIIT, Noida, serve as a dedicated facility for enhancing language skills, particularly in English, along with other languages. Through specialized software tools and interactive learning experiences, students are provided with the necessary resources to improve their language proficiency, ultimately enhancing their communication skills for various professional pursuits and examinations. They serve as a specialized facility designed to enhance students' language skills, primarily focusing on English proficiency along with other languages such as German, French, and Chinese. As of now, there are three Language Labs, two located in the Sector 62 campus and one in the Sector 128 campus.

Establishment and Growth: The first Language Lab was established in January 2017 at the Sector 62 campus. Initially, its primary focus was to cater to various linguistic requirements for communication skills relevant to diverse professional pursuits and examinations. Over time, recognizing the importance of language proficiency, two more Language Labs were set up, one each in Sector 62 and Sector 128 campuses in the year 2021. Additionally, the existing lab in Sector 62 underwent an upgrade with the incorporation of additional software to enhance its capabilities.

Focus Areas and Objectives: The Language Lab aims to provide practical learning experiences for students in the areas of Listening (L), Speaking (S), Reading (R), and Writing (W), commonly known as LSRW skills. The emphasis is on improving pronunciation, comprehension, and speaking abilities, with specific training provided for British, American, and Indian accents of English. Furthermore, students are taught to speak correct English with proper intonation, stress, and rhythm, which are crucial aspects of effective communication.

  • Software and Resources: The Language Lab is equipped with various software tools to facilitate different aspects of language learning:
  • Sanako Study 1200: Facilitates interactive language learning and practice.
  • Sanako Pronounce: Helps in improving pronunciation skills.
  • Sky Pronounce: Provides tools for accent training.
  • Sky Read Up Speed Up: Aids in improving reading comprehension and speed.
  • Sky IELTS: Assists students preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.

Infrastructure: Each Language Lab is outfitted with 30 personal computers (PCs), allowing for hands-on training and practice sessions for students. The provision of multiple PCs enables simultaneous learning experiences for a significant number of students.

Psychology Lab

The Psychology Laboratory at JIIT, Noida, is a specialized facility that offers a wide range of resources and tools to support students' learning and research endeavours in the field of psychology. Through hands-on experiences, guided exercises, and ethical considerations, students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in the field of psychology.

Interactive Resources and Psychometric Tests: The lab is equipped with high interactive resources designed to facilitate psychometric tests and experiments related to various aspects of psychological science.

Learning Opportunities: Psychology students are encouraged to utilize the laboratory as a space for future learning and exploration of psychological phenomena. They have access to resources that cover a wide range of topics, including attention, memory, personality, learning, language, problem-solving, intelligence, and emotions. Through hands-on experiences and guided exercises, students deepen their understanding of these topics and their practical applications in real-life settings.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Psychology is inherently interdisciplinary, and the lab encourages students to explore the interrelationship between psychology and other disciplines. By examining how psychological principles intersect with fields such as neuroscience, sociology, and anthropology, students gain a broader understanding of human behavior and societal dynamics.